Friday, October 9, 2009

Bucky Part 3

Dear Friends,

I took Bucky back to the vet today. His kidney and anemia numbers are worse today than they were on Monday. The vet was hoping that with him getting lots of fresh water and good food this week, his numbers would look better. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In fact, she said that his blood results were so bad that she's surprised that he's eating and doing as well as he is.

The bottom line is that we have to give him fluids subcutaneously daily. We are dreading it. He got some fluids today at the vet, and he wasn't happy. He was so good the whole time--we were there almost two hours--but he complained about the fluids. I also have to say everyone at the vet's office just loved him. He is so amazingly good and sweet. He was just hanging out in the room with me either on my lap or stretched out on the floor. I've been doing some reading and one thing we'll do is warm the fluid bag up in hopes that will make him more comfortable. He's also now on a prescription diet for his kidneys. Oh, I didn't mention it, but he also had tested positive for heartworm. There's no treatment for heartworm in cats, but the end result can potentially be severe. Since there's nothing we can do about it, we will just pray and hope for the best.

When I left the vet's office, I was feeling pretty low. We're spending a lot of money, and I can't bear the thought of poking him with a needle every day. I'm doing better now. We'll just have to take it one day at a time. On the upside, James and I celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Sorry to take over Lucy's blog again. I just wanted to let everyone know about Bucky. I told myself to keep this short and sweet, but since I have tendency to be longwinded anyway, there wasn't much chance that was going to happen. If you're still with me, thank you!

His tail looks a little plumey in the above shot, but it's not at all.  The vet said that his tail was broken at some time in his mysterious past.


  1. Oh poor Bucky! It seems unusual for a cat 7-10 years old to have kidney issues. He must have had such a rough life! I wonder if once he starts eating better, gets fluids, etc. if his kidney values will improve. I had a cat with kidney failure and had to give him fluids. There are lots of "tricks" you can do to make giving fluids easier. Warming the fluids is one. Using a smaller needle gauge is another. Here's a really good site that has lots of good info regarding chronic renal failure: Maybe there's some info there that can help you.

    It's wonderful that you have taken Bucky in and are trying to help him. If I can help in any way, just let me know.

    And Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!!

    Island Cats' Mom Sue

  2. Oh poor sweet Bucky! We truyl hope effurything will be ok with him. Hopefully his kidney problems get better with the fluid treatments and food. We think he understands that you are trying to help him and that he'll make it an easy process for you to administer the fluids. We think you are fabulous for taking him in and trying to get him well. And we can bet Lucy isn't "all" that mad about her blog being interupted. And to the beans...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  3. I am sorry that Bucky's news wasn't good. Does the vet feel he will get better? Isn't it awful what poor Bucky has had to endure! A broken tail, I wonder what happened to him. I am so glad that you and your husband love him and want to care for him.
    I hope the fluids will help. He will get used to having the fluids given after awhile.
    I had a cat who lived with chronic renal failure. The vet said he was on his last legs, but he proved them wrong and lived till he was 21 years and three months old. It was a lot of money, many many bags of fluid and special diets but he lived. I have never regretted the road I chose to take with him. It was a hard six years, actually off and on for his whole life, until the last six years, but so worth it. Maybe Bucky will live too. I have a feeling he might be a special cat with such a strong will to live, and so much love to give) just like my Mr. Sunshine had.

    Happy Anniversary.


  4. I'm so sorry that the vet's news wasn't good. Poor little Bucky, he really is a sweet looking cat. We all hope things will work out for him, you certainly are his guardian angels.
    Happy Anniversary to you and James.
    Sunny :) (Lucy says Woof!)

  5. Poor Bucky. I was hoping for better news today. It's so much for you to take on. Just taking him in was one thing but I am sure you hadn't bargained on the rest. Don't worry about it now and go have a happy anniversary!

  6. We have to admit that our eyes are a bit watery right know. He must have had such a bad and rough life until now. Maybe he even got kicked out of his home when they realised he began to have medical issues. Such a sweet boy. We hope that he will regain as much strength as possible. Thank you so much for doing all this. Just imagine what would happen to him without you...
    Many, many concats on the 22nd wedding anniversary. That's just plain great!

