Monday, November 9, 2009

Party Friday Night/Hangover Saturday Morning

We I had a catnip party Friday night.

Simba tried to get some of my stash.

Feelin' good...

The next morning...


  1. Oh Lucy, that woz some pawty you had all by your lonesome. If'n you would has shared, you mite not has been so hanged over. But then if I woz a kitteh, I would not has shared either :)

  2. You sure didn't want to share! You're paying for it now though.

  3. Hi Lucy
    I can see you are feeling good ;)
    Your eyes are almost close from to many cat nips ..... LOL
    I wish I could enjoy your party,
    I love also catnip !!!
    Its yummieee......
    Have a lovely day my sweetheart
    hugs love
    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Oh Lucy, you look a little catnipped out! You weren't going to share no matter what! I bet that growl scared Simba. We wish we could have partied with you.

    Your Pals
    Peanut and Marshmellow
    and our Mama

  5. MOL and LOL!!! Mom had wine Friday night and was a little hungover Saturday! We would LOVE to host a 'nip pawty! We had an awesome weekend too! Mom brought home a new sisfur for us!!! (Our blog is dedicated to her today!)

  6. Wow Lucy! Looks like you had an awesome party for one. Maybe if you had shared just a wee bit with Simba you wouldn't have had such a hard day the next day! I guess a catnip party must be somewhat like peanut butter in a kong party is to me!

  7. That was some party you had Friday night! Nip is the bomb!!

  8. Lucy, looks like a real bender!!! Woohoo!!!
    Wish I had a stash of nip. : ) You are due for some serious R&R. So hide the nip from Simba and head for zzz-land.

    I told Glogirly about Netflix and she said Gloman wants to wait until we upgrade our computers again so that we can watch videos streaming online. For a long time they didn't support Macs and although they do now, it's only certain Macs. And I guess ours are the wrong kind. Bummer. I'm still going to suggest she do it anyway! We used to live a few blocks from a really great movie place. But it just closed. Never said goodbye. How rude.


  9. Lucy, you keep up that kind of partying, and an intervention will be in order!! Next time, call us...we love a good catnip party!!!

  10. It's been a hard day's night..Ü!I adore the second picture!

  11. Hahahahahaha!
    Sorry Lucy, but we laughed at your hangover face. You overdid it! Nice stash of nip there.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  12. I love all the pics. It is so delightful to capture Lucy's own moment. Great for you to share your passion with us Vicki.

  13. Lucy? you didn't share? That's some great party you had! But Simba is a great sport!

    You have that dreamy eyes in the morning!

    Take care! Papa and Mama will be vacationing soon!

  14. wow what a cool party! I would love to be there and play with you and maybe try some catnip!Here my mommy is always afraid of catnip, I really don't understand her fear, maybe she thinks I can be addicted about nip or something like that! LOL
    But I have my toy, I think you remember my "David", sometimes mommy put a little bit of nip inside him, it's cool and I loved it!
    ahh Lucy but the last picture,about the next day is so funny!!! opss pardon! :)
    purrs and love

  15. Oh, yes, I see what you mean! Yes, perhaps Lucy and Annie were separated from birth. :-D


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