Thursday, October 8, 2009

Catnip Pizza

Have you ever had a catnip pizza?  This picture is of me and my brother, Simba, about three years ago.  We were still living in California, and we got a catnip pizza for Christmas.

A catnip pizza has lots catnip on it with crunchy treats and dried fish flakes on top.  It comes in a big pizza box.  Yum!

Added note from Lucy's mama again: I'll post another update on Bucky again soon. He has to go back to the vet tomorrow to be retested for a few things.  His blood work results came back yesterday, and there are quite a few concerns.  Hopefully, the second test will tell a better story. I'll let you all know soon!


  1. Oh, I do hope he is ok. A catnip pizza is quite an interesting idea!

  2. Wow!!
    Its looks yummie.....
    I never seen before a pizza for CATS !!
    Lucy you eat all and your brother is waiting
    so long LOL
    It looks like you eat too greedy Lucy
    Simba loves it also ;(
    I wish I could eat pizza now,
    I am always on diet :(
    I go sleep now
    hugs my sweetie
    Kareltje =^.^=

    I am waiting on your update,
    I purr & pray for him,
    he deserved a change to a healthy life :)
    Anya :)

  3. Your humans must be the best humans ever! A catnip pizza. We just start to realise how bad we're being treated, we never even heard of this. ; )
    Thank you for keeping us updated on Bucky. We're sorry to hear that the worry time is not over. And that the poor guy has to get poked again! But it's for the best of all. Paws crossed over her for the new results!
    Sending our best purrs your way, Siena & Chilli

  4. hummm a pizza box, sounds good! ;)
    It's new, I have never heard about around here!
    ( dear Vicki, we are supporting your adorable heart, everything will be okay, be positive!)
    mommy Léia and Luna

  5. My Jim prefers prawns, with or without pizza! but from the pizzas, he loves tomatoes!
    I'm impatient to read more about Bucky tomorrow after vet.

  6. We've never had catnip pizza but we're gonna ask for it now!!

    We hope everything goes okay for Bucky...we'll be purring for him...

  7. Your furry own pizza?!? We are super jealous! That looks DE~LISH! We are keeping our paws crossed for Bucky!!! Effurything will be ok, we just know it!

  8. Hi Lucy,
    I'm sure my sisters would luv catnip pizza, especially Lilly, she's kind of a piggie!
    Hope that all goes okay for Bucky, I will keep my paws crossed.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  9. What?? A catnip pizza?? What about a pizza for moi, a dog?? Hmmm...I will have to talk to the folks about that! My mom and I are keeping paws and fingers crossed for your new brother Bucky.

  10. A Catnip Pizza? It looks like they enjoyed it. I wonder if they still make them.

    I sure hope Bucky is okay. Is he eating good? Keep us posted.


  11. Lucy, just a comment about toys for Bucky while he's in the laundry room...we hafta keep Zoey separated most of the time but she gets a big bedroom with windows, however, our mom got this one attaches to the top of a door and then a long stretchy string hangs down with a mouse on the end. Zoey loves this string toy and will play with it all the time. We think mom got it at a pet store like PetSmart. Maybe Bucky would like something like that?? Here's a post showing Zoey playing with her string toy.

  12. again...this is the toy we were referring to:

    Or maybe one of those tracker-type toys that has a ball in the track that goes round...

  13. Catnip pizza we has got to has the mom make dis fer us. NOM nom NOM!

    Fanks fer enterin Trooder's weight contest, we will has the winner announced on Mancat Monday.

    We is hopin Bucky is okay and dat whatever is wrong is furry fixable fer hims to live long and healthy wif yoo.

  14. It dose sound good Lucy, maybe I should try one. Is catnip OK for humans...hmmm?

    note to Vicki, You might have to change Bucky$ name to something that doesn't have anything to do with money$ ...
    Hope all goes well!!!

  15. Prayers for Bucky - hope he will be ok.

  16. YUM!!! Papa John has come by the townhouse on many occasions but has NEVER delivered one of these! I'm gong to have to talk to Glogirly about this.


  17. Lucy, I tried giving Twylah some catnip and she did not eat it. She is getting so picky with food. Hmm, does not even eat pate style, she wants something saucy. Let me try that catnip pizza, and see if she will eat it.

  18. Yum, that must be like liver pizza for dogs.


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