Sunday, September 25, 2011

Marg, Friends and an Award

I first want to give a huge thank-you to Marg at Margs Pets.  She offered to do the auction for Annie.  I know it was a lot of hard work coordinating the donations, getting them on the site, contacting people and now receiving and coordinating the payments.  I wish I could truly articulate how much I really appreciate everything she's done to help Annie.  She has been amazing but is also an inspiration because of all she does for animals on a daily basis.

We received this award from both Whisppy and Twinkletoe Tails.  First, we want to talk a little about these friends.

Or friends at Whisppy are just wonderful.  They have adopted many kitties (bunnies and guinea pigs too) but also help many of the cats on the street in their area by getting them vet care and getting them neutered.  They tirelessly help animals and clearly have a true love for them.We also received this from Twinkletoe Tails.  They have four kitties (I think I have that right) and tell the funnest stores about them as well as the kitties their mom had in the past.  We've just recently discovered them.  We just love their blog and their mom, Paula, is so sweet.  Thank you to both of you for this award!!  We definitely consider you both inspirations

The award is called Premio Destellos Brillantes en el Cielo Azul (Bright Flashes in the Blue Sky Award).  We are to describe what we dream or wish for most in the world.  Well, our true wish was for Annie to be well from both FIC (Feline Idiopathic Cystitis) and bladder stones.  Since she just had her surgery and will get ongoing care for the FIC, our wish goes back to wanting so badly for there to be no homeless and no mistreated animals.

We are to pass this on to certain people, but we have been inspired by all of you.  We've received so much caring and support and kindness from many, many people.  Our list would be non-ending!

Miss Annie loves to bare her bare belly.

Please don't look at this next picture if you get squeamish.  It's not too bad but it does capture Annie's incision.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Annie

Annie has been eating like a hog and is so happy to be home.

I took these pictures last night, about an hour after we got home.  They aren't very good.  She wouldn't sit still long enough.  She kept walking all over the house and then stopping for pets.
This is just her tummy crease. You can't see her incision here.
Everyone was getting along until Lucy, mistress of intimidation, walked by her very closely and slowly.  Annie got scared and hissed.  Lucy hissed multiple times and then there were growls for the next few minutes.
We have to keep Annie's activity level very low for the next two weeks.  There's nothing she enjoys more than running around the living room chasing the dragonfly toy for at least an hour.  I won't be able to play with Lucy either because Annie can sense a toy across the house.  I'm afraid we're going to have some bored kitties.

Annie gets pain medicine twice a day.  It's a liquid and I give her treats right after.  Lucy and Simba aren't complaining because they get treats too.  Miss Annie will only eat fishy canned food and it can't have been refrigerated, thank you very much.
Under the bed after her medicine

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Annie Update


Annie had her surgery earlier today.  I received a call at 1:00 letting me know that all went well.  The vet called me again at 4:00 to let me know that she's waking up from the anesthesia, but it would be best if I didn't visit her.  She said that a lot of times the animal does worse after the owner leaves. Since she'll only be there tonight and I definitely didn't want to upset her care, I conceded.  I received another call at 8:00 letting me know she's still doing well but not eating.  I let the vet know she only likes fishy foods (she hasn't eaten since 11:00 p.m. last night).  I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 to pick her up and learn about her care.

I wanted to post earlier but work has been beyond crazy today.  I'm just now coming up for air.  I've received so many messages today letting me know you're thinking of Annie.  This means so much.  I was really worried about her and it's been so nice getting those encouraging words.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Meow Like a Pirate Day

"Arrr...we missed the last two Meow Like a Pirate days.  I told the wench (known as Mama around here) that she'd walk the plank if she missed this one."

"Batten down the hatches. I'm Mad Annie and I'm looking for a buccaneer with lots of booty!"

Lucy was three sheets to the wind in the poop deck and couldn't join us.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lucy's Bad Ear Day

What? Is there a problem?  Do I have something in my teeth?

Why are you staring at me?

I give up.

Annie's surgery is next Wednesday, 9/21.  Thank you again for all your prayers and support!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks and Meeting with Annie's Vet

I am hijacking Lucy’s blog once again. I want to say how incredibly moved we, my husband and I, are by the outpouring of donations, well-wishes, purrs and help we’ve received.  We just are so thankful to all of you.  Your kindness and your support mean so much to us.  I want to give a special thanks to Marg for all of her work and time on the fund-raising auction.  Also, my friend Dianne did a lovely tribute post to Annie.  The love from the blog world has just been amazing!

Thursday, I went to Annie’s doctor to go over the estimate.  I still haven’t been able to find a place that will do this for less.  This vet is very nice and obviously really cares about Annie.  On a side note, Annie’s previous owner called her to confirm everything that I had told her.  The vet said, “All I’m going to say is after speaking with her, I’m really glad you now have Annie.”  The vet was alarmed that she wants to put her to sleep (yes, she even told the vet that).  I had let go of all my pride and requested via e-mail that they consider donating the amount they were willing to pay to put her to sleep toward her surgery.

Anyway, back to the important stuff.  The vet explained that the estimate did not include two x-rays, one before the surgery and one after.  I understand the one after because they will flush out her bladder and need to make sure there are no stones embedded in there.  However, I just paid for one almost two weeks ago.  She said we could forgo the one before the surgery but it’s not ideal.  Apparently, in just a few weeks new stones can form and also change position.  I’m going to give this some thought.

For future care, Annie will need a urinalysis twice a year.  She will also need her urine gravity checked regularly but that’s free.  She’ll be going on anti-anxiety medication after the surgery and will have to be on a prescription diet for at least a few years.

Annie’s surgery will either be next week or the week after at the latest. 

