Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Surgery

Many years ago, in 1998 to be specific, I had to go to the hospital and have surgery on my tummy. I was almost two years old.

I ate a plastic string that came on our newspaper. Daddy saw me eating it and tried to grab me. I ran under the bed while eating it as fast as I could. Mama took me to the vet. The doctors gave me medicine to make me throw up the string but it didn’t work. They were concerned that the string was too deep in my tummy. They had to open my tummy to remove the string and then stitch me back up.

Exhibit A – This is the string I ate.
After the surgery, I had to stay in the hospital for almost a week. Mama was very worried about me and she came to visit me on her lunch hours. Daddy wrote a poem on a tattered piece of paper that Mama saved:

"We love Lucy, our sweet little Goosey
Whose purr is as sweet as her fur
Although she is wild, she is still like a child

So do not despair because God heard our prayer
And soon she’ll be licking our hair

I couldn’t go home until I did a poop. Mama anxiously waited for that poop. She’d never been so happy to see a poop in her life.

As you can see, many years later, my tummy is as good as new, but please remember, DON'T TOUCH!


  1. No wonner you don't likes your tummy touched when it had to be cutted open to get that bad, bad string out. That was a lovely poem your daddy writed.

  2. Lucy, I am glad you got better. I didn't think they were ever glad to see poop. I always hear "Kovu.....!" after I've used the box!

    The poem is very sweet!

    Didn't forget about my pawesome list, "they" haven't had time to help me this week! I think they call it "drama" around here the past couple days!

  3. Lovely poem or ode to Lucy! I know about pets eating anything. That's why we keep an eye on our kitty. Zee's dog died because he ate a sponge and we did not know the until the end.
    My main blog is here.

  4. I'm just happy that I was in the right place at the right time. :-)

  5. That must have been sooo scary Lucy. And your people must have been just as scared and upset. Good thing you have people who keep an eye on you and got you all fixed up! Your dad sure loves you, you could tell it in his poem, and your mom obviously does as well, to be waiting for poops!

  6. Hi Lucy,
    You were very lucky that your Dad saw you otherwise no one may have known and you may have gotten really sick.
    I'm glad that you are all better!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  7. The story had a beautyful ending: you're safe, you're all together, you discovered how much they loved you, and also that your daddy what a real poet.. You're inspiring love and poetry to the people around you. For that , you can be blessed!

  8. That was a close call. I'm glad you've seemed to have recovered just fine.

  9. Aww, I'm so glad your beans love you so much! Your Daddy is a good poet and your Mommy a great poop-watcher! I'm not surprised you don't like to have your tummy touched... If someone does give you a belleh rub, do you put all your paws and teeth round their arm, hehe?!

    "Our" Simbas look quite alike I think! :)xxx

  10. I love that story and the poem James wrote too. You are a terrific story teller, Lucy... I'm LOL :D say Hi to Vicki for me!

  11. You sure are looking good now! Glad you did ok in there, way back when. I know there have been times where a poop or a pee are very important and means things are working out in the end. ;) You have a lovely tummy.

  12. Oh Lucy, we're glad you survived that string eating incident! That musta been skeery for you and your mom and dad! About a year ago, our Zoey ate about 12 inches of twine. Our mom took her to the v-e-t, and they told my mom to wait to see if she would poop it out first. If she didn't, then she woulda had to have the same surgery that you did. Mom had to wait 2 days before Zoey pooped...but sure enough, there was that twine! Zoey was pretty lucky. Now our mom keeps a close eye on Zoey to make sure she doesn't eat string again.

  13. Oopsss....
    I am happy all is okay now,
    you have a lovely tummy ..... LOL
    And that poem from your Dad is so wonderful:)
    Eat never such a string Lucy..
    Kareltje =^.^=

  14. thank goodness you got better
    my sweet little guy JR once ate a huge needle with thread
    thankfully it came out all right

    you cats sure do give us people gray hairs
    but you're worth it

  15. Oh Lucy, what a story!
    Glad to see that story has a happy end!
    You have a wonderful mommy and a creative and kind dad!Adorable poem!
    God bless you my sweet!
    purrs and love
    mommy Léia and Luna

  16. Awww, Lucy. What a scary story. We loved, loved, loved the poem. Glad you got out alright!

  17. Hi Lucy,

    I'm Euri, the Dog. I was given that medicine that makes you throw up and it helped me. I'm so sorry it didn't help you and you had to get surgery but I'm glad you're better now. You look like a nice kitty. I like to chase kitties but they always seem to hiss at me if I get too close. I'm just trying to say, "Hello!"

  18. Awww, Lucy your momma and daddy luvs you very much. I sorry you had to has surgery but so very happy dat you cames through it okay mai furriend!



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