Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Much Attention Do You Give Your Human?

Hi. I was wondering how many of you are lap kitties or how you show affection to your humans.  If you're a human, if you have a kitty, how does he or she show love?  I'm not really a lap kitty but will sometimes sit on Mama's lap for a while in the morning if she sits on the floor.  I purr a lot and love to be petted. Some nights, I sleep part of the night at the bottom of the bed. Mama thinks that I used to be more affectionate, so we were just wondering about other kitties out there.

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month.  “Go Orange for Animals” with the ASPCA.
We saw this on Ducky and Derby's blog and thought it was a great cause to bring attention to and support.


  1. When I'm on the computer, when I'm watching TV, Jim is on my knees for hours, and wants caresses ; Chestnut makes "hugs attacks":he suddenly comes to you face, gives a big licking on your nose, and then runs away!or plays on the bed, and suddenly shows his stomach to get caresses; And when I come home, they both come to me, and turn around my legs.

  2. Aww, with such a look, how could one resist not to pet or hug you?

  3. You is much more affekshonate than our kittehs, Lucy. One kitteh lets mom pet her but not hold her coz childruns used to hold her wrong and give her owies. The udders say "HISSSSS. Now gib us noms" and gib mom the ebil eyes but she can never touch them. Well, that is why they live here coz nobody else wanted them. Lots of peeples want kittehs wot sits on their laps all the times but mom said our kittehs werk for us coz she would find it annoying to has kittehs on her lap all the times. Us dogs need too much attenshuns.

  4. Derry is a lap kitty. He's also a lie-on-your-face-and-smother-you-at-3AM cat. VERY affectionate.

    Nicki is equally affectionate, but he's not a lap cat. His thing is head butts. I HAVE to get down on the floor and butt heads with him daily; he gets rather frantic if I don't. He's also the one who will drop in front of you and roll over for belly rubs and scritches.

    Annie is the least openly demonstrative of the three, but she comes up to run against my legs or comes for her scritches. Sometimes she'll perch on the back of the couch if I'm sitting still long enough. She used to sleep beside me at night more often, though rarely will do so now that the boys are on the bed at night. Sometimes, though, she wakes me in the wee hours with a paw to my nose (or a claw), depending head scratches.

    I don't expect any of my fur companions to be a certain way; I just take them as they are. I love their different purrsonalities, even though sometimes they (mostly Nicki) drive me nuts. LOL.

  5. Loving your photo today! Well, Skeeter is a MAMA'S girl and is on her 90% of the time! Dad says if Skeeter could crawl in mommy's bellie and take a nap. she would! King is a Daddy's boy. He doesn't lay ON dad, but is glued to his side! Pandora can't be bothered and Cricket she's just too kittenish for lapping around. But she will lay NEXT to mom for some scritchies!

  6. Kareltje likes it also to sit on my lap :-)
    Or he sleeps on my waterbed but only by day..
    He slept at night in the livingroom !!!
    When i sit behind laptop he sit always next to me
    (also blogging ..... LOL)
    He follows me always (just like a dog ... ;)
    He is a sweetheart :)))))

    Hugs to all from Kareltje =^.^=

  7. My Riley has never wanted to be held or sit on my lap. He does want to be pet though. He sits on the scratching post and I pet him. He follows me around and I pet him but don't dare hold him. He must have been a semi feral kitten.

    The only other cat ... I have five .. that sit in my lap is Jasmine & Meredith Ann. Big Al will sometimes but Ashton never does. Ashton belongs to my son so I just pet him & tell him how pretty he is.

    Everyone will sleep on my bed .. not Riley though .. Jasmine & Meredith sleep on my bed all the time.

  8. Lucy, an old 18 pound tom cat lives at my house and is a total lap sitter. He sits for hours on end in my husband's lap everyday. My husband watches a lot of TV and naps a lot in his recliner. Mr. O doesn't like my lap as well because I'm up and down. He's about 15, purrs a lot and wants nothing more than a good lap to relax in. We've never had a cat that liked to sit in our laps like this one so we think it's pretty cool.

