Friday, October 30, 2009

My Nemesis Returns

Do you remember the white monkey, my nemesis?  Well, he's back.  He usually appears on laundry day when Mama makes the bed from scratch.

I've got him this time.  I love to bunny kick him and sometimes I hiss at him.  Other times, I pick him up with my mouth and shake him.  Can anyone blame me?  He's so diabolical.


  1. You hiss at him! A stuffed monkey? Bunny kicking is fun, my cat who is in heaven used to grab onto my arm and do that to me. Have a good weekend Lucy

  2. I don't blame you for sure sweet Lucy! LOL
    It's cool!I liked your pictures!

    ***Today I found a paper on the floor and it was nice for me! I took with my mouth and ran around the house, but Mommy was not happy for it, and she said I could not play with that role because it is such a kind of EURO ( I thought "what is euro?", she said "money"!) and she said it was to buy my smoothes and not for play, how I was going to guess? Crazy things, don't you think?

    purrs and love

  3. Good catch Lucy! Lucy 1 - Diabolical Monkey 0. It hurts when Kovu bunny kicks me... but I think it is funny.

  4. Hi Lucy,
    You've got to watch out for those white monkeys, they can be very sneaky!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you to your Mama from my Mom for stopping by and her nice comments. I'm so confused! Geese, I'm just a doggie!
    Luv, Lucy Woof!)

  5. Bunny kick him a couple of times for us, okay, Lucy???

  6. Ehem, actually, we don't know how to put this, but YOU are the one looking diabolical in these pictures, Lucy. ; ) Those turned back ears!
    We wouldn't want to be that monkey, you showed him real good.

  7. Gotta watch out for them monkeys! Look how the behaved in The Wizard of Oz. Bunny~Kick him real good!!! Have a Happy Halloween!!!

  8. It's almost Halloween, don't be afraid of a bloody scene!

  9. That monkey doesn't stand a chance, Lucy!

    Have a great weekend,
    Charlemagne and Tamar

  10. Hi Lucy
    I love your monkey
    its the same size like my penquin :)))
    Its great to cuddle such a big toy.
    I wish i could play together with you HEHE
    Have a lovely weekend my sweetie
    hugs from me
    Kareltje =^.^=

  11. It looks like you have him under control at the moment but if he misbehaves tell him you'll give to the trick or treaters tomorrow night :D

  12. Hi Lucy, go wrestle and grab him! I bet he is fun and soft to play with.

    P.S. Hi Ms. Vicki, you know how much patience I have waiting for the people to leave the premises before my camera clicks? And when I am in a group, I always stay behind and catch up with the rest. Hehehe!

  13. Hi Lucy
    No, you are NOT on the second place,
    I love both of you
    You and Luna are both on my FIRST place :)
    I just want to tell you ......
    hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  14. hahaha I would never blame you Lucy. Monkeys can be a real nasty at times. Take it easy though.


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