Monday, October 31, 2011


We hope you get lots of treats!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Afternoon on the Patio

I loved my patio in Pennsylvania.  This one is just so-so.  Plus, Mama has no plants, just Papa's barbeque and some chairs.
I love when it gets sunny (it's not very sunny today). I sit in a sun puddle and wait for someone to open the patio door. 

However, I insist that the door stay open.
Junk in her trunk
Sometimes Annie spies on me

I love pine needles
Eat pine needles now, puke them later in the house, especially if your mom makes a big-bum joke at your expense

I hope you enjoy your weekend doing what you love!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This and That Tuesday

This past week has been pretty uneventful except for Mama's usual business.  I'm where you'll usually find me.

Mama wouldn't get my tail of disrespect if she didn't disturb my nap with that stupid flashy box.

Annie's tummy has been healing.

Simba's new spot is this new bed.  Mama ordered this two weeks before Annie's surgery.  At her work, people give points as recognition and then you can order what you want with those points from a catalog. Mama saw this bed and thought it would be good for Annie's recovery.  Well, it turns out that Annie's recovery time was nil and the bed didn't even get shipped until over a month after her surgery (and Annie still sleeps under the bed).  We just received the bed last week. 
 Well, we all hope you're all having a good week!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Simba and I are friends.  This may not seem like a big deal, but Mama says it took me about a decade to get comfortable with him.  I used to really not like him.  Mama and Papa have noticed that over the last year we've grown closer.
This scratching post came to us from Annie's previous owners.  Even though she's declawed, she loves to rub her paws on it just like she has claws.  Simba and I love hanging out together on it.

Simba came to live with us when he was around four years old. We are now both 15 and growing old together.

We weren't counting on this.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Easy Sunday

Hi friends. It's so good to be back. Mama has really taken over my blog lately!
I've wanted to post all week but Mama's been complaining how busy and stressed she's been with her job.  Since she keeps me in Fancy Feast, Temptations and litter, I try to be understanding.  In these pictures I'm enjoying my freshly washed pink blankie.
Happiness is a clean blankie!
Mama walked into the bedroom yesterday afternoon and here's what she saw:
 This came as a happy surprise because Simba and Annie try their best to avoid each other.

Mama took Annie to the Vet on Wednesday for a follow-up exam.  The doctor said she's healing really well.  Depending on how she does over the next few weeks, she may not need any long-term medication.
Makin' biscuits
Well, there's a sun puddle calling my name.  Enjoy your Sunday!