Thursday, October 1, 2009

Laundry Day

I love when my mama washes the sheets.  After the sheets are washed and dried, she throws them in a heap on the bed.  I love to sleep in an unmade bed.

As mama gets ready to make the bed, I like to first show her that it's my bed.

Then, I play. I loves to play in an unmade bed!

Lastly, I hide. Do you know where I am?


  1. Hi Lucy

    I have a fuzzy blanket
    To snuggle in all day....
    I wrap it all around me
    And pull it warm and tight ;)
    I also love it on my Mommy's bed !!!!
    (Very cute photo's today..)

    hugs love
    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Hi Lucy, we like the bed too, after all it is ours. We like the sheets out of the dryer when they are warm. Then we sit on the bed and not let Mommy make the bed, until she starts yelling.

  3. So you actually like all stages of the bedmaking! You're right, everything looks like fun.

  4. All the people who live with a cat quickly learn that they live in the cat's house..And this is the same with the bed!(and the same on both sides of the ocean, as far as I can see..Ü)

  5. MOL and LOL!!! King likes to do that too, while our mom tries to make the bed. Then mom, in her sad attempt of an Arnold Schwartzeneggar impersonation, ALWAYS says, "It is not a tuma". <---tumor! She's a wacko. But, you look darling lying there! We have an award for you today! :o)

  6. Oh yes, I know all about the games cats play when mama's try to make the bed. Fun for Kitty-Cats but no so much for mama. Lucy I bet you love the feeling of nice clean bedding. My Peanut and Matshmellow sure do.


  7. Hey Lucy, I do the same thing as well even though I am a dog! My sister Ashton spoils me in the winter by throwing my snuggle blanket into the dryer for a bit and then putting it into my chair! Ahhhh....I like to jump into the warm towel and sheets pile as well. I like the photo of you hiding!

  8. my cats do the same thing Lucy
    especially Siren who also owns the couch and one of the big chairs
    he's nice enough to let me sit though

    I'm glad you liked the sepia building
    the top floors are apartments and the ground level has been divided up into little shops

  9. oh Lucy, you hide so well, i really can't see you in that last photo..... :)

  10. Ha-ha, Lucy! You are one funny cat!
    I stretch out on the bed which makes it very difficult for my Mom to make it. She rubs my belly, kisses my nose and then makes me get down!
    I like your hiding place.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  11. Oh my, you totally disappeared! It's like magic!

  12. We has to has our kneedin blankets in order fer us to likes to sit on da bed. We is odd like dat we guess.

  13. Lucy, I bet you love the warm blankie just out from the dryer! You look so cute, and you playing hide and seek with Mama?

  14. Hi Lucy,
    I am totally with you on the whole laundry day thing. I LOVE making the bed, twirling in the sheets, going undercover... Sometimes it drives Glogirly crazy, and that makes me love it even more!

    I even blogged about my love of beds a few months ago...

    Happy Napping!
    (Glogirly's smart and good looking cat)

  15. Of course its your bed! Momma and Daddy's don't understands dat everyfing is ours, we just lets em borrow everyfing MOL hehehe

    I is happy dat you showed her and had a fun times! I following your blog now, did you sees da Google follow box on mine?


  16. Oops, what is that big lump under the sheets. Is that you Lucy?
    You must always remember, he who hesitates is lost...

    Sing Hi to the Mamas and Papas for me :)

  17. Hello sweetie!
    It's really cool, isn't it?
    I also like to do it here, and the last shot is so cool, where were you? :)
    Please, tell mommy Vicki that mommy Léia is very happy for the "trip news"! It's a kind of honeymoon! How adorable!
    Also, please forgive me because I'm so busy nowadays, but I will come back to see more from your blog okay!
    hugs and purrs
    mommy Léia and Luna

  18. This is so cute Lucy, I tried commenting yesterday, but some blogs I can't comment on when I use the laptop. I'm glad I remembered to come back!

    My kitties Emmie and Cassie used to love to do that. Made making beds very difficult (but VERY fun too!) I loved when one would hide under the sheet like you!

    I miss them, but know they are enjoying their new home!

  19. I love your pictures, Lucy is so expressive !
    She is funny and cute !
    Have a wonderful day


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