Friday, April 9, 2010

About Bucky

I wanted to let you know that Bucky passed away Wednesday evening.

He was in heart failure and had many things wrong with his heart: end stage caridomyopathy, fibrosis in his heart, a blood clot in his heart and heartworms in his arteries. He had a lot of fluid around his heart. Of course, we had no idea that he had any problems with his heart at all. He started showing symptoms of not being able to breathe very well around 3:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. We took him to the vet and then to the emergency hospital.

He was the most special cat, and I wish I would have talked about him more on the blog. He just gave his love to us unconditionally. I always thought he was so wonderful because I could tell he was grateful to be in our home with us. (For those who don’t know, we only found Bucky six months ago in a field. We took him to the vet the next day and found that he had an upper respiratory infection, kidney failure and anemia. We had been treating his kidney disease daily with fluids.) I have cried myself out and miss him so much. I really wanted to bring him back home. I miss him terribly. I miss his cute face, his nuzzles, his purr, his presence, his gentleness, his love of playing with string and still thinking he sees the string after it was put away, his love of sunbeams, his little noises he made when woken up, his freckles, his fur.

I’m so sorry to have to give this news over the blog. I really enjoyed reading all the comments on the post about the different personalities and affection levels of the kitties and dogs that you share your lives with and it just shows me what a wonderful network of animal lovers and friends that I’ve gotten to know through Lucy’s blog. I really don’t have any animal-loving friends in real life, especially in PA where we moved just less than a year ago. I’m so happy that I have this place to talk about Bucky. James and I are both devastated. We miss him so much and have a lot of sadness.

It may be a little while before Lucy and I start posting again, but we'll be visiting.


  1. I'm so terribly sorry and sad to read of Bucky's passing, I know how special he was to you and James. May your hearts be filled with happy memories and at peace knowing that you provided a loving home for Bucky, if only for a few months. I'm sure he'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

  2. I'm crying in front of my computer..the good thing is that he had 6 loving months with you. I'm so sad to read that.I'm sure that he is now in cat's paradise. I share your sorrow.All my thoughts are with you; Hugs, Malyss.

  3. This news made me cry. I am comforted, however, knowing you were there for Bucky in those last months. He died greatly loved. Who can ask for more?

  4. We are so sorry for your loss. ((HUGS))
    ♥ Jewelgirl + 5 Katz ♥

  5. We are all so sorry you lost Bucky so soon after taking him in. You are saints to have opened your hearts to him in the last part of his life. Just think what would have been his life if you had not. I too took in a cat and only had Clarence for 18 months, nursing him thru 5 months of intestinal cancer. He too had heart issues we didn't know of and died of them. My heart goes out to you. Sending lots of love and healing light!

  6. OH! Oh no.... :( You did a wonderful thing for him, gave him 6 months of bliss...heaven. I know he loved you for that.

    I am so sad for all of you. When we lose our furbabies they always take such a big piece of our hearts with them. But then they also leave a huge part of themselves with us...we can carry them around with us forever. Never forgetting - and many of us loved Bucky and love the fact that you took him in and loved him, not knowing or caring the cost. Only the most special people do are one of these people.

    God bless you, God speed Bucky. You will never be forgotten by all of us that love you Bucky.

  7. Oh...I am so, so, so, so, so sorry. I just can't imagine losing one of my 'kids' and just the thought can have me immediately in tears so I can imagine the heartache and pain you are both going through now. I feel for you, I really, really do. Animals are such true and loving friends. No questions, no conditions, no games. They love you. Period. When they go, there is a terrible and painful void and only time can fill it. But time will fill it. Luckily, Bucky went quickly. To think that he suffered a slow, painful death would have been far worse for you to bear. Bucky was indeed a beautiful and loving soul and be assured that he will always be with you. You will see him out of the corner of your eye running around a corner or will catch his reflection briefly in a mirror. He will be with you and he will always love you as you loved him. You saved him and gave him hope and a home and that is a lot. In time, Bucky will send you a new cat to help you move on (but not as a means of forgetting him because THAT you will never do!!). Animals are like furry angels sent down to make our lives lovelier and softer and kinder. You were blessed with a Bucky angel. Bucky was blessed that you were angels, too. R.I.P. Bucky. You will be missed and you will be loved FOREVER!!

