Sunday, November 25, 2012

We are so Thankful...

This is Lucy's mama talking today.
This Thanksgiving we have something to be extra thankful about. We are thankful that Lucy is still with us after her terrible accident last Tuesday. She squeezed though the iron bars on our third-floor balcony and fell onto the concrete below. I looked away for a second and when I looked back, I saw her stepping off. I can't explain the terror, hysteria and deep sadness I felt as I tried to stop her. We rushed her to the vet. I stayed there all day (eight hours) on Tuesday. The vet told us it would be moment by moment, hour by hour. She spent 24 hours on oxygen and was in the hospital for four days, but she's okay now except for some pulmonary bruising, a broken toe and a scratch on her nose.

I cried and prayed on the drive to her vet. I know that a lot of us have different beliefs, but I just want to share how deeply thankful to God I am that he healed her. Even her doctor was amazed that she not only survived but came out of this relatively unscathed.

She came home yesterday. I am so happy to have my girl home. We set her up in the bedroom with her own litter box. Hubby bought her a heating pad (with automatic shut-off) for her bed but last night she jumped up on the big bed several times. She's on pain medicine and has a cast as you can see in her picture. She mainly just lies on her side and purrs constantly and even eats lying down but does get up to use the litter box, bless her heart. I bring her food and water to her. I didn't sleep a wink last night due to worry.

Needless to say, the cats will no longer be permitted to go on the patio as long as we live here. I still have some anxiety at night because my thoughts go back to that horrible day. I am so blessed to be saved from deep sorrow of losing her.

Thanks for listening. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Keepin' Warm

Cooler weather has hit north Texas.

Simba and I are trying to keep warm.  Annie hangs out in her cave (storage closet). 

I'm getting ready to go to the cat spa. My medications, blankie and treats have been packed. Mama will call me every day.  I'll be back before Thanksgiving so I'm expecting some turkey (any maybe even my favorite, ham).

p.s. Thanks for all your nice comments on my last post. I have a very large, covered box surrounded by pads of all sorts. Mainly, I do the "hangover".

p.p.s. Have you ever tried Fancy Feat Appetizers? Mama had a coupon from PetSmart for a free one and gave it to us last night. I highly recommend it for a special treat, especially if your mamma is feeling guilty for abandoning you for several days.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hi! This has been a crazy week for Mama.  Her work was threatening her sanity. Thankfully, the work week is over! In this picture it looks like I'm trying to hold on to the sun beams. Well, it's supposed to get cold next week so I'm trying to store up the sunshine.  Also, later next week is when I have to go to the cold, unforgiving jail cat spa while *they* have fun.

I got this fun award from Katie Isabella. I know everyone knows Katie. She is such a hoot but also she and her mom are sweet friends. The premise of this award is that I'm supposed to talk about something that I want to celebrate. Well, I want to celebrate something that is actually a little embarrassing. We haven't talked about it but I stopped going number one in the litter box about 10 months ago. I go in, but I don't crouch down so it all goes out and in front of the box. When Mama mentioned it to my vet in California, the vet hugged me and said, "Don't blame her!" Mama and I thought that was so sweet. Mama was quick to reassure her that she and Papa don't get mad at me (but they do get exasperated).  I'm celebrating that Dr. Diane loved me and didn't make me feel bad for this.

Papa has to shampoo the rugs this weekend because Mama's parents are coming over right after they all come back from their little get-away. Mama and I are ready to hear some grumbling from him. :)