Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Lucy in Leaves


  1. So cute Lucy and the autumn'leaves
    I like that

    Wonderful day

  2. Lucy, that is so cute! I love the falling leaves.

  3. That's cute! Lovely Lucy.

  4. Oh Lucy, you look perfect admist the falling leaves. I will show your picture to Peanut a little later, I am sure he will have little heart flutters, and swoon. He thinks you are very special as the rest of the gang here also thinks you are.

    Have a purr-fect day,
    from all the gang here at Boo-bah's Little Sunshines.
    Oh yes, we don't want to forget,
    Kisses to Bucky, we are hoping he continues to do well.

  5. Fall is the perfect season for cats: full of good reasons to stay at home, under the cover to sleep and stay where it's warm..
    Have a happy one!

  6. I like the falling leaves. They're so purrty.

    Euri, the Dog

  7. Oh so neat! The falling leaves just emphasize your natural beauty!

  8. I sure does look pretty. You better watch out, they might expect you to clean up those leaves...

  9. oh sweet Lucy, it's amazing!You are sooo cute and this work art is lovely!
    mommy Léia and Luna :)

  10. Beauty and artistically done Vicky! I'm sorry to say that I have to give up to new loving home my three cats. They are well taken cared of that makes my pain less unbearable.

  11. Very cool. Nicely done! Happy Fall to you as well. :)

    I have been remiss in my visiting with you, I apologize, I have just been loaded with things that have deadlines lately and not able to tend to my blog activities as I would like. But Lucy you are still very lovely and talented I see!

  12. Embrace Fall! Those falling leaves make one feel so frisky.

  13. Hi Lucy,
    You want me to bring a rake? he-he!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)


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