Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend Tidbits


Lucy's mama, Vicki, here.  I wanted to share some pics of the somewhat happy family we've become.  It's been a bit stressful for the past week or so. Simba has been hissing and growling a lot at Bucky.  He starts something with Bucky, and when Bucky figures out that Simba isn't playing, Bucky responds in kind.  We're making some slow progress though.

Today, I went to the vet to buy more fluids for Bucky.  Each bag costs over $27 and lasts less than a full week.  Needless to say, they're extremely expensive.  I'm trying to find a place online that is a lot cheaper.  Anyway, while at the vet, I bought a green mousie for the gang (which was just 64 cents).

Here's Bucky in a box with said mouse.

Here's Simba takin' it easy.

 Seeing double?

You have to see it to believe it.  Lucy and Bucky sleeping in the same bed.

It's going to be a raining this weekend, so I think we'll be spending time at home with the kitties.  Bucky has been doing great: playing, eating, loving and napping.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. I was successful commenting on another blog that gives me trouble, so I hopped right over here!

    Looks like Bucky is adjusting. I love seeing the pics of them sleeping on the same bed. I miss having more than one cat. Kovu is awesome, but I miss the girls!

    Hopefully Bucky will be better soon and won't need the fluids much longer. I still give you two kudos for sticking with him, and giving him a loving family and warm place to purr!

    Rainy this morning but drastically warmer than last night! Crazy weather!

  2. Hi Lucy
    Its very sweet of you to sleep next to Bucky,
    but I now you are so SWEET :)
    hugs to all kitties
    Kareltje =^.^=

    Hi Vicki
    I think those fluids for Bucky are very expensive in our country !!
    A visit to the vet is almost always 80 euro without medication :(
    You are a great Mama for your kitties,
    Bucky has luck that James found him,
    he is now in a very happy family and he deserve it :))
    I think positive .....
    Have a relaxing weekend
    Anya :)

    (It rains here also cats & dogs :(

  3. Hi Lucy,
    I just knew you and Bucky would work things out. You should have seen the fur fly when Lilly and Molly first met (I wasn't there but my Mom told me, he-he!).
    It's really nice that you are getting to be three happy kitties together.
    I like the Double Trouble, I mean Seeing Double picture.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  4. It will take some time for everybuddy to get along, but if you take it slow and hve lots of patience, it will work! We think you're off to a good start! As far as the fluids, when mom had to give them to one of the cats that came before us, she got them online for waaaay cheaper than at the vet's. You usually hafta buy like 12 bags at a time though to get the best discount. We hope you can find them cheaper. And we're hoping that maybe after some time, Buddy won't even need those fluids!

  5. You know, Lucy...our mom musta been not all the way awake when she typed our comment cuz she called Bucky Buddy...she needs some more coffee!!!

  6. I'm so glad to see that things are getting better on all points (except from vet'payment!:-(( )
    With patience and love, the family will build itself slowly but surely;
    This shared love will also help Bucky to feel better.
    Already you made a nice job; Keep on!
    with lot of hugs to every cat, and my friendship for you!
    Have a nice week-end!

  7. That is so big of you, Lucy, to set an example for Simba and make Bucky feel at home. Wow, that sure is a lot of money for water! Shame you can't use Poland Springs. Hopefully you can do better online.

  8. Simba, we never saw your nice white markings. You're a cool looking mancat! Take it easy on Bucky, okay? He had a hard time outside and we're sure he doesn't want to steal Lucy from you. Although it admittingly looks like it seeing them sleeping in the same bed...
    We had no idea that the fluids are so expensive. We hope somecat has a good advice on this.
    It's raining here too, sigh.
    Stay comfy!
    Siena & Chilli

  9. Sometimes double is trouble but you seem to be handling it well, Vicki. Bucky is looking quite perky and fitting right in with the cat crew.
    Have a nice weekend, Vicki :D

  10. Oh yes...very familiar with the 'adjustment period', but it always works out, sometimes taking a few months for harmony to become the way of the household once again. It is good to see Bucky fitting in, sorry to hear it is so expensive. I have been there done that with both cats and hounds. Vet care is jut very costly these days. Thank you for walking that extra mile for Bucky. I used to run a Greyhound rescue organization and I have seen and been through a lot with many animals, learned a lot about people. Voluntered with other humane societies....I must say that I always valued people like you the most. Renews my hope and faith in people that sometimes faded when I was faced with the cruel realities of an unwanted living creature's life. Hugs to you all there.

