Thursday, October 29, 2009

Memories of the Cold

This picture was from last year when we still lived in Texas.  Believe it or not, it could get pretty cold there.  Here's proof:


  1. It is always fun to snuggle with a loved one or friend when it is cold!

  2. Snuggly kitties! So sweet together.

  3. So sweet you and your brother together, sharing this cosy blanket!
    Beautiful picture!
    wow I didn't know that in Texas could be a cold weather, I always think about Texas as a hot and great weather...but...
    purrs and love

  4. Oh so snuggly. We honestly didn't know it can get cold in Texas.

  5. Hi Lucy
    Its looking so cozy there on that blanket.
    I have no brother or sister to share it.
    My Mommy thinks always only on cowboys when she heard Texas ...... LOL
    (I think she looks to on her child years to many western movie's ;)
    I hope its warmer where you are now !!
    I send you a hot breeze.....
    Kareltje =^.^=

  6. Thank goodness there is 3 of you to snuggle up wif now coz it gets even colder here!

  7. Hi Lucy,
    You look so cute snuggled up. Molly and Lilly like to snuggle when it's cold, sometimes I join in!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  8. Dear, I found your blog at EBIE...and came here...I hope so..that u like and I can come back later-...
    Have a nice day

  9. In french, I'd say "trop mimi"! Ü
    So lovely I'd like to take both in my arms for a hug, they seem to be so lost !

  10. I've got a pad just like that one.
    Mine didn't come with an extra cat though.


  11. We like to snuggle up on our humans when its cold outside because especially our mom struggles to stay warm. We have plenty of floof and we're quite big enough to help :)

  12. Me and Marshmellow like to snuggle when it's cold too. Between the two of us we weigh almost 40 pounds, so we make mama hurt when we try to lay on her at the same time. Those dumb dogs that we have to put up with get to snuggle with her more because they don't weigh near as much.

    I send kisses to Lucy.
    Marshmellow is only allowed to say hi, I told him Lucy is mine.

    Have a happy day from
    all the furry friends and their mama
    at Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines

  13. snuggling is a great thing :)
    and so are those wonderful fuzzy blankies

  14. Thank goodness you have each other to keep warm and snuggly. I am a very lucky dog to have a mom and dad that let me snuggle with them ALOT! Matter of fact, I sleep with them! I knew I could persuade them to let me do that and finally I got my way. You must let Bucky in on the snuggling when winter comes this year.

  15. Aren't you luck Lucy to have a good pal to help keep you warm :)

  16. It's good to have someone to snuggle with!

  17. Such a sweet image, cuddle, cuddle! They felt each other's warmth!

  18. What a beautiful warm company. We used to have a ginger cat. I cried because he refused to come with us to a new home when we moved. I could not find him so he looked a new home for himself. That was the first time I ever cried for a cat. Little did I know I would be crying more for cats. Oh how my heart is broken to be parted from my darling cats.


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