Saturday, November 7, 2009


Sweet man

Thank you for all your kind words and purrs and hopes yesterday for Bucky's vet visit. I did take him to the vet yesterday for a recheck.  Sadly, his kidney numbers are still bad.  To quote the vet, he should be dead, or at least very sick.  To give you an idea, his creatinine is 6.1.  The max in the normal range is 2.4.  His BUN is 60.  The max in the normal range is 36.  She said his kidneys have irreparable damage, but the fluids sustain him.  He eats, plays and seems to feel fine.  He weighed 11.25 pounds three weeks ago.  He now weighs 12.  Since I have a tendency to make good cats get fat, I need to be careful. You've all seen the pictures of Lucy.

Lucy and Simba still do not get along with him very well.  Bucky wants to play with them, but they take his playful gestures as threatening.  They respond by hissing, growling and hiding.

Bucky hoping a kitty will come by and want to play.

We are leaving at the end of the month for a two-week vacation.  I am trying to find a cat sitter who can give Bucky his fluids, make sure each cat eats (Bucky takes Lucy's food and Lucy takes Simba's food) and make sure they all survive.

I wish you all a happy weekend!


  1. Bucky really is a handsome fella and he looks so much healthier than when he first arrived. Sorry to hear about his kidneys, he must have a strong spirit.
    It took a while for our cats to get used to each other, lots of hissing, etc. and then suddenly one day, they all got along.
    Good luck in your cat sitter search, if I lived closer, I'd be happy to help you out.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Sunny :)

  2. Oh poor Bucky. He is doing as well as he is because of your wonderful loving care and knowing that he is loved. I liked the photo of Bucky hiding behind the frame, hoping someone would come along and play! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find a cat sitter easily so that you can enjoy your vacation with no worries!
    Have a great weekend and give all the cats a pat from me!

  3. Poor Bucky. I hope you find a good sitter. Although you probably will think of him all the time.

  4. wish I lived closer, I'm basically a visiting nurse for cats - I've even done IVs and insulin shots!!

    Bucky has a good strong spirit and a good home with you

  5. Oh we were so hoping Bucky's kidney's would improve. Mom had a cat who suffered from kidney problems...but he was much older. The rule of thumb is...treat the cat, not the numbers. Even though Bucky's kidney values are bad, as long as he is still eating, active, and generally acting okay, that's great. The fluids are probably a big reason why. Mom says she wishes she lived closer...she can give fluids. Maybe you're mom could check with your vet's office; maybe there's a vet tech that would be willing to earn a few extra $$$ cat sitting and could give him his fluids. Or maybe they know of someone who could help.

    As far as getting can take a lot of time...Zoey and Wally still do not get along...when Zoey sees Wally, she wants to attack we're forced to pretty much keep Wally and Zoey separated from one another so they don't kill each other...

    It's so good that Bucky has someone like you taking care of him...

  6. Poor Bucky :(
    Its a very sad story !!!
    I wish I could help you.
    He has a good life at your place
    you are a wonderful cat mama.
    You do all you can ......
    You are a wonderful catlover !!
    I hope you find a cat sitter
    I wish I could do it but its to far away:(
    I send you hugs
    and the strength to continue with Bucky !!

    Have a nice weekend

  7. I is so sorry there is not better news bout Bucky's kidneys. But good that he feels grate and is nomming and playing. I knows he is much happier than he was afore you founded him! Make love, not war, Lucy and Simba!

  8. I am sorry that Bucky's kidneys haven't improved. I wanted him to be better so much.
    He might hang in there a long time with the fluids though. He must have had such a sad life before he found his home with you. So it is nice that he has a happy home now, and if he doesn't maintain for long at least he will have had some happiness in his life.
    I hope you can find someone to give him the fluids. I was very fortunate to have a wonderful sweet and kind friend to do Mr. Sunshines for me. My daughter and I tried to do it ourselves but my friend Diane would come and do it every day and sometimes more than once a day. I will be forever grateful to her.


  9. Poor Bucky.....
    I really hope he will get better.
    Hopefully Lucy and Simba will make friends with him soon.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Best regards

  10. Sweet man Bucky, we can only imagine how much the humans had hoped for your numbers to be better. Somehow it's so contradictive: The bad news are there but we're so happy when we see you. The picture with you lurking made us squee. Please get a bit better, sweet man.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  11. Bucky, we're sorry to hear that your kidneys aren't working so well. It sounds like you feel pretty good and we hope that you stay that way!

    Sending purrs that Lucy and Simba will decide to play with you soon,

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  12. Poor Bucky! the news are not so good, but you're giving him the most important: love!and time, warm, care, hugs..He could not get that if James did not take him back home. You're making him happy and safe;
    I hope you'll find a baby sitter. Please, give a big hug to Bucky from me!

  13. It's been awhile since we visited, but we are sad to hear that Bucky is having troubles. We've been through kidney issues/failure with kitties and have had to give fluids so we know how it goes.

    Our Nigel arrived last February and he's still hoping that us girls will play with him. He's learning to back off and be patient, but it takes time.

    Purrs and headbutts to Bucky!

  14. James and you Vicki have provided Bucky and loving home. So sad that things turn out this way. I hope you can find someone to take care of Bucky.

    I can feel the excitement of your vacation.

    Take care!

    P.S. Twylah is sleeping in our bed! Hehehehe!

  15. Certainly tough to hear about Bucky liver issues when you are working so hard to turn him around. Have they gotten worse, or improved a little bit with all the fluids? I truly feel for you. :(

    It will take some time still for adjustment, I know with us bringing in new kitties it always has taken a good three months (give or take) for everyone to start feeling comfortable. And of course...three is a crowd, or so the saying goes so since Lucy and Simba have each other they have no need to 'buddy up' with anyone else. Bucky is the 'odd man out' here unfortunately. They may also sense the heath issues in Bucky that might even make them more reluctant to bond with him.

    You all are in a tough spot, yet you continue to work with the situation - I have huge respect for you. Lots of hugs. And of course I am in Minnesota so am of no help in the kitty siting area - someone will step up to give you all a deserved break. Does your vet do any boarding (I know - expensive ...), but am thinking your vet might even be able to suggest some people who could be of help, or let you post on their bulletin board for someone to take care of him for a week or two.

    Hugs from Minnesota.

  16. Dear Vicki, so sorry that Bucky is so sick yet.Poor Bucky, but you are doing everything that you can do for Bucky.You and James have a beautiful and blessed family.
    In the other hand, I'm happy that you are going to travel. It's time to new adventures, to relax and enjoy this vacation.
    I will come back later,to see more about Lucy's blog,and Jame's blogs, just I need to go now, it's time to my class.
    I hope you find someone very special to take care of your "kitties", you will find!
    ahhh we went to Lucerne and Interlaken - Switzerland,fabulous place!!!
    God bless you

  17. We have this feeling that Bucky is going to pull through this with flying colors and amaze the doctors! As he already is doing! Hopefully Lucy and Simba will give him a chance!


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