  11. So glad to see Bucky is doing so much better now! This weekend is rainy over here too so it's good to be just warming at home...
    Have a good nap, I mean, a great weekend!
    purrs and love

  12. Pretty soon, you guys will be the best of friends. After all, you do look alike. :-)

    Hope you have a purrfect weekend.

  13. I loved seeing the pictures of your little family and the wonderful progress they are making in getting along.

    Bucky look so much better. Can you imagine how happy he must feel to have a home at last, where he is fed and loved.

    When I bought fluids for Mr. Sunshine the bags were $25.00 and towards the last we were going through two and 1/2 bags a week. It was disasterous to our budget, that is for sure. I remember I even put off my dental work to I could keep buying fluids, I don't know if that was too smart because I ended up having to have extensive dental work done for putting if off. I will always treasure the memories of him making his way through a sometimes difficult journey to live his life which turned out to be such a long one. He was loved for sure and I miss him terribly.


  14. So nice to see all of you kitties, especially Lucy and Bucky sleeping together! I knew you would all get along sometime...Your parents are such wonderful people to take in Bucky and take such great care of him. Love the new green mouse. However I must admit I would have torn it apart in seconds....

  15. We just followed one of your comments here from another blog, and have caught up on Bucky's story from past posts. It sounds like you are going above and beyond the call of duty with him, and we hope he can work through his health problems. No matter what happens, you deserve a lot of credit and praise for helping a living creature who desperately needed it.

  16. Hi Vicki & Lucy,

    So glad to hear that Bucky is doing better. You are sweethearts to take such good care of her and invite her into the family. ...Lucy, I know you are a tad reluctant with your invitation to Bucky, but I can tell you've got a good heart and will make things come around eventually. Don't worry a bit, you will always be Queen of your Castle.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi today. With Glogirly's lack of energy to do anything fun, it's been the highlight of my day.


  17. Quite a household! But you and James are the sweetest couple to handle things well. Love to see them sleeping together, just line one big happy family! Slowly and surely, Bucky will bounce back.
    My kitty has been sleeping at the foot of the bed, I guess she misses my daughter too!

    Enjoy your weekend inspite of the wet weather.

  18. My Mia is on a special diet and takes several meds so I empathize with you on the cost

    glad Bucky is better

  19. I understand what it's like to have to search and search online for cheaper prices. It's the way I get my diabetic cat's test strips. Just be wary though, as the deal isn't always as good as it looks. I once saved like $20-30 on his insulin only to have it take 2-3 weeks and was warm and the styrofoam it came in was musty smelling. I still used the insulin, as it was fine, but I will pay the extra $ to get COLD insulin that doesn't smell nasty!

  20. Hi Vicki,
    I appreciated your kind comment on yesterdays post. Today I have posted about Mr. Sunshine.

    You are so kind to care for Bucky. I hope he continues to improve.

    Peanut sends kisses to Lucy. Marshmellow is more reserved so he just sends a big hello.


  21. Hi Vicki,
    No i don't mind at all. Those are scriptures that I used to know well, Yes they are encouraging. It was a nice reminder of what I knew a long time ago but hadn't thought about it or applied it to my life in ever so long.

    I find it wonderful and amazing to find such caring lovely people out here in blogger land. You are certainly one of them.

    Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful comments.


  22. Glad that things are going well, lovely pics, thanks


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