Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunny Day

Hi.  You caught me doing my favorite thing: sitting in the sun on our patio.  Whenever there is a sunny morning, Mama makes sure I don't miss it.

Happy Tuesday! xxoo


  1. oh sweet Lucy,
    Your mommy Vicki takes good care of you all!She is adorable as you are!
    I'm envious because I miss the Sun!Here the weather is not so cool unfortunately.
    Mommy said it's normal in this region, so I miss the fabulous Brazilian Sun!
    Well what can I do so...take another nap!
    Today, I'm happy because mommy is at home and I can be by her side all day long! Cool!
    purrs and love

  2. Hi Lucy
    You have a life as a QUEEN
    I can see that .... ;)
    It rains here cats & dogs
    I can not sleep in the sun today :(
    Enjoy my sweetie
    I dream about a date with you in the sun
    Hugs love
    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Gorgeous photo of the queen.

  4. You look beautiful in the sunshine!

  5. Hi Lucy,
    I love to sit in sunbeams, so do my kitty sisters. Sometimes we share the same sunbeam!
    Have fun today.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. A belated Happy Birthday Vicki. I hope your day was as wonderful as you are. I'm sure James and the kitties saw to it.
    Lucy you look great in the sunshine :)

  7. What a nice mommy you have, for not letting you get your sun fix. Our mom doesn't let us out, so she open the slider blinds and lets the sun in that way. Enjoy the beams, Lucy!

  8. You're lucky to have a nice porch to hang out on...

  9. I often say that cats are very ecological: they take the heat wherever they find it and then give it back through hugs and love!
    i guess you saved a lot for Vicki!

  10. Ah...my second favorite place to enjoy the sun-outide on the doorstep. Of course my first favorite place is in MY chair in the window with the sun coming through. How nice of your mom to let you out to enjoy the sunshine

  11. Sweet cats like Lucy makes me hug them very very tightly. I do with mine and they never ever complained. Oh I miss my cats.

  12. You're doing what we love to do, Lucy...sitting in the sun! 'Cept we rarely get to enjoy the sun outside...

  13. Sunbeams are the best! We just got wind storms and rain. Sigh.

  14. Looks like a perfect way to start a perfect day, Lucy! Thanks for coming to my blog today and casing your vote.


  15. Hi Lucy, warm sun and cool air makes a perfect day!


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