Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Intruder Update

Lucy’s mama, Vicki, here…

I wanted to give you an update on the new kitty Lucy posted about yesterday. Let’s face it, Lucy doesn’t give a flying fig about him, so I thought I would do the post today.

His official new name is Bucky. My husband, James, named him this due to several factors: He was found in Buckingham, PA at an abandoned train depot, Buckingham Valley Train, right next to Buckingham Lumber Yard in Bucks County. I apologize if Lucy gave the impression that his name was Money Pit. She was being sarcastic because she overheard me grumbling to James how much money the little guy cost us at the vet.

Tuesday morning he peed all over his bed, towel and the floor. It was almost like a gigantic water puddle but it definitely had that ammonia smell to it. When James bought his bed, he didn’t check the washing instructions. Unfortunately, it’s hand wash only. I therefore washed his bed and the floor. (James washed the bed again. It's not easy getting that urine smell out.) I can’t figure it out because he used his litter box on Sunday. I’m writing this Tuesday evening and he hasn’t pooped (sorry for the bluntness) at all. Also, he drinks water like crazy. To sum it up, since he came here Sunday early evening, he’s gone to the bathroom three times (number one only). The vet is supposed to call tomorrow with the results of his full-panel blood test, and I’ll mention it to her.

The good news is that his nose didn’t run at all today. It’s still a little wet and crusty, but Sunday and Monday, he was sneezing and had mucus hanging out of his nose.

I wanted to thank you all for your nice comments on both my and James’ blog. We both appreciate the kindness and support a lot. It’s amazing the sweet friends we’ve made in the blogging world.

I’m still unhappy because he has to be in our windowless, tiny laundry room for at least a few weeks. I feel so bad. We visit him from time to time throughout the day, but I just feel like he must be lonely and bored in there.

Thanks for listening!


  1. It will take time, a lot of patience and love, but I'm sure it is worth of it.
    Make a special hug to him from me, please (and a one to Lucy too! Her world is changing, she needs some encouragement!)

  2. Hi Vicki,
    It comes as no surprise to me that you two softies kept Bucky. God knows you have big hearts...

  3. Oh sweet Vicki, I want to thank you for update the news about Bucky, he is adorable. We will keep praying for his fast recover.I can imagine your feelings about him, you have a beautiful heart it's normal to be worried about leave him alone but it's necessary now. Then Bucky will enjoy and play with his brother and sister Lucy for the whole apartment! LOL
    And about Lucy, also I imagine it's normal.Take it easy okay!
    Léia :)
    ahhh Cezar is working now but I will email him with this link post.

  4. Poor little thing! I hope he will be better soon.

  5. Hi Vicky
    I am so happy that James found Bucky :)
    You do everything for him its so wonderful.
    I hope the results from the VET are okay
    and than I hope Lucy would be nice to Bucky!!
    And maybe he will than poop in the litter box .... LOL
    I can smell it when I think on it :))
    I wish you good luck you will need it ....
    It will take many time & patience !!
    I think on you,
    (For Lucy is all new, I think she is jealous,
    it takes time ... )
    Anya :)

  6. From my mom, Daniela: It's very common for cats not to poop early on when they have had a change of environment. That is always a stress to a cat even if they don't act stressed. We have had some take a week to poop. And don't worry about him being in the laundry room. Every time I start feeling guilty about a cat being confined I remind myself (and the cat) it is way better than a 2x2 cage at the shelter!

  7. Bucky is a beautiful boy that deserves a wonderful loving home like yours. I know Lucy will get used to him, and grow to love him. Big hugs to all the kids!

  8. We can tell Lucy doesn't give a rats butt about him! She's all cozy in the bed. We think Bucky is a wonderfurl name!!! Hoping he poops soon and that his results come back without a problem!!! We're sure Lucy probably "talks" to him under the door throughtout the day!

  9. We think Bucky is the purrfect name for him!! It is so great that you have taken this sweet boy in..our mom has a thing for orange boys so she hopes all goes well with Bucky. Oh yeah, don't worry too much about him being kept in the laundry's a lot better than where he was, scroungin' for food, and a lot better than being stuck in a cage at a shelter. Did you give him some toys to play with??

    We hope the test results come back good!! Keep us posted!

  10. We knew Money Pit wasn't going to be his real name, but it was funny acting as if. ; ) We think it's better for him to be confined now than to have a big unknown space with two unknown and possibly infriendly cats in it. That could make him feel insecure and without knowing where to hide. And you have to be certain about his blood test first thing. We are sorry to hear that he peed over his new bed. We're sure he's scared and confused and maybe hasn't even used a liter box in a long time. Take it really slow with him, especially the introduction. Don't worry about him being bored, he's just getting used to everything. Maybe you can already start with swapping blankies and such so they get used to each others smells. Thank you again for caring for him. Welcome home, Bucky!

  11. Sounds very romantic Lucy
    you called me karletje.....
    I am blushing completely.
    I know you always think on me
    That makes our friendship so special..

    Kareltje =^.^=

  12. Bucky is so fortunate to have a home. The laundry room phase will pass. It will take time, but he and Lucy will be friends someday. I hope Bucky's blood panel turns out okay. Perhaps he went pee in his bed just because he is confused with his surroundings. I hope so.


  13. Thanks for the update on the sweet cat. I imagine its hard to leave Bucky in the laundry room for now but it is a much better home than he came from! Thanks for rescuing Buddy. BuddyTheElf wants Lucy to know that he missed her post today but that her human did a great job in her place!

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  15. So sorry that your kindness is being repaid by having to clean up after Bucky. If he has been wandering around for a while, suddenly being indoors may be a little hard to adjust to. He looks like a really cute kitty and I hope everything works out. Do you think he was abandoned? or could he have gotten lost?

  16. I hope Bucky gets well and integrates with Lucy.

  17. Lucy, you signed our comment box when we received our Paw It Forward, and I was wondering if you would like to play as well? If you are interested, send me an email to scanipe1 at nc dot rr dot com.

  18. Thanks for the update on Bucky, this is such a big adjustment for him. He must be very confused, even though it is a good thing!

  19. I'm sure the laundry room seems like a slice of heaven to him after all he's been through! What a sweetie you are Bucky.

  20. Thanks for answering my questions. Bucky is one lucky kitty for sure :)

  21. We hope Bucky settles in and finds the litterbox. I am sure he will find it nice and cosy in the laundry, and at least he is warm and dry with plenty of food.



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