Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Tidbits

I have a new bed. Mama thinks that I don’t know that it was Bucky’s. She put my blankie on it and then put me on it. I meowed at her in a pesky way, but haven’t got out of it since. Bucky hasn’t used his bed since he was let out of the laundry room. He prefers the couch or recliner. With my blankie, the bed smells nice, not like him.

It’s been stormy here, so it looks like mama and papa won’t be going anywhere this weekend. I heard them talking about going to the movies, but I say they should watch a movie at home. That way, Mama can be at my *beck and call even though I sleep all day. You never know when I may need something.

You can see part of a suitcase in this picture. Mama is already starting to prepare for their trip. They’re leaving in less than two weeks. She thinks I don’t know. She had the pet sitter over yesterday. I was hoping that she wouldn’t get a pet sitter, they would stay home and Bucky would leave. I know. You think I’m mean. To show you I’m not all bad, check out the below picture. I’m slowing building up my tolerance for him like I have for Simba.

Bucky doing an Elvis impersonation:

Hunka hunka burnin' love
*I looked up beck and call. It means to be entirely subservient to someone; to be responsive to their slightest request. I say all cat servants (i.e. humans) need to incorporate this phrase into their vocabularies!



  1. Your tail is touching Bucky! OMD! Progress! And good of you to recycle his bed. It does look very comfy for you.

  2. Lucy, we like how you have bigger pictures on your bloggie now. How did you do that?
    And the tolerance pic is very sweet. We think it can't be that bad between you guys when you stay so close. Although we understand that you want your mom and dad to stay at home with you, we're happy they found a catsitter. Just imagine a kitty hotel!
    Many purrs!

  3. You look nice in your new bed. At least you will have company when Vicki and James go away, Kovu will be home alone, just for one night when we go to VA. Princess gets to go to the doggy spa! I like that you and Bucky are touching tails. I think he was a very lucky at the day James found him (or he found James!)

  4. Hi Lucy
    Your pictures are so big
    how did you do that ?!?!
    We have always little pictures :(
    Now I can see you BETTER....
    Its nice to see that you are sleeping with Bucky
    very sweet of you
    (He need a warm bed to .... )
    I see you have tail contact ..... LOL
    with Bucky i mean hahahaha....
    Have a wonderful weekend my dear
    hugs love
    Kareltje =^.^=

    (I want also change my background
    but Kareltje's friends loves the moving
    Kareltje cartoon !!)

  5. Thank you for looking up that meaning! I'll make sure my felines will never hear those words. I'm glad you're getting a bit used to Bucky. I'll bet it is more than you are letting on.

  6. Oh my word Lucy, you have me in stitches! You are a hoot to be sure. First I must say it was so nice of you to take the "recycled" bed, I figure it must be so nice and fluffy so you got a great deal! And how nice of you to reach out to Bucky, baby steps.
    I too like my parents to be at my beck and call, and believe me, they usually are! Have a nice weekend with your family, I am off to have my mom rub my belly!

  7. The mom jus caught us up wif Bucky's story. Bucky yoo hang in dere! Our TT Girl hadid the same fing and survived for months after da v-e-t saidid. Jus keep eattin big guy!! Purrs and headbutts from us all to yoo to help keep yoo strong!! And we loves yer crooked grin, it reminds us of TT - she had teefs missin too.

    Lucy yoo is bein real sweet to Simba, yoo sure yoo dun like hims?

  8. Lucy you are doing such a good job at learning to be friends with Bucky. Your tails are touching. Maybe someday the two of you will curl up and really snuggle.

    It's nice that you are using Bucky's bed. It looks so soft and comfy.

    Your humans will be back from their trip in no time. Maybe you and Bucky will keep each other from being lonely.

    Hugs and purrs
    from Peanut and Marshmellow and their Mama

  9. Bucky does a great Elvis impression!

  10. Hi Lucy,
    I like your new bed, it looks very cozy. Maybe after you tolerate Bucky for a while, you will even get to like him. I think Bucky does a cool Elvis impression. Eventhough I had to ask my Mom who Elvis was!
    Enjoy your day.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  11. We think you look good in that bed, Lucy! We're glad Bucky decided to give it to you! And look at you two on the bed! now that's some real progress!!!

  12. Lucy, you will like the bed even if it was for Bucky. I see that wagging tail! Your mama and papa will be leaving soon, and you will be missing each other! I am sure the sitter will also take good care of the three of you. Bucky is also looking good!

  13. Things are definitely looking better there! Don't worry, they'll be back before you know it!

  14. Lucy,

    That is an awesome bed! You were right for claiming it as your own. I can't blame you for your opinions on the whole pet sitter thing. I am not a fan of any kind of sitter that comes into MY townhouse.

    Your blog is looking great... love the photos! ...Glogirly, who handles my photography for me, is curious how you got them to be so big. Is it a different layout than before? I like it because I'm sure that people would enjoy even larger photos of me. Since I'm so beautiful and all.


  15. I really hope you'll have a nice cat's sitter to take care of you during the holidays of V. and J. And don't forget to be nice for Bucky, he's not as lucky as you( even if he "does" elvis Presley very well!Ü)

  16. I was on James blog and I read it was your birthday :)))))))

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear.... Vicki
    Happy birthday to you
    Have a nice day
    Anya :-)

    (Thanks for the comment about changing my background .... I don't change it ;)
    Its the cartoon from Kareltje
    Its his blog he wants it so ......
    Thanks for your help when I need it I ask you for it :-)

  17. Happy Birthday dear Vicki!Be always happy sweet friend, you deserve all love in your life, you are really adorable and I wish you a safe and fabulous vacation!
    ohhh girl, it's really great, isn't it?
    I'm so happy for you and James and I see our little friends are doing well at home!It's a blessing!
    Also glad to see you found someone to take care of catkids,so that you and James can be calm and enjoy the trip.
    Good luck with all preparations!
    God bless you
    Léia and Luna

    By the way, thanks a lot for your kind words in our blogs.We loved Berlin and I need to say it was a nice surprise, because it's modern, clean, not expensive at all ( my daughter Marina and I did some shopping there!!!),we saw wonderful and historical places, it's really cool ...ahhh and people there are very kind!


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