Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tutu Tuesday

Like I mentioned yesterday, Mama bought me a Halloween costume, but it doesn't fit.  They squeezed me into it so they could take pictures.  Apparently, Mama thinks these make for good bloggie pictures.

p.s. I got treats after this photo shoot.


  1. Hi my sweetheart
    I am happy to read that
    you are eating your treats :)
    Its good for you and healthy....I think =^.^=

    Our Mamma's always think they can do all with us like dress us with a costume ;(
    You are a sweet girl and I lOVE YOU with that little pink dress....
    You are looking so lovely to me
    I send you a million hugs today .... LOL
    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. Hi Lucy,
    I think you a tootoo big for your tutu but you look very lovely anyway, the color is so you! And is that a boa I see?
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  3. Oh Lucy! We hope you got LOTS of treats after that ordeal! It's too bad the tutu didn't fit 'cuz it is pretty!

    Thanks for your concern about my allergies, too. They really are not that bad...most times I get little outbreaks on my lips but they go away quickly. This was the first time I ever got a shot for them and I think it's because my mom was not been feeding me my special food for a few months. I'm back on the special food now. The v-e-t thinks this one shot should help me and I won't need anymore. That's good cuz I don't like shots and mom is like your mom, concerned about using pred. The v-e-t said she's seen a lot worse than me!


  4. Awwww, you look so adorable in your tutu and boa!!! And, we're betting the treats were DE~Lish!!!

  5. Love you in the tutu! You don't look too happy in the first picture, but after that you got into it.

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  7. oh sweetie,
    For sure you deserve many treats!You look great and fashion! I liked a lot this costume, you are adorable!
    Your mommy did a great job with your pictures.Please, help mommy to take care of James, We hope he will recover that pain (in his back) soon.
    purrs and love always
    mommy Léia and Luna

  8. You are so cute in your tutu. You were a good sport about it. I am glad you got to have a treat after the photo session.

  9. Oh my, you are simply stunning in these photos Lucy! I can see why your mama wanted this costume for you, you would be the belle of the ball. I suppose I can squish myself into the hotdog costume so my mom can get a photo of me, but she better have a handful of treats for me afterwards!

  10. Hi Lucy,

    I think you look adorable! It suits you very well in my eyes. And you look very relaxed. You know ...... you'll be the Princess of the ball-:)

    Best regards

  11. Your tutu does look a little too small! Who wants to dress up anyway - you are beautiful just the way you are Lucy!

  12. Very cute Lucy!
    So please you got treats after this photo shoot! You deserved it!!!

  13. Awww...Lucy you are adorable, even if you are not thrilled with your tutu!

  14. We're sorry, Lucy, but we had to laugh. We think you look much better without the tutu! But treats are good. Very good.

  15. Pink is definitely your color, Lucy. Maybe if you shake your bootie the tutu will fit better. You sure are a good sport:)

    Please tell Papa, I hope his back pain fades away soon...

  16. Oh Lucy, Lucy....
    Have you not learned to run and hide during the weeks preceding this lame holiday they call Halloween? Glogirly's got some crazy get-up I'm sure she's going to try to lure me into as well. There are not enough treats in the world... I'm onto her though. I'll be watching my back until November.

    (Glogirly's smart and good looking cat)


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