Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hooray for the Weekend!

I hope you all have a happy weekend!  I'll be having a quiet Saturday. I look foward to sunshine and maybe a few leaves off my new catnip plant.  What do you all have planned?


  1. Lucy, it will be another day of rain where I live. Hopefully we will see sun on Sunday before 3 more days of rain. That means a very quiet week-end, and I have no catnip to look forward to.

  2. Lucy, you look a lot like our Tabatha. Great picture of you. Well, we need to get our assistant off her butt and plant our catnip seeds. She hasn't done it yet.
    We are having rain today.
    Have a wonderful week end.

  3. I'm trying to archive photos and it's a pain
    maybe I'll try a little human catnip!
    vodka perhaps

    you look beautiful in all those wonderful shadows

  4. Lucy, you look like you're enjoying some sunbeams. We've been hanging out in the back space, now we're going have to have a nap! :-)

    Happy weekend!

  5. We are keeping an eye out for a special visitor in our town!

  6. Oh Beautiful Lucy, just looking at this photo of you has made our weekend.

  7. Oh Lucy looks like you are going to have a great time. Stay away from Mom's flowers. :) My weekend is almost over. Sunday is my Monday...YIKES!!!

  8. Lucy you are one pretty kitty! My kitty's name is Gracie and she is spending most of her weekend under my bed hiding from my grandkids while they are visiting. She occasionally makes an appearance on my blog too.

  9. It's kinda cloudy and rainy here, Lucy, so we spent the afternoon sleeping on mom and dad's bed...'cept Wally tried to take over the whole bed!


  10. We helped dad put up the toddler bed for our new to be sister. We snoopervised and played with all the screws on the floor and hten we helped mom and dad make the bed. It's been a grest weekend so far. Glad yours is good too.

  11. Hope you're still relaxing Lucy! My Saturday, I managed to get out to a Nature Reserve for a lovely long walk in the sunshine, then to a favourite shopping outlet for some retail therapy. Today catch up time at home! Chores!ugh! But thoroughly enjoying my weekend. Hope you are too...Weekends go far too quick!

  12. Hi beautiful Lucy!
    Ahh you are enjoying the lovely sunny day there.
    Here we had visitors last night, mommy and dad were busy during all day long and I was in charge of keeping my beauty nap in time to be a great hostess last night!
    a blessed Sunday for all
    purrs and love

  13. Hey Pretty Lady!! We are looking forward to the same....sunshine, napping, eating, sunshine, napping, eating...maybe playing a little then more of the above!! We love to nap in the sun...makes us have the craziest dreams!! You soak up lots of sun you lovely girl..we'll be thinking of you. Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  14. Sun, garden, maybe a little bumblebee hunting or butterfly chasing. Nothing much. Just taking it easy.

  15. Hi Lucy, Twylah does not look forward to the weekend because we are always out taking pictures. She knows if we are going somewhere and she hides under the chair and does not want to say goodbye.

    When we come home, that's when she sleeps.

    Are you getting a tan?


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