Thursday, August 25, 2011

Annie Update

It seems strange to post without pictures, but I just don't have any today.  I posted about Annie last Saturday.  If you missed it, she's a five-year-old kitty whose owners are moving and saying they can't take her with them.

Well, we decided to take Annie.  I couldn't stand the thought of her going to a shelter even though I know there are tons and tons of kitties who are homeless or in shelters.  Actually, we knew all along we were going to take her in, but I was hoping to find her a home.  Two senior kitties in a small apartment makes it very difficult to bring in another kitty.
Last weekend we met Annie's owners.  They are a young married couple and also have a dog.  They are actually quite nice, and I didn't press them on why they insist they have to give up Annie.  I don't understand that decision.  It's just strange because they had all her vet records, took good care of her it seems, gave me all her belongings, took her to the vet earlier this week and bought us food and litter.  It just seems like irresponsible people wouldn't do all that.

I picked her up today.  She's never lived with other cats but she's very afraid of their dog.  Unfortunately, I don't have a room for her to be separated from Lucy and Simba.  She's afraid of them and they're afraid of her, so there has been some hissing, growling and swatting.  Annie has been under the bed for the last few hours.  We've shown her the litter box a few times and I'm just hoping she'll use it when the time comes.  It's 9:30 in the evening right now and she hasn't used it since coming here at 2:30.

I hope I'll have better news about all this within the next few days.  Right now, we're all stressed and crabby.  I feel so sorry for the cats.  Annie is so scared and spent the whole afternoon desperately trying to find a hiding place.  She hasn't eaten or drank either.  Well, at least she has a home.  I just hope she'll be happy here.  I also hope Lucy and Simba will be happy and content again.  I remember when we brought Bucky home that they never felt comfortable with him.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Annie Needs a Home by September 1

Hello Friends,
This is Annie. Her present owners are moving 9/1 and they can't take her with them.  She lives at our apartments and will be relinquished to a shelter if a home can't be found. The owner said that all the no-kill shelters are full and aren't taking any animals.

I have two kitties in a two-bedroom apartment that only allows one kitty.  Simba has CRF and Lucy seems to have the beginning of possible thyroid issues (she's going to the vet on Monday).  I'm saying this just to mention why we really can't take her.

She's a sweet, five-year-old with declawed front claws and comes with litter, food, flea meds and bowls. Transportaion would be paid for.

Can anyone help or have any ideas?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Furry Reflections

Hi Kitties, Doggies and Non-Furry Friends,
Today, I'm in the mirror. I love to hang out here.  Papa thinks I'm always staring at myself in the closet mirror, but really I just like the spot.

This picture is a reflection of Simba in the window.  That chair is outside but Simba is inside.

Simba had a little adventure the other day.  Mama opened the door to get the paper around 9:30.  They then left the house at 11:00 and who was on the porch but Simba!  He was outside for an hour and a half.  He's never done that before. He never even tries to go outside.  Mama and Papa were upset.  They didn't get back until 2:00 and would have had no idea how he got out.  The way he hops around on three legs, he's not exactly stealth.  Mama doesn't understand how she didn't know that he got by her.  Well, fortunately, all was well.  

Head Taps,

Weekend Reflections

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Week

Hi friends. This has been a week of sunshine and fresh breezes.  I'm just kickin' it here like I usually do at this time of day.

I've taken up a new habit that Mama isn't thrilled about.  I walk around meowing very loudly late at night.  I'm usually pretty quiet so Mama doesn't understand what all this meowing means.  I'm not giving her any hints so she just needs to figure it out.  

I tried a little macaroni and cheese the other day.  Where has this stuff been all my life?

Happy Weekend!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tight Ship on the SS Lucy

I hope you all are having a good week.  Mine has been good but busy.  I keep a tight schedule: In the mornings, I enjoy the sunshine in the guest bedroom. In the late afternoons, I enjoy the sunshine in the living room as seen here.  In between, I enjoy my bed with my pink blankie.  There's no room for goofing off but there are plenty of breaks for Fancy Feast.