Thursday, November 5, 2009


I like hugs to some extent, just so they're not over the top. Since Mama works from home, she often hugs and kisses me during the day while I'm taking my naps.  In the evenings, I wait for her to come in the room to play with me. However, I don't always play. Sometimes I just watch the toy and then walk out on both her and the toy to eat some foodies in the kitchen. Other times, after playing, I climb in her lap for a few minutes while she sits on the floor with me. Whatever my mood may be, I wait every night for her to come in and give me some kind of attention. If she works really late, I'll go out to her and let her know I'm waiting. Back to the original subject of hugs: do you like them or are you more reserved or do you prefer other means of affection?

p.s. I received many compliments on my new blog banner.  Thank you. Luna's mommy from We Love Luna, Leia, made that for me.  They are wonderful, sweet friends.


  1. Your banner is fabulous. I will tolerate the kisses, but the hugs, not for long.

  2. Yes, love your new header.
    Henry loves to hug and sit on our laps, but Rosie is more the pet me cat.

  3. I will let mom hug and smooch on me if she absolutely has to coz I knows it makes her happy. OK, I rilly do likes it when mom hugs me. But nobody else. Ever. That would just be way kreepy.

  4. We wanna come hug you, Lucy!!! Skeeter likes hugs, whereas King and Pandora are comfotab;e with being shoulder kitties. You pick them up to hug them and they go right for the shoulder.

  5. Hi Lucy,
    I just love your new banner.
    Now being a dog, I love huggies, I even hug back. I love belly rubs, head rubs, scratches behind the ears...
    Now my kitty sister, Lilly is not really the hugging kind, she prefers scratches behind her ears. Molly on the other hand can't get enough attention, sometimes I have to push my way in and break up the love fest between her and Mom! She (Molly) even tries to hug me, can you imagine that!
    Thank you for your Birthday wishes.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. Your banner is beautiful. I love the colors and Lucy looks so beautiful with the pretty colors all around her.

    We love to sit on a lap and be petted or brushed. Neither of us like to be held. We feel like we aren't in control when holding happens. We like to follow Mama from room to room while she cleans house. If she has a door closed we sit and howl till she opens it.

    Hugs squish are plump parts and it's not too comfortable.We just like to have our tummies rubbed.
    Here's a big kiss for Lucy from Peanut, and a reserved I think I like you Lucy, from Marshmellow.

    We hope you have a fun day with lots of snacks and play.

    Your Pals
    Peanut and Marshmellow

  7. Hi Lucy,

    I tolerate hugs on occasion. I'm just not a natural hugger though. I know that Glogirly loves to hug me so I just measure off a few each week for her. Gloman on the other hand, well I have to watch him. He likes to get really close and talk in my ear like he's going to hug me. He's so close I can feel his breath. So I just wiggle my ears, or pin them down, and off he goes.

    Peace to you Lucy.

  8. oh my sweet friend,
    This post is really lovely.I liked so much the way you told us your routine!
    I like kisses and hugs and here I'm much more close to my mommy , as she is not working for this time she is only studying, she can hug me all the time.If she is busy with her homework, I promptly remember her that I want attention! :)
    Have a great weekend.
    I'm so happy that we are friend!
    purrs and love

  9. Hi Lucy
    a post about HUGS :)
    I wish I could hug you .......
    When my Mommy read your routine
    its almost the same like me :))))
    My mommy is at home and she can hug me the whole day and I love that :)))
    And I hug her ^___^
    But I nead also my rest when I take a long nap
    and than I dream on you that we are cuddle together ;)
    Hugs love Kareltje =^.^=

    I am busy to make a video for lucy !!
    I have nothing at the moment :(
    When I walk to Kareltje for make a video
    he walks away :(
    I am working on it but he is not a video star
    I would make something that he is moving and not always his sleeping position ;)
    That video today about his name:
    it sounds so different on the computer
    I recognize my own voice not !!

    Have a wonderful day
    we are going to bed now
    its late in the evening here !!
    Anya :)

  10. I love to give and get huggies. The picture of you showing your belly is very cute.

  11. I would love to give you a hug!!
    Siren likes to rub heads
    Mia likes to have her chin scratched

    they do not like hugs

  12. Hmmmm....lets see, what do I like? Well I do like hugs from my mom and dad. I absolutely adore anyone who will rub my belly. I do like to snuggle with my dad when he gets home from work, he sits in his favorite chair and I squeeze right in beside him. When my mom sits on the couch and knits I have to snuggle between her and the back of the couch. And Lucy, even though I am a dog I still would give you a hug.

  13. You can never have to many Hugs, right Lucy:)

  14. With such eyes, and those "arms"opened that way, you can get as much hugs as you want from me!

  15. Sometimes we like hugs and sometimes we don't. We want them on our terms. We prefer to cuddle up and get back or belly scritches to hugs.

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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