Monday, October 12, 2009

OK, I'm a Little Curious...Just a Little


Like my friends over at Kool Kittie Krew said, for the most part I don't give a rat's butt about the intruder, aka Bucky.  I have been showing some mild interest however.  I would like to deny this, but my beans have seen me a few times at the laundry room door.  My papa has even seen me gently put my paws under the door.  I can't deny any of this because he snapped a picture of me last night in the act.

Simba and I have seen him.  I don't see what the big to-do is. I just look at him.  Mama thinks I show interest in him because he has some good smelling food.  Well, whatever the reason, I'm not telling.

Lucy's mama here for a quick note to say that we've given fluids to Bucky twice now.  We prayed first and we think the good Lord guided our hands because it has gone very well.  He seems to be feeling better too.


  1. How wonderful! I hope he fully recovers.
    Love the paw under the door

  2. Oh sweet Lucy, I think you, Simba and Bucky will play together very happy soon!I know you are a lovely catgirl and you will be good with him.
    Tell mommy Vicki that we are praying for everything be okay there and thanks for update the news.We are very concerned about Bucky.
    Today I was just reading a beautiful statement from an email that Vicki sent us.

    ** She will know what I mean!
    ..."His mercies never ceases..."

    mommy Léia and LUNA :)

  3. Hi Lucy,
    I bet when Bucky is all better and can come out of the laundry room, you will get to be the best of friends.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  4. YAY for Bucky!!! Hope the fluids do their job well!!! And are BUSTED!!! Do you secretly have a little kittie crush? Just think, when he's all better, you can really meet in pawson!!!

  5. Hello, Im writing this on a friend's computer; I wanted to get some news from Bucky. I've only a short time, but please hug every cat for me; I'm missing all of you, (parents included..Ü)and I'd like to wish to both of you a very happy wedding anniversary, even if I'm late because of this (censored) computer.
    Take good care of you all!

  6. This is good news! Before you know it they will all be friends. How happy Bucky will be to have a home and people who care about him, and cat friends too! This will be extra special for him.


  7. Oh, the sneakin the pawsies under da door trick! You always knowed there was an introoder in there, didn't you Lucy? Who did the hoomans think they was fooling?

  8. Delighted to read today that Bucky is doing better! Yay! As to the paws under the door thing, you were so busted...I think you all will have fun together soon and be one big happy family. Woof!

  9. Lucy, we think you just want to play with Bucky! Maybe soon you'll be able to do that!

    Glad to hear giving the fluids is going well and Bucky is feeling better. We continue to purr for him...

  10. I'm happy to hear Bucky is doing well. This means more adventures to come for Lucy and Simba. Katie believes that something wonderful and scary and curious lies in wait behind every closed door, regardless of whether or not anyone is actually behind the closed door. She likes to maintain a strict open-door policy.

  11. Lucy, please permit us to squee a bit at the sight of you. You look very cute there!
    We're so happy to hear that Bucky took the fluids so good and is doing better. That's the best news.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  12. You just can not deny it Lucy... you have the same kind heart as your Mama and Papa!!!
    I bet you would love to play with Bucky :)

  13. Yehey! I am so happy to read good news! All you three kids are just so lucky to have the best papa and mama in the whole wide world!

    Get well fast!!!Hugs!

  14. Hi,
    I am still running behind for everything, but I did read up on how Bucky is doing. Glad he is feeling better!

    Have you read this information?

    Just thought I'd pass it along in case you hadn't see that particular site. It has a lot of information.

    I know what a burden the costs can be when taking on such an effort so I applaud you whole heartedly. I know Bucky may seem less than happy about his situation right now, but that is probably more due to his not feeling well for I am sure he appreciates the warmth, comfort and good food. He may miss roaming around some, but soon would not be able to continue it, as it would just ocntinue to be more difficult for him to take care of himself at all.

    When he gets passed this I know he will feel well enough to better express how nice it is to feel warm, comfy and well fed.

    I will pray for his recovery, hopefully he will outlive the heartworm and be able to move on with a full life. Lots of hugs to you and yours.

  15. I hope Bucky is doing okay!

    I love when the kitties play under the door like that!


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