Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thoroughly Clean Thursday

This is the way we wash our fat bodies

Wash our ears

Wash our paws


  1. Ahh good to know that you're a girl very clever, who likes to take care and be really clean!
    And...You are always beautiful my sweet friend Lucy!
    How's Bucky today? I hope everything is okay there. Tell mommy Vicki I'm here with my fingers crossed!
    Purrs and love
    mommy Léia and Luna

  2. I don't understand why kittehs get to do that but when dawgs lick they get yelled at to STOP LICKING and then they is taken to the V-E-T. So not fair.

  3. I like your tutorial on bathing. I'll show it to my felines!

  4. You are gonna be one shiny girl when you're done!!! Mommy loves when we clean our toesies and we spread them out like that! But, then she has to come and tickle them and ruin our tubby! We're tellin' ya, she can be a noodge sometimes...

  5. Hi Lucy,
    You are just a wash and wear cat! My 'sisters' are always washing themselves and then then get hair balls!
    I like the color of your tummy fur.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. good job Lucy
    Mia has trouble reaching some spots but won't let me help her
    very frustrating

  7. You are a very flexible kitty Lucy! I had a marshmallow today!!!

  8. The paw part is exeptionally tricky, wouldn't you say?

  9. This post should be definitely made into an instruction tutorial for cats like my Mama Kitty who is a mess. She loves to lay in puddles, rolls in the dirt and probably bathes herself very few times in a year.

    You are so pretty Lucy and now I know why, you really like to make yourself beautiful.

    I hope Bucky is doing okay, and really hope the next Dr's report is encouraging.

    Peanut, Marshmellow, Ruby, Pearlene and their Mama,(me) hope you are having a purrfect day.

  10. I am back again. I forgot to add this to on my comment to you this morning.
    Noir presented me with a lovely stamp and I am now passing it along to you and 9 others. If you want, it is on my Wednesday post titled (Thank You Noir).

    Bye for now

  11. Hi there Lucy!
    Nice job with the tongue. Girls like us need to keep our fur coats luxurious and shiny. You can never spend to much time on personal hygiene.


  12. Lucy,

    You're so lucky you can clean yourself. I hate it when I get baths. You look very pretty.

  13. It feels so good after a nice bath!

    We hope that you have a nice weekend, Lucy!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  14. You did a good job there, Lucy!! All nice and clean!

  15. Beautiful, just like "self-cleaning"! Hmmm, good exercise too!

  16. Thanks for the instructions Lucy, I was doing it all wrong. Your way looks a lot better :)

  17. Shawnee the Shepard said just what I am thinking! Gosh, I hate it when my mom puts me in the tub for a bath. I don't think I get very dirty....


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