    Cat, Lautrec and Tiny

  8. From Shawnee's mom: I am so very sorry! Bucky apparently belonged to somebody in his previous life, somebody who obviously was not worthy of him. Then you came along and gave him the best 6 months of his life. Six months he would otherwise not have had. Six months of you going above and beyond what anyone else would have ever done for him. You can and should feel really good about that. RIP Bucky - I'll miss hearing about you!

  9. Hi Vicky
    Sad news today :(
    My eyes are wet !!!!
    I know what Bucky means to you James
    and the other cats..
    Bucky had found a fantastic home at your place.
    You did all for him !!!!
    He was sweet and nice to the others and
    he had found a loving family...
    (I have never lose a cat Kareltje is our first big animal we had before him only birds !!)
    But I can understand how you are feeling :(
    He is forever is your heart Vicky...

    We will miss you B_U_C_K_Y_
    our green eyed friend...
    We will NEVER forget you !!!

    Hugs Love
    Kareltje & Anya

  10. I'm so sorry! He was so special to you and us. I pray God will help you through this time.

  11. OMC! We are so sorry to hear of the untimely passing of your sweet Bucky! My eyes are leaking for you and your family. You were angels to him to bring him intoy our home, care for him, love him, and let him know that ALL of the world isn't cruel. We are so sorry he had to leave you so soon and just take peace in knowing that he left you with knowing the TRUE meaning of LOVE, HOME, and Family. We are so sorry for your loss. Please take all the time you need. We will all be here when you get back.

    Gentle (((Hugs))) and purrs to you...

    Skeeter, King, Pandora, Cricket, and Shannon

  12. Oh Vicki I just read about this on Sistertex's blog. I'm so sorry to hear about Bucky's passing. I send you and James all the Aloha and sunshine that I can. What two marvelous people you both are. It takes special people to do this. I remember vividly the post James did upon finding him. You will have memories that last a lifetime my friend. May he rest in peace.

  13. OMC OMC! We just got to know him! We miss him dearly and send all of you purrs and hugs!

  14. My sisters and I are so very sorry to hear about your sweet Bucky and we send you our best purrs. We know what it is like and it is heartbreaking. I didn't know Bucky, but after reading your loving words I feel that I do. We will remember him forever now. Please know that we are all thinking of you.

  15. Oh Vicki,I was gone all day today and just now read your sad news. I am so sorry. Although I never got to meet Bucky in person I really felt a connection to him because he was going through some of the same problems my Mr. Sunshine had. I want you to remember that the last six months you gave him was a wonderful gift. I know how he must have loved and appreciated you and all the love you and your husband gave him. He finally had a home and lived a good life until it was time for him to go.
    Some might think it silly of me to cry over a cat that I never even held or touched, but he touched my heart and I will always remember his story.


  16. I am sooo sorry to hear about Bucky. He was one brave little cat. He found a new home, a loving and kind "parents" to Bucky. My eyes are teary...I remember the very first day you have shown and introduced Bucky to the blog world. I am sure Lucy and Simba would miss Bucky. Your house will never be the same again.

    Take it easy and take some time off. Take care.

  17. We are so, so very sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend, Bucky. He will live forever in your hearts. You gave him the best 6 months of his life and he passed on his gratitude is so many little ways. This is so hard. The PM's cat went to the Bridge 5 years ago and she still misses him and sometimes feels him around.

    Take all the time you need. Cuddle all together.

    Purrs and {hugs},
    Goldie,Shade,Banshee and Danica

  18. We are so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace, sweetest Bucky. Although mom is a bit leaky eyed right now she is happy in her heart. Knowing what unbelievable luck Bucky had to be found by your dad and being brought home to be loved and well cared for for the rest of his life. Just imagine him dying alone, hurting and hungry in that field you found him. Thank you again for loving him so much. Your words show your great love for him clearly. Many hugs and nosekissie from us three here. Bucky was a happy Mancat the rest of his days.

  19. Oh Gosh Vicki, so Very sorry this has happened!!!
    You only had Bucky for such a short time but I think Bucky had found the best possible love & care any animal could wish for, & that's because of yourself & James! I'm sure you must all be missing him terribly. My thoughts with you & Bucky X Take care

  20. We are so very sorry that Bucky had to go the Bridge. Poor little guy was so sick and you did everything possible to make his life better. It's really obvious how much you loved him and he loved you.

