Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mama used to get flowers from Papa all the time.  Then I came along. I love flowers so much that I would always bite, chew and knock over the flowers so they decided it wasn't a good idea to have flowers in the house anymore. Well, I promised that now that I'm older and more mature, I wouldn't do that anymore.  Papa brought home some flowers last week to cheer Mama up. 

Ack, Mama, sorry! It was just one nibble. I promise!


  1. We all has such an attrakshun to flowahs, dussn't we? Mom dussn't plant flowahs in the spring any mores coz every time she did, she would go inside to wash hers hands after planting them and come back outside to find me skipping around the yard wif a flowah wif roots hanging out of my mouf, BOL! She dussn't believe that I wont's does it any mores. Thanks for proving her point, Lucy.

  2. Wow, a man who brings his wife flowers for no reason? Not to apologize for something he did or didn't do? Our human is impressed! Seriously!

    Lucy, the flowers are so lovely we can see why you wanted a little nibble. ;-)

  3. Hi Lucy,
    Uh oh! You were caught in the act! I don't think I ever ate a flower, does it taste like a salad?
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  4. how cute!!!!
    Your father has a sweet heart and he is very romantic as well.It's adorable, I bet your mommy is very happy. You are such a good catgirl,it's not to play with,it's to feel the fabulous
    from these lovely flowers.
    Anyway I love letuce! LOL
    I loved your pictures, and your place is cozy!
    Luna (and mommy Léia)

  5. You are too cute Lucy. We know that you were "testing" them to make sure they were "safe" for your mommy. Our mom rarely has flowers too. We do the same thing. The only flowers she can have that we don't like are Lilacs. That's mom's favorite and she's sad they only come out for about 3 weeks out of the whole year! Anyhoo...Happy Earth Day! King thinks you look lovely siting by the flowers.

  6. just one nibble and then move away ;)

    Isadora is a baby so she touches everything
    I have moved a lot of stuff around for her

  7. Sounds like you have one very thoughtful Papa!

  8. It was just too much of a temptation Lucy. One little nibble wasn't too bad though.

    Peanut said he would send you a garden of flowers if he knew how to do it. Instead he is sending his love, and lots of purrs and kisses.

  9. MOL hehehe just one nibble huh, momma had to protects her flowers she gots around xmas time from us kitties, mainly brofur, he is a plant eating machine!


  10. Papa is the bomb!!! How beatuiful and Mama must have been so happy. :) Oh and BTW Mama is the bomb as well :) Is this where the came up with the title Please Don't Eat The Daisies? LOL Behave nibbling :)

  11. Tell your mama I said she needs help arranging flowers.

  12. Lucy, we can't have flowers in the house anymore either because Wally always knocks the vase over and the water spills!! Even if mom puts the vase up high somewhere like on the fireplace mantle, Wally will try to jump up there to get the flowers. Now the only flowers we have are fake ones....


  13. couldn't resist could you Lucy? Your mom's flowers are pretty enough to nibble on! My mom and I have been thinking of you and the family alot, hope you are all feeling better as the days go by. I'm sending lots of puppy love to you!

  14. Your papa is one sweet and thoughtful person....just because...and your mama is one lucky woman...

    Got ya nibbling!

    Just can't help giggle, about Linda's comment...

  15. Oops..... sorry.... we are late :(
    My Mommy is sometimes bloglazy :(

    Wow ..... do you eat flowers
    I don't like that I prefer green plants only !!!
    And my Mommy don't like that .... ;)

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=


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