Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Weekend

Yesterday was a beautiful day and the temperature was in the mid 40s.  Mama and Papa went on a drive through the countryside and into some small villages in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Then they went on a hike on an island in the middle of the Delaware River, in between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
They walked on this bridge to get to the island
They saw this kitty enjoying the sun on his porch in Stockton, NJ
They walked along this river
Mama bought fresh produce at this farm, Fairview Farm
This is the end of the island
Normally, we don't do posts of Mama's day, but Mama says we didn't have enough material from me.  Here was my day:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Simba and His Kidneys

I don't get much air time in the Lounge, but since Lucy is taking one of her marathon naps, I thought I would do a post on myself.  (You can click here if you want to read how I came to live with Lucy and Mama and Papa.)

Mama posted about my kidneys a few months ago.  I have a mild kidney problem, but it seems to be just a bit worse lately.  My output is more than my input--if you know what I mean--and so I have to have fluids every day now.  See, kidneys need enough water to function properly, not too much water and not too little. Cats with reduced kidney function pee more because their ailing kidneys don't concentrate urine as they did in health.  Therefore cats with CRF (chronic renal failure) are at risk of dehydration. They may no longer be able to drink enough to keep themselves hydrated. I fall into this category.
Even though it's obvious that I'm not able to get enough water on my own, I still eat and run around and seem to feel fine.  I scream for water from the sink in the middle of the night and in the early morning and that's after drinking copious amounts from my water bowl.  For me, drinking water is like a job.  That is why I now have to have fluids every day, at least for a while.  Unfortunately, they're given via a needle under my skin.  I really don't like that part.

I always get treats after and lots of lovin'.

Well, I just wanted to share my story. 

p.s. Mama thanks you for your comments about senior kitties and doggies. It was fun to read and also reassuring.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Senior Moments

I will turn 15 in a few months, and lately, I've been giving thought to how I've changed since entering my senior years.  I know there are some others out there that are seniors: Rosie, Sammy, Andy, Miss Kitty, Lautrec, Tiny, Chica, and forgive me, but I'm sure I'm forgetting some others. 
If you're a senior or have a senior pet, have you noticed changes?  I used to play with the plastic milk jug ring. I would go to the ends of the earth to chase it, run up and down stairs and sometimes even bring it back.  I also used to chase my brothers and just have fun.  I now just sit in one place while batting at my dragonfly toy that Mama dangles before me or lick Ratsie.  

I'm healthy as a hog, but I've definitely put on some weight over the years.  I'm also crabbier at times.  All in all, I seem happy and Mama just wants me to stay that way.

One thing that hasn't changed: I hate the camera!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Lucy's mama here.  She was too lazy to do her own blog post.  I submit to you the evidence:
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Today is rainy and snowy, but Lucy's sun patch was out yesterday and she didn't want to miss a moment of that sunshine.

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally Friday

Hey there,
We're pretty sad this week because our friend Annie passed away.  We miss her, so we can only imagine how much her mom misses her.  We hope it provides her at least a small comfort to know that many of us loved sweet, crabby Annie Bananie.

 Yesterday it got up to 66F degrees!  Simba and I were outside on our patio soaking up the warm sun several times.  Mama forgot what it was like to be our personal door person, getting up and down all morning for us. 
What are y'all up to this weekend?  I hoping to get some Temptations and lots of naps. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunshine Owner

Hi Friends,
Some of my favorite things are sunshine and warmth.  The sun has been out a few times this week even though it's been pretty cold.  

I bet you didn't know that I have invested in some real estate.  Yep, I own my very own sun-puddle.
Simba has been squatting on my sun puddle lately.  I take pity on him and let him have a small piece.  After all, that is my artwork on the couch and my sun patch.

I hope you're staying warm wherever you are.  We wish you all a lovely weekend!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tuna Surprise

Mama and Papa had tuna salad sandwiches for lunch the other day and let Simba and I have a little tuna.  This is a very rare treat for us.
I had just woken up and my left ear was inside out.


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you get some treats to enjoy, even if you're a human!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun Wednesday

While Mama was out of town, I won two awards for my blog!  

I received this one from our friends Malyss, Jim and Chestnut from Chronicles from the Shore.  They have beautiful pictures of Nice and the surrounding areas.  Malyss' posts are so charming.
I received this award from The Chair Speaks.  EJ, with whom said chair lives, has adopted many special-needs kitties and they all live in Malaysia.
For this award I need to share seven things about myself that others may not know.  This is going to be tough because I've talked a lot about myself here.
  1. I go crazy over the smell of Ben-Gay.  It's like catnip to me.
  2. All winter, when I walk, I crackle.  Mama calls me Crackle Bum.
  3. My most aggressive fighting move is to bite the air above Simba's ears.
  4. I love watching the cursor on the computer screen move around.  It's fascinating!
  5. I like to give head taps when I'm feeling loving.
  6. When Mama plays with me every evening, I always walk out on her.
  7. I miss our fireplace that we had when we lived in California.
I know that a lot of you have received these awards, and since I think all of you are sunshiny and stylish, please feel to pick one or both up.

Here are some funny pictures of me.