Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 Annie wonders why people like Halloween... 

It's on my head, isn't it?

Lucy is glad she can't see the scary stuff...

Simba loves to give Halloween treats...

 We hope you get lots of treats and no tricks!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Totally Tuesday

Hi Friends,
We've been having a sunny October for the most part and I'm not complaining. Cold weather makes for good snuggles but I just love the feeling of the warm sun.

Simba went to the vet on Friday. They stole his bloods because it's been six months since the last time. He has CRF (chronic renal failure) so he has to be monitored. He was so naughty that they had to drug the poor chump. Anyway, it turns out I got a shot out of the whole deal and I wasn't even there. How is that fair? Simba and I have to have vitamin B12 shots once a week that Mama gives us at home. I hissed because it stung.  

I am hearing Mama and Papa talk about Mama's parents coming to visit next month. First, though, Mama and Papa are going to drive to the hill country and spend a few days with them there. That means I have to be boarded and a cat sitter will come to take care of Simba and Annie. It seems I'm getting the raw end of the stick lately. I'm going to do my best to work this to my advantage, which means Party Mix and lots of it.

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beautiful and Sweet

Happiness is a dirty laundry basket
Annie just loves being in a laundry basket. I apologize upfront for the dirty laundry but be happy there are no underthings in there. Really, Annie went in on her own and then proceeded to purr up a storm. 

We've received some awards from our friends and one of the rewards went to Annie directly.

First, we received the Beautiful Blogger award from our newest friends, Sherlock, Traveler and Ash at Feline Purr-spective. They are such sweet kitties, obviously well loved and all rescues.We are enjoying getting to them.

 We received the One Sweet Blog award from two friends, Twinkletoe Tails and Furries of Whisppy.

We just adore the gang at Twinkletoe Tails: Oui Oui, Mica Minnie Moo, Julie and Carl. Their blog is so fun to read. Mama and I love their tales and tails. They gave this award specifically to Annie because they "love her so". I have to admit that is super sweet and it made Mama really happy. Mama just loves that they love Annie and took a special interest in her from the first day she came to us. Annie is always about, either doing her rounds, eating, sleeping in the storage closet, waiting for Necko Fly to come out and play, eating or growling when someone knocks on the door, so we're blogging for her.

The kitties and their mom at the Furries of Whisppy are so awesome. They're our friends and they are a lively bunch! Oh, plus there's Whisky, the adorable white doggie, and Bernie, the now three-legged bunny. They are so kind to homeless animals they find, getting them vet care and neutered.

We really appreciate these awards!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy Lucy

Lately, I've been anxious to go outside on the patio just about every day. I may not be able to see, but I know where the patio is and I try to push the window open with my head. That's where I am here. It feels so good to roll around on the patio floor.

Mama wants to get a picture of Annie's tocks because she think they're cute. I don't understand what's so great about Annie's backside. It's just another stinky hiney if you ask me. Speaking of stinky, I had to give Simba a full bath the other day. He loves to get a bath but he doesn't like to bathe himself. He's just a lazy old man. Afterwards, he curled up and went to sleep.

Well, as you can see, I've been busy. Keeping these kitties in line is a full time job. If you need me, I'll be on my blankie.

Monday, October 8, 2012


This weekend was the first cold weekend since we arrived in Texas in May.  I spent most of it on the blue blanket trying to stay warm. Mama and Papa walked up and down Main Street in our town looking in all the shops. They also went to PetSmart to get our supplies and the market for their supplies. Mama made chilli for their dinner and we had Fancy Feast. Did you have a good weekend?

Simba had to have his fluids twice this weekend because he's getting more obsessive about water. Annie loves when he gets fluids because it means he she gets treats. She tries to take the treats out of Simba's mouth but Papa protects Simba. Proudly I state that she never tries that with me. 

I guess I'm cheap because I would choose the cardboard box. Annie would choose the laundry basket. I'm not sure what Simba would choose. Any spot where his Papa is I guess. What would you choose?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Annie's Anniversary

It’s been a little over year since we adopted Annie. I know a lot of you probably remember the circumstances. Her former owners were moving and were going to put her in a shelter if they couldn’t find someone to take her (and the no-kill shelters were full). We took her in hopes of placing her in another home. After all, we were in a two-bedroom apartment with two cats and were supposed to only have one. Exactly one day after we brought her home, she started peeing blood in the bathtub, constantly. After several vet visits, it was determined that she had two stones in her bladder that needed to be surgically removed. She was also terrified of her new home, Lucy and Simba, my husband and me, the vet and car rides. When her previous owners found out the cost of the surgery, they wanted her put to sleep.
I looked back at all our old posts about Annie in August and September of last year. My heart is filled with gratitude and happiness and amazement once again from all of your encouragement and support. (It was also heartbreaking when I reread some sweet comments from Judi at SASS.)
Annie is now happy and healthy. She’s had no recurrence with stones or bladder issues. She LOVES food and treats, playing with her Neko Fly toy, watching the world through the window and sneaking up and pouncing on Simba. She’s not a cuddly kitty, but can be very sweet at times (especially when she's hungry) and loves a good belly rub. She brings a smile to our faces every day with her funny ways. She is definitely a lot more nervous than most kitties and abhors change of any kind.
We adore this silly girl and are so happy that she’s ours! She's our Annie-Bear.