Annie came to live with us in August 2011, when she was five years old. Her previous people were moving and decided they weren't going to take her with them. The day after she came home with us, she starting peeing blood in the bathtub. It turned out she had two stones in her bladder. At the time we were hoping to foster her and find her a good home because we already had two cats in a two-bedroom apartment and we were over the one-cat limit there. Well, we received help for her surgery from many, many kind people. That kindness was so amazing. I will never, ever forget the outpouring of love. We decided to keep Annie. (I don't think there was ever any doubt.) She's now nine years old. She used to be so scared of everything. It was heartbreaking. She now loves to hang out in the main part of our home (instead of living under the bed and growling). She loves her foodies. She loves a brief tummy rub and I hope someday she'll be a little more affectionate. She's our Annie Bear.


  1. TY.. for loving her.. she is beautiful..♥

  2. Iss a pleasure to mee you Annie gurl>>>yur so purrty!
    You look like Madeline Kat that Aunty Sheila an mee LadyMum rescued this past Monday!
    Yur furend, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


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