Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh, How I Love Sun Puddles!

This is how I spent a good part of my weekend:

I hope you all had an equally good weekend!  On top of that, Mama was home with me most of the time.


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend for sure! We had flurries. :(

  2. oh Lucy, glad to know you had a perfect weekend, with glorious sun and mommy by your side!
    You look so happy in these pictures,
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE love LUNA

  3. Lucy, what a purrfect weekend you had!

  4. Looks like a great way to spend the weekend!

  5. Awww the joys of the sun it :) I had a great weekend and am glad you did as well :)

  6. Lucy,what a brilliant way to spend the weekend! Soaking up all that sunshine!

    Thank you for your kind comments Vicki!
    Regards to you all!

  7. Lucy you just perfect laying in the suns puddles. Your tummy looks nice and warm.
    Peanut sends his love.

  8. Hi Lucy,
    I LOVE sun puddles. It was cloudy all weekend but today I am enjoying the sunshine.
    Do you like belly rubs in the sunshine? I do!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  9. Wonderful, Lucy! Lovely sunspot.

  10. Oh, how cute...Lucy, you look like you are doing a little work out! Hahahaha!

    Oh, Vicki, Twylah is always alone on weekends because of our photo outings. When we come home, she meows a lot and we play with her for 15 minutes. I think she could smell us from a distance.

  11. Now THAT'S the way to spend the weekend! Glad your mommy was with you most of the time too. King LOVES your photos and wishes he coulda came and napped with you. Mom wants to put a *tickle, tickle* on your bellie!

  12. I wish I could cuddle your lovely belly
    I love also the sun :-)
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  13. You must has been watching for those sunbeams and hopped rite in when they gotted to you coz there wozn't many this weekend. Bet you has all you want today! We woz out on the deck sharing them wif you.

  14. Wow, Lucy! You found a massive sun puddle!!! Enjoy it!


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