Tuesday, October 13, 2009

California Girl

These pictures are from when I still lived in California.  Mama just found them on the computer.  They're from 2005, so I was just nine years old. 

Obviously, Mama was a bit over zealous in playing with the free camera software.

Ignore the hand.


  1. hahha Oh don't worry, you are beautiful and I loved your pictures. Mommy Léia is always doing something like it, I mean trying new angles with her camera. In fact I don't like that flax box!
    You have a comfortable bed!Cool!
    purrs and love

  2. Awww, you're so pretty! Great pictures and you looked great modeling for mommy

  3. Is this where you got "your start" in the kitty modeling world??

  4. You are still a furry beautiful girl, Lucy! And, the pictures are GRRR-8! We hope you all have a furry super Tuesday!

  5. I didn't know that you slept with a hand. lol
    You haven't changed a bit in all these years.

  6. Well, of course you are a beautiful lady, Lucy! We noticed your cool ear tips in the first picture for the very first time. Those are cool, you're a lynx.
    Purrs, Siena

  7. Hi Lucy,
    You were beautiful then and still. I think you like to pose for the camera.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  8. You look beautiful there, Lucy!!!

    (pee ess. thanks for the birthday wishes for our mom...she took the day off and is spending it with us...now who got the better present??)

  9. Dear Lucy and mom,
    how nice that you laughed about today's picture! As a floofy Ladycat it is impawtant to keep trim as the floof easily let's you look, ehem, well, fat. Don't worry about me when I'm outside. We only go out for a few hours and only when mom is at home. She's the worst worry wart in the CB and keeps a very close eye on both Chilli and me. Plus we have to wear collars with bells on them so she can hear us. Those are horrible! I managed to lose mine on numerous occasions in the 15 months I'm with mom and am sporting the third one at the moment. Purrs to you, Simba and Bucky!

  10. You are a beautiful girl, Lucy. The pictures are great!
    Happy Tuesday!
    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  11. Oh you are so pretty. Thank you for your kindness regarding my plumpness. I think you and I like to eat, yes?

    Your pudgy wudgy friend,
    PEANUT xoxoxoxoxo.

  12. Oh My your cat looks just like mine! so pretty.

  13. the colours in your coat show up beautifully in that first photo...

  14. Hi there Lucy!

    You and Glogirly are both California girls! She's told me all about CA and how nice and pretty it is. I'm not even that sure what Minnesota is like though given I've never set more than a couple toes outside here. I can tell by your photos that you've got that laid back CA attitude goin on!


  15. You were beautiful back then and now. You are a traveled kitty!


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