Friday, November 30, 2018

Finally Friday

Another week wrapped up just about. Did your peeps do any Black Friday shopping to take advantage of the deals? The lady did an online shopping trip on Cyber Monday for our food and litter and got some great deals.

We had a nice week and hope you all did as well. What do you have planned for the weekend? Pierrot and I will do nothing and laugh at the lady when she does chores.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Happy Paws

Hello and happy Sunday! We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and you're having a nice weekend. The lady was going through some pictures taken earlier this year and found this 14-second video of me taken in early May right before we moved back to California. If you have sound, you'll hear my purring.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. For those outside the U.S., happy Thankful Thursday.

We have much for which to be thankful including all of you, our home, each other, food, safety, and so much more! We're joining Brian's Home, host of the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


I discovered something yummy. Chicken in chicken noodle soup. I normally don't care for non-catfood chicken, but these chickens were soaked in broth and so tasty!

For those in the U. S., are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? I am! I saw the food the lady got us for that day. I've had it once before and it's to-die-for! It comes from Trader Joes.

Looks like I talked only about food in this post. Well, what could be more riveting? (That was actually a rhetorical question.)

Friday, November 16, 2018

We've Got the Life!

Here I am, happy in the afternoon sunshine.

Here's one of Pierrot. By the way, the other white kitty was in the house again. Pierrot pounced on him from across the room.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Pictures from Home

As you may know, I work from home. A few days ago, though, I had to go to the office because IT needed to make some changes to my computer. My husband sent me some pictures of the cats throughout the day with captions. I'm including just two here. Sorry about the quality. They were quick pictures with his cell phone, not intended for public posting, but I couldn't resist.

Where's Ma?

Pierrot's mad. He said he was hungry, but he doesn't like the food I put out.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Thankful Thursday

We want to thank you for your supportive and understanding comments on our last post. It means a lot, but even more because my family and friends, for the most part, do not understand.  For that, we are thankful!

We are joining Brian at Brian's Home, host of Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Are you thankful today? We'd love to hear about it in the comments and/or join the blog hop.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Nipped and Annie's Back

Nip fun

We call this, "Nip Aftermath"

I want to share a little about Annie's vet travails. She's been countless times this year, both in PA and CA, in an attempt to help her back pain. The main way the pain/discomfort manifests itself is when she uses the litter box. It prevents her from being able to hold the crouch pose cats have to be in to go #2. Her legs always give out and she has to walk and poop to get it out. Urination is almost as bad. She therefore almost always goes outside of the box where we have a ton of piddle pads. She walks very stiffly and wobbly and has what seems to be a touch of lameness in her left rear leg. Her spine is prominent due to muscle wasting. She's otherwise happy and doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain. Friday, I took her to see a neurologist. I learned a little more, but without an MRI he cannot see what's going on with her discs. X-rays only show bone. The estimate for the MRI is $2,400 and she would have to be anesthetized. If the MRI showed a bulging disc, the next step would be surgery. I really don't want to put her through that, and honestly, the expense of these things is just too high. I've already spent more than I care to think about with the vets. I've decided I have vet fatigue. She's also had two senior blood panels this year, the most recent showing anemia and potassium deficiencies as well as an increase in red blood cells. She's taking a supplement for the deficiencies and she'll be retested for the RBC in December. If you've read this, thank you. I don't talk much about these things on the blog, but this has been a big part of our lives this year, and I just needed to vent.