Simba lost his battle to CRF and passed away in 2013. We miss him very much, especially my husband. Simba was his best friend.

Simba came to us in 2000 when he was approximately four-years-old.  I belonged to a cat e-mail list.  One day there was a post about a cat rescued from the street by a woman who also belonged to this e-mail list.  Below is an excerpt from that e-mail:
"Simba is one of the walking wounded.  He was rescued from a cat collector, where he was getting enough food to live, but not enough to thrive.  Nor did he get any medical care at all when he'd been hit by a car."

We were living in Southern California and Simba was in Reno, Nevada.  He ran in front of this woman's car, so she grabbed him and took him home.  Since he was limping, she thought that maybe she had hit him.  The next day, she and her husband went back to that neighborhood to see if they could find his home.  A neighbor saw them and told them that he belonged to a cat collector and that he had been hit bit a car previously.  They took Simba to their vet.  He got an x-ray.  Here's what she wrote:
"Turns out Simba's leg appears to not have been broken.  From the x-ray, the vet said the knee cap was terribly displaced (about three inches!).  It looks like either the muscle or the cartiledge tore and the kneecap is now scarred in place.  He didn't think there was anything we could do."

Well, she put him on a plane, we picked him up from the airport and the rest is history.  He has always done just fine on three legs, hopping around, not knowing he's different.  He's my husband's side-kick; they're inseparable!  He now has CRF (chronic renal failure) and we give him fluids subcutaneously daily. 

We're very glad Simba no longer has to dodge cars.  He's very happy, and we can't imagine our lives without him.


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