    P.S.: We know that many bloggers had to give fluids to their cats. You could post on the CB asking for advice.

  7. Poor Bucky, I hope he will pull through this with flying colors.
    Congrats on your 22nd.

  8. Vicky, congratulations on your 22nd! I am sorry Bucky, about the needles, the fluids, all the treatments, and pain. Feel better, your mama and papa are two great wonderful people!

  9. We just caught up on Bucky's story, we think you are very good people for taking him in, in his hour of need and helping him so much. Sometimes abandoned cats deteriorate when abandoned as they are so stressed by the abandonment. Once he feels more secure, his blood work may show some big improvement, the fluids will really help him. He's a lovely handsome cat. Get well soon Bucky fella!

    Whicky Wuudler

  10. Oh poor Bucky. As someone mentioned, you are his guardian angels and he is so lucky that you have taken him in and making him comfortable. Keeping our fingers (and Buddy's paws) crossed for better days ahead. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  11. I'm so sorry Bucky is still having trouble. You two have huge hearts and I'm sure that even as Bucky struggles, he is helped by your love.

    Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations on so many great years.

    love, Glogirly & Katie

  12. I understand what you're going through. Right before the big pet food recall a couple years ago my youngest cat had to be rushed to the vet hospital for a crystaline blockage - then they discovered cardiomyapthy... YIKES! Well somehow he miraculously got over that only to get a really bad upper respiratory infection this time last year.... and that's when they discovered he's diabetic! So trust me the poking can be done... God willing, he'll live long enough to get used to it, know he's feeling better because of it, and resist you less. But it will be tough at first. Just be patient and get an extra set of hands if you can, to both cuddle and talk to him and help control him. HUGS. You can do this. Your care for this cat says that!
    Happy Anniversary btw!

  13. Dear Vicki,
    Happy Anniversary, I wish you and James all good feelings and a beautiful blessed day together, today and for many many years !
    I believe in love and that it can change all things for better.
    I need to confess that I'm shocked with all pain that Bucky had coped on hiw own in the past. But know your love is around him, it's a difficult moment. All our purrs and prayers for Bucky and you. Be strong , everything will be fine, he is now protected by your sweet energy and love, he will overcome all of it.

  14. Vicyi, I'm so sorry you and James are having such a bad time of it in trying to save Bucky. It is a very hard to know when enough is enough. My thoughts and prayers are with you both ans sweet Bucky...

  15. Happy wedding anniversary.

    My mums old girl Puss had CRF, and we did subcut fluids for a few months. Our vet showed mum how to put a peg on the scruff of her neck, which calmed her down a bit.

    The best thing the vet did, was also tell mum that Puss would let her know when it was time to let her go. She was right, mum knew that when Puss stopped eating and drinking and looked sad, that she had to help her.

    We wish you and Bucky well. Big hugs.

  16. Dear friends, thank you so much for visiting us on our blogoversary. We loved having you over! We were reading through the comments and thought about poor Bucky. Some mentioned that the cat tells the humans when it's time to let go. We hope it will be a long time until Bucky does so and that he'll be able to get in some years of love and happiness first. How are the other cats reacting so far? Any sniffing under the door? Especially in his case introduction has to go super extra slow to minimise stress for everyone. Including you! We hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!
    Lots of purrs, Siena & Chilli

  17. BP's momma here, you and your husband are so wonderful for taking in this kitty that you found all alone! I wanted to tell you that I know how you feel because my first calico had kidney failure, we had to get her fluids as well. Btw, warming them is a good idea. I just used the sink and hot water, did the trick for me. Plus, always followed the session with her favorite treat which for her was ice cream. Did the vet say that the heartworm was contagious to your other cats? I am not that familiar with that. It is a really good sign if he is eating and drinking. I will have BP send many purrrrrrrrrrrrs your way!

  18. so sorry to hear about bucky's illness. sending our cat huggies and well wishes to him from becky the kitten ^..^ and of course me too!

  19. Hope he recovers, he's had a hard time it sounds...


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