    We're sending purrs to comfort you during this sad time.

    Charlemagne and Tamar
    (and their Momma Colleen)

  21. I am so sorry to hear the sad news, but he went to the Bridge knowing he was very loved and cared for.
    You can get very attached in just a few months.
    I had a kitty for less than six months who also went to the Bridge, even though he was a senior cat, it wasn't as unexpected.
    Sending you hugs from me and lots of purrs from the six kitties.
    KC posted a tribute to Bucky on The Cat Blogosphere today (
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML and KC

  22. We are sorry for your loss. It's so hard to say good-bye no matter how long or short a time you've had them, but we sad you didn't have more time with Bucky. Purrs and tail wags.

  23. We are very sorry for the loss of your Bucky. We send you many gentle purrs ...

    Run free at the Bridge, sweet Bucky ...

    'Kaika and the Yosemite cats

  24. Oh no! We just can't believe it! We are so sad and our mom's eyes are leaking so much! We are so very very sorry to hear this about Bucky. We remember when you found him and brought him you found out he had kidney issues...our mom tried to help you and be supportive of you.

    If it's any comfort at all, at least Bucky knew love and happiness the last 6 months of his life. You are a special person to have taken him in and give him a wonderful home.

    We are sending you and James gentle purrs and headbutts to help you through this difficult time.

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

    (pee ess. mom says if you want someone to "talk with" you can email her...blkcatgal at gmail dot com)

  25. We're sorry to hear the sad news about Bucky. You gave him help when he needed it, and you will always have good memories of him.

  26. We read about Bucky on the Cat Blogosphere and wanted to stop by and say how sorry we are. Hugs, purrs and prayers to you.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  27. Oh sweet Bucky! We are so sorry that Bucky has left for The Bridge. We know how much you love him...and we kind of fell in love with him too. He knew such love and warmth these past months with you.

    We adopted a sweet little girl over 3 years ago who ended up in heart failure within 6 weeks...our little Noelle was very special. I hope she is there to greet Bucky at The Bridge where they will wait for us to join them someday.

    Big purrs to all of you.

  28. We are so sorry to read of darling Bucky's passing. We did not know him, but your tribute to him describes and honours him beautifully as well as showing your love for him. Fly free at The Bridge sweet Bucky.

    We send you love and rumbly purrs

    & The Mum

  29. We are so very sorry about Bucky but it sure does warm our hearts that he had such a wonderful home before he had to go over the bridge. Just remember he is all healthy now up there in kitty heaven. Lots of purrs and prayers and good thought coming to you for being such good kitty parents. We know how hard it is to lose an animal.

  30. Our gentle purrs and prayers to you. We are so very sorry for your loss of dear Bucky.

  31. Hello dear Vicki
    We just arrived this evening from our vacation's trip and our heart is crying as well for so sad news.
    All our prayers and love for him and you all.
    God bless you
    Léia and Luna

  32. I just caught up on my blogs and came across your heart-breaking news. You and James were amazing and kind souls who took in Bucky and gave him a wonderful time full of love, care and tenderness when he needed it the most. We are so so sorry for your loss. I know Bucky is chasing mice through Heaven's fields now. God Bless you both and know I am sending you hugs as well as a tail wag from Buddy.

  33. We are so very sorry for your loss. Please know your family is in our thoughts and purrayers during this very sad time.

  34. We are so very sorry about Bucky. Sending you purrs.

  35. SO sorry to hear about Bucky! Mom and I lost my sissy Lexi-Lou in December (congestive heart failure), and then Mom's daddy passed away last week, too, just a day before Bucky. It's sure hard to lose loved ones, isn't it? You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

  36. I am so happy Bucky found you when he did. He was able to get the love he deserved during the time he had left on this earth. Enjoy your memories of him and know that he was a lucky cat because of you. Deb

  37. you let Bucky have love and comfort in the last stage of his life
    there is no way to measure that - it is priceless


  38. I am so sorry about your loss. Bucky was very handsome. He reminds me of my Huey, who I lost in 2004. What a precious face! I know too well how you feel.
    Welcome to PA....what area are you from?


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