  9. Vinni used to sit across my arms when I was on the computer (my laptop). Monty used to spend a lot of time sitting on my head when I sat on the couch.

    Now Fidget spends time with me first thing in the morning laying across my arms. It is the way he starts my day (his day starts a lot earlier). Fidget also waits for me to go to bed and then comes up to lay in the crook of my arm until I fall asleep. After than his routine varies. Sometimes he sleeps next to my legs on the end of the bed, sometimes on top of a chest where we have a bed for him to see out the window. Lemme likes to lay across me just about anytime he notices me sitting on the couch, but he lays up and down...getting as close to my face as possible. At night Lemme used to come and try to lay right across my face...which bothered me so I kept moving him off my head. Now he lays on top of the chest of drawers to look out the window.

    Can't get too much love from those two...they give it pretty freely too.

  10. My Twylah is not a lap kitty, but she likes to lick my hands and kiss my head, she snuggles on my chest sometimes. She does not like moussie or any toys, but she chases my hands underneath her blanket and if she catch it, she bites, hahaha! She also makes me pick up the socks that she plays with. I better hide those socks.

  11. First of all, mom would like to ask you a question so I guess she needs ya to email her.
    On to the question at hand.
    Curzon goes limp in mombean arms... wherever she puts him, he'll stay at least for a little bit. She's the ONLY one that can scritch him in so many areas too... he's quite the meanie with other beans.
    Jadzia will get up in mom's face when she wants attention, but she'll just curl up and love being scritched when she gets picked up. It's how the beans gave her the nickname of bundle kitty, because she curls up in the cutest little ball of floof!
    I on the other hand, am much more sophisticated. I have only laid ON my beans a couple times in my life, but I've been known to lay near them a lot, and sometimes groom them! I like attention, but I have my limits!

  12. Well from a dog's point of view...I am very affectionate I think with my parents. I sit on my mom's lap when she is on the computer. I just sit beside her and whine a wee bit and she says "come on" and I jump up. I also sit behind her back if she is in a regular chair. I lay beside my dad on the couch at night watching tv. I sleep right between my parents UNDER THE COVERS each night! Spoiled, huh? I won't go to bed until my mom does either. It was fun learning about others. And yes, go orange for all the animals out there!

  13. Lilly my older cat is not much of a lap cat, she likes to sleep at the foot of the bed and sometimes she will sit on my pillow and lick my hair, like she is grooming a kitten.
    Molly on the other hand is a big baby, she likes to sit on my lap while I'm on the computer and also while I'm watching TV. She acts a lot more like a puppy than a cat.
    Sometimes Lucy, the dog gets jealous and comes over and nudges my hand to pet her!
    Sunny :)

  14. Well, let's see...Ernie is a bit of a lap cat...but I'm not much of one. But I love getting and giving my mom lots of attention. Now Zoey...she's not much of a lap cat at all...and only gives mom attention when she feels like it.


  15. Henry sleeps on our feet and on Jim's lap a lot. Rosie used to sleep on my pillow with me. Now her leg and hip are bad and she can't get on and off the bed. I miss her so sleeping with me.

  16. Peanut is a lap kitty and bites me when he is feeling very affectionate. He loves to be petted and brushed.

    Marshmellow likes to lay down beside me but not on my lap. He likes to roll over on his back and have his tummy rubbed. He loves to be brushed.

    They would sleep with me if they could, but since Marshmellows attacks on Pearlene I keep them seperated. The dogs sleep with me now.

    Sometimes I will go in the cats playroom and lay on the bed in there and watch a tv program so they can crawl up close and cuddle with me.


  17. Mew is very handsome!! Perhaps you have just gotten so handsome that your human wants to love you more than used to. Perhaps they have changed not you ;)

    For me? I LOVE to sleep on the bed with "her" at night. She has a pillow next to "hers" just for me! Yep, I've got her trained alright.

    My sister Zoe is more affectionate when her brofurs and sisfurs are not also competing for "her" attention. Still she loves to sit with "her" while she's working on the computer or reading a book. Again, as long as none of the others are also wanting to share the space.

    Some of the others like to just be in the same room and watch "her". Others just kind of do their own thing.


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