Friday, July 29, 2011


I know it's been a very long time, and Mama and I really appreciate some of the notes we've received checking in on us. As maybe you already know, we moved from Pennsylvania back to Southern California, which is our home.  I arrived with Mama and Simba on May 19.  We stayed at Mama's mama's house (Grammy) for two weeks while we waited for the movers to arrive.  Papa drove our car across country during that time.
This is a picture from April.  You can see a packing box, but I wanted to show you my pink claw.  I think you may need to biggify the picture to see it.  Mama bought Soft Paws to put on our claws. She was worried that Simba and I might claw Grammy's furniture.  See, Grammy and Pappy have lots of really nice furniture and Mama was so worried that we would outwear our welcome.  Grammy and Pappy aren't used to kitties.  Pappy bought us a scratchy pad and we only used that.  They loved having us there and everything worked out well.  Back to the one pink claw: that's the only one that stayed on after the torture session of applying them.
I'm modeling my new collar that Mama bought me for the trip.  You can see my pink claw here too.

I picked these funny pictures of Simba because his bottom looks big.  He's really quite slim (makes me sick), so I couldn't resist.

We have missed blogging and even more, our blogging friends, terribly.  Mama's job is very busy and we probably will only be able to post on the weekends.