I really enjoyed everyone’s input on how you give time and attention to your kitties.  Our kitties all have different personalities.  Little Annie still spends a good part of her time under the bed, but she also comes out for some pets and likes to play too.  I feel like if I had more time to spend with her, she'd more comfortable here and not so skittish.  I also just hate the hissing and growling that goes on between her and Lucy.  Annie also hisses at Simba, but Simba, who's just a sweet, old man cat, doesn't do a thing.

Clcik here to go to the auction to help Annie

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guilty Mama and More News

Hi. I'm reporting in from the blue blanket (and the laundry basket to Mama's shame). Mama's got the guilts.  Why?  She's been saying that now that she has three kitties, she feels she doesn't give enough time to both me and Annie (Simba is Papa's job).  How much time do you kitty parents spend with your kitties? What does that time comprise of? Playing, petting, etc.?  Is it daily?  We'd love to hear how you spend time with your fur companions, whether you have one or a baker's dozen.

Did you see the ChipIn button on our side-bar?  We have some great news on the fund raising for Annie's surgery.  A non-profit rescue group, Companion Critters, has offered to help with the fund raising for Annie.  This means that any donation made to the ChipIn button on our side-bar will go directly to them for Annie's surgery, and they will give the money to the vet who performs the surgery.  Mama feels comfortable raising money in this way.  None of it will go to our pockets.  This also means that all donations are tax deductible.  For those of you that know Shawnee at The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd, she has been the Director of Foster Activities at Companion Critters.  Shawnee is one of the coolest doggies ever.  She and her mom go on amazing hikes every week and write about them on her blog.

The Cat Blogosphere may be able to help us with an auction too.  If you have any items you'd like to donate, please let us know.

Mama e-mailed the previous owners to let them know about Annie.  They suggested that either we put her to sleep or they take her back (we thought they said they had to find her a home when they moved).  Trust me, friends, Mama is keeping Annie here and even I am OK with it in this situation.
Click here for Annie's story

Monday, September 5, 2011

Miss Annie's Surgery

If you don't know Annie's story, the last few posts have been about her.  In a nutshell, her previous owners were going to take her to a shelter if they couldn't find a home for her before they moved.  We took her in hopes of finding her home.  Just one day after we brought her home, she started peeing blood.  After several trips to the vet, a urinalysis and an x-ray, it was discovered she has stones. 

The vet called me last Friday with the estimate.  It's going to cost $2,000 for the surgery to remove the stones.  In my wildest worries about the price, I never thought it would be this much.  I spoke with Trish at Katnip Lounge, who by the way, is wonderful and funny too, just like her blog. Her Grayce had this same procedure in Las Vegas for about $800. Plus, her surgery was laproscopic, which seems to have a considerable less recovery time.  I've called three vets in this area.  They all charge the same price, if not more, and none of them does the laproscopic surgery. 

I've received several ideas and even some vets to call.  I'll definitely be calling around starting Tuesday after the holiday weekend to try to find a cheaper vet. I really appreciate all the encouragement and info!  I need to also look into somehow making some extra money but I'm not sure where to start.

Although the blood seems to have abated considerably, Annie is still going to the litter box constantly.  Other than that, she seems to feel well.  She loves to play.  She's also spending a little less time under the bed and isn't growling quite as much.  Lucy and Simba have been wonderful.

I hope you're enjoying the three-day weekend!

Friday, September 2, 2011

More on Annie

There’s a little strange creature that squeaks and growls and darts around furtively.  I don’t know what the big deal is but there seems to be a big fuss in the house over it.   I’m in my golden years and expect to retire in peace.  Why, oh why, did they bring this funny-looking thing here?

Mama’s going to talk about the creature’s drama now.  Warning: When you look up the word succinct in the dictionary, you will not see Mama's picture.

I want to thank everyone for the encouraging comments and good advice about Annie.  We brought her home last Thursday.  Friday morning there was bloody urine in both bathtubs.  The previous owner told me that she did the same thing once last year when they brought home a new dog.  I called Annie’s vet.  Since she just had a check-up two days before, they asked me to bring her in but they wouldn’t charge me for the exam.

Well $135 later, we found out she has a condition called Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC).  Apparently, this is diagnosed once infection, blockage, etc. are ruled out.  FIC is brought on by stress by things like moving, new cats, new home or all of the above!  This is treated with pain medication, a canned-food-only diet and time.  It supposed to clear up in about a week.  Since then, she’s been peeing blood multiple times a day, every day.  She goes to the litter box more times than I can count and does just little dribbles.  It doesn’t help that she’s not drinking much water and only wants to bury the canned food.
It gets worse.  When the vet took Annie's urine she also did an ultra-sound on her bladder.  There was an unidentified mass on the ultra-sound. Back to the vet she went on Wednesday for an x-ray (and another $100).  Annie has two stones.  She’s going to need surgery.  I’ve been waiting all day today for the vet to call me with an estimate for the surgery cost.  I was awake most of the night last night anticipating how much this is going to cost.

Poor Annie has been in the car four times in the last five days and to the vet three times.  We’re not supposed to exacerbate her stress, but that’s just we’re doing.

Some good news is she’s been coming out more and receiving pets from us.  She still spends long periods of time under the bed, but she has also made some brave forays into the main part of our home.  She seems to feel pretty well in spite of the stones and the bloody urine and the too-frequent trips to the litter box.  She growls at Simba and Lucy, but they tend to ignore her most of the time.  Lucy does hiss at her from time to time, but they’ve been pretty good overall.  I bought a Feliway dispenser from the vet at their suggestion (a lot of you suggested it as well).
Thanks so much for listening.  Annie is a sweet, sweet girl.  She has a waddle more than a walk and a tiny, squeaky meow.  I still can't understand why her previous owners didn't want her.