Saturday, October 17, 2009

Award, Lucy's Thoughts & Bucky

I want to thank Iris at Boo-Bah’s Little Sunshines for this nice award (This Blog is a Dream). She has such a sweet blog of her cute doggies and kitties and her pretty home. I’m supposed to give it to 10 people, but I would like to make it available to all of you because I think you all deserve it! I also want to give a shout-out to my bud Peanut over at Boo-Bah’s. We both love our foodies and are therefore well-rounded kitties.

Bucky has been released from the laundry room. I’m going to let Mama gab about him, but I just want to say a few things. When he was first released, one of the first things he did was go in MY bed on MY blankie and curled up. Well, Mama took care of that before I could slap some fur off of him. He knows to keep his space from me, but I let him sleep on my beans’ bed last night for a short time. Also, I’m enjoying eating all his yummy canned food.

I’m done. Here’s my mama…

Hi. Bucky’s integration into our home has gone amazingly well. I think it’s because he’s been here for two weeks, and Lucy and Simba knew there was a kitty here and had even seen him on a few occasions. There are a few hisses from Lucy and Simba, but that’s about it. His absolute favorite spot is on our heating pad on the couch.

James and I are giving him his fluids daily, and for the most part, that has gone really well. James noticed that he’s missing a few teeth, not just one. That definitely doesn’t inhibit his ability to eat like hog though. He’ll go back to the vet in a few weeks to have his kidney values rechecked. He otherwise seems to feel pretty good. He lounges and sleeps a lot, but who doesn’t in this house (kitties, that is)?

I hope you all, kitties, doggies and humans, have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh wow! We're so happy that things are going so well between Bucky and Lucy and Simba! Bucky does look like he's made himself at home there!! We bet Lucy is so accepting 'cuz she knows she gets some stinky goodness out of it!!

  2. Hi Lucy,
    Congratulations on your award.
    It's nice to see that you and Simba are sorta getting along with Bucky; I know from watching my 'sisters' that soon you'll be good buddies.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)
    P.S. My Mom said that Bucky is looking good and he's very handsome :)

  3. It's good to be back and discover that Bucky is finally going well , and that Lucy and Simba seem to accept him . A beautyful family is growing under our eyes! Congratulations for your award! a simple joy to share, for the good moments you offer to us!Have all a nice week-end!

  4. How nice of you to "let" Bucky try out your blankie for a bit...and to let Bucky sleep with your beans. I knew you had it in you to be gracious and welcome your new brother to the family! My mom is very happy all is going well for Bucky too. Handsome fella for sure.

  5. Congrats on the award!

    Good girl Lucy for being such a good girl with Bucky. He does look very happy. He is one lucky kitty, I'm glad he is not having to spend this ugly weekend outside!

  6. Well that is the BEST news I have heard in a month of Sundays... Bucky is free and doing much better. Yea :)
    Now don't be jealous Lucy, you are still Top-Cat and that will never change.

  7. Congratulations on the wonderful award, Lucy and Vicki. It is well deserved, your are both doing a beautiful job with your blog.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  8. Bucky is looking grate and very happy! No slapping furs off of him, Lucy, that be bad! I know you will bees best buds soon.

  9. Oh, what a fun big happy family! I am glad Bucky is doing great and all three a getting along well. Just sad that he has to go back for the kidney check.

    Congratulations to the award and enjoy your weekend guys, you and James are a great couple!

  10. So glad Bucky is adjusting into the family well but that kitty needs to learn to stay off of YOUR bed! :-)

  11. I just realized you too are in PA. Maybe we need to set up a sick kitty network? LOL seriously though, glad things are starting to improve and I hope that continues. Thanks for the visit over my way and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  12. Glad Bucky is doing better - our Chica has to have fluids and extra care for her CRF too. Lucy will be good and help Bucky get better - we know it!

  13. Glogirly says she's really happy to hear that Bucky is doing well and is out of the laundry closet.

    Lucy, you better keep an eye on your bed. Even if the fur must fly, you've got rights!!!

    Keep the faith,

  14. Bucky is looking good. I am so glad that he seems to be doing better. I hope the next Dr.s appt. goes well. I really hope his kidneys are doing better.

    Peanut send kisses to Lucy. He said she is so pretty he would be happy to share his food with her, well maybe a little of it at least.

    Thank you for your sweet comments and birthday wishes. I do appreciate them so much.


  15. A heating pad! That's the life, Bucky, that's the life! We are so happy to hear how well the introduction went. What a great relief. The picture of Bucky on the heating pad is sooooo sweet. And you look utterly gorgeous too, Lucy! Concats on the award.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  16. Hello sweet Lucy!
    You are so adorable and a good catgirl to let Bucky sleep in your beans'bed! :)
    We are so happy for these wonderful news!
    ConCATulations for your so deserved award,
    purrs and love
    Luna and mommy Léia

  17. Lucky Bucky! Glad to hear he is improving though still a lot of effort being put into his health. Lovely to see him sleeping so comfortably. I bet no one appreciates it as much as he does!


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