Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Yesterday, I languished in this comforter all afternoon into the evening.   I didn't want to get out!

Around here, as usual we're all happy it's the weekend.  We don't have any big plans, but we do celebrate Easter.  I think Mama is gonna cook a ham.  I'll be front and center for some of that!

Happy weekend!



  1. We can see why you'd want to spend the afternoon and evening snuggled in the duvet--it looks SO comfy!

    Happy Easter weekend to you all as well! Enjoy that ham!

  2. You're looking soooo comfortable among all those cushions!I envy you, Lucy: staying in bed while someone else will be cooking...What a dream!
    I wish a happy Easter to all of you! ( be careful of too much chocolate! Ü)

  3. All snuggly, makes me want to take a nap...and it is still morning! Happy Weekend and Happy Easter. Save some of that ham for your peoples! We are having Cornish Hens...those are yummy too.

  4. That looks like a lovely spot to nap! Hope you get some ham!!!! Happy Easter!

  5. Hi Lucy,
    You look as snug as a bug in a rug!
    Hope you have a lovely Easter and enjoy some ham.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. Hi, Me again for a good news: Vicki, (and Lucy!)You are my 10 000 th visitor!!
    If you agree to send me your address, I'll be happy to send you a small gift from Nice to celebrate this!
    Let me know!
    And THANK YOU for your friendship!

  7. Lucy, you look all sleepy eyed. Try to be first to the kitchen to beg for ham scraps.

  8. No wonder you didn't want to leave; so soft and comfy. Happy weekend.

  9. You look very comfy on your blanket. You'll have to tell us all about your Easter ham ...

  10. Oh how soft and comfy that comforter looks! Happy Easter!

  11. Lucy, that spot looks so cozy, we can see why you didn't want to get up!! Happy Easter to all of you!

  12. Lucy, you look so cosy & content! I wouldn't want to leave the comfort of that duvet either.
    Kindest Regards to you all at Easter. Enjoy your weekend + the ham!

  13. Lucy you look so cozy. I know Peanut would love to be there to snuggle in that comforter with you.
    Don't eat too much ham on Sunday.:o)

    Hope all of you have a wonderful Easter.

    Iris and the rest of the gang

  14. You are looking very cozy and comfortable!!

    Have a happy Easter :)

  15. __**_**
    _**___**_________*** *
    _**___**_______**___ ****
    _**__**_______*___** ___**
    __**__*______*__**__ ***__**
    ___**__*____*__**___ __**__*
    ____**_**__**_**____ ____**

    Happy Easter

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya :)


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