Monday, October 5, 2009



This was a good weekend.  I had lots of good naps and sweet dreams. A few other items that were on my agenda are below.

I hung out and surveyed my domain.  (Notice how I have destroyed the beans' couch. They put a sheet on it, but that doesn't stop me.)

I kept the orange cat in line.

I also had some fun.


  1. Sounds like the purrfect weekend. Our mom just got a book called "Why cats paint". We think your work on the couch is feline sculpture! Have your humans ever have it's value estimated?

  2. Hi my sweetie
    I love your "ART" work.
    Its beautiful
    you are really talented my dear :)
    Its now a very special couch
    your Mommy & Daddy must be
    very proud of you !!
    My weekend was also good
    I slept the whole day
    because I was home alone ;(
    hugs love purss
    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. I have When Cats Paint, too. I'm glad you kept the orange cat in line, can't trust orange cats. I don't know about what you did to the couch, that was naughty.

  4. I bet it took you a long time of working at it to do that to your couch. When I was a puppy, I did it in two minutes while mom was not looking and had stuffings all over the place. Hehehehe.

  5. You are so kyute!!! Scooter(RIP) has our couch looking 10x worse than that! We can actually crawl in the hole she made and play IN the couch! That's lotsa fun!!!

  6. You worked very hard to make the couch look that way. I hope your mama appreciates it! I love all the pictures. Be nice to the orange cat. You never know when you'll need an orange friend.

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting my Blue Monday.


  7. Haha! Lucy, we love how you "decorated" the couch...even though our mom cringes at the sight of it! She's afraid we might get some ideas!!!

  8. a very busy week-end, but, as far as we can see on the last picture, you survived very well!..

  9. Oh Lucy, you make me proud with your artwork! My dad still mentions on occasion the chewed off drawer pull on his bureau...I do not do artwork on my people's couch but I do love to tear the stuffing out of toys they buy should hear my mom when she comes into the room I have been decorating-wow! Glad you had a great weekend. I talked my parents into taking me for a long walk and a ride, when they really wanted to just get away themselves for a day! The ole puppy pout really works!! Do you have a kitty pout??

  10. We have sheets on all our furniture - hate to see our great artwork covered up! Beans just don't appreciate it!

  11. Hi Lucy, aren't you a little mischief tearing up the couch? But that's ok, my Twylah is picking on our carpet.

  12. Hi Lucy,
    Sounds like the perfect weekend. You look good sparring with the orange cat. Nice form. I don't get any practice in with real cats, just the stuffed Black Cat. I'm still pretty good though.

    (Glogirly's smart and good looking cat)

  13. Hello sweet Lucy!
    You have lots of fun this weekend, it's so nice to see you and orange cat together!I think is cool to have a brother!
    Mine is in Brazil, studying engineer but he will be here with my family at Christmas holiday! I'm anxious waiting for December! ;)
    your friend Luna


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