Monday, September 28, 2009

This and That

Hi friends!

I hope you had a great weekend! It rained here. I didn't get any sun patches but was cozy in one of my

Mama went to get me a Halloween costume. (In all my 13 years, I have never worn a Halloween costume.) She couldn't believe that cat Halloween costumes were just about all sold out in September. She brought a costume home, but it doesn't fit. Apparently, I'm too voluptuous. I think Mama is going to embarass me by putting some of the pictures on my blog tomorrow. I hope Kareltje still likes me (blushies).

I did get some new treats, though. They're chicken treats. I have a lot of problems with itchies on my ears, eyes and chin. Mama has decided to eliminate fish from my diet. Oh no! I think these treats may help the transition. I love them.

Happy Monday!


  1. We had all rain here yesterday too. I hope your itchies go away. That's no fun.

  2. I cannot believe the kitteh howloween kostoom makers do not take into account that some kittehs are bigger boned than udders. Wot is they thinking? I would loan you my wolf kostoom but we might lose you in that.

  3. oh sweetie! I'm so curious about your new costume! I've never had one! :(
    Maybe tomorrow mommy could be very inspired with your post and brings me some gift as well! Your mommy Victoria is so talented!
    I'm sure Kareltje and all your friends will be very happy with your pictures because you are adorable and always cute!
    I hope the weather can be better tomorrow!
    purrs and love

  4. Sorry to hear about the itchies! :o( That's neffur fun! We are SO looking forward to seeing your costume! Our mom better keep away from us with stuff like that!

  5. There is just more of you to love.

  6. I can't wait to see you Halloween pictures. My boys have dressed up most years, at least long enough to get a photo. Devon is the only one that has gone out trick-or-treating. He was not impressed :)

    Hope you can find a solution for your itchies!

  7. Our mom tried to dress us up in Halloween costumes last year...needless to say...we won that battle! Haha!

    Ernie gets the itchies too...he hasta eat special food now...hope your itchies go away!

  8. Lucy you will look adorable in the halloween costume. I am looking forward to seeing the picture.

    I am sorry about no more fish. I hope your itchies will get better.


  9. A costume for Halloween?...I'm impatient to see that. Here in France they don't celebrate Halloween; We do in my house, and love it. I already saw some witches passing by those days.. They won't be long to stop flying and join us!..

  10. Hi my Lucy
    A Halloween costume ?
    I have NEVER worn a costume !!!
    Be careful when you are going
    to a halloween party because,

    The scariest things
    Creeps around at night,
    Looking for victims
    To scratch and bite.....

    I think I can better go with you
    to the party,
    than I am reassured and you're safe.

    (I can't wait to see you tomorrow with your new dress .... LOL
    I hope its not a witch-look dress, you are to SWEET for that ;)

    Hugs Love Purss..
    Kareltje =^.^=

  11. Hi Lucy,

    Thank you! I had a wonderful weekend.
    It was raining here as well, but that's not a problem as long as we're free-:)

    Halloween is fun. I'm sure your mum will find you a suitable costume.

    We're having a pre-halloween party at work next week, and I will be dressed as a not too angry witch-:)

    Have a wonderful Monday!

    Best regards

  12. Can't wait to see you in a Halloween outfit. My mom found my hot dog in a roll costume and tried to put it on me. However, I have become shall we say, more robust since she bought it last year. So I got out of wearing a far!

  13. Hmm, a costume sounds fun to me... unless she dresses you up as a ... D O G !!!
    Oh no, I can't believe I said that, oh well, its out there now.
    See ya in the morrow, Lucy.

  14. Sorry your outfit was not your size! My hoomans might buy me a dogs size costume. most kitteah ones are too tiny for my Bengal muscles hehe. I hope the sun comes out and leaves you a nice beam to snooze in!! purrs

  15. Hi Lucy, your mama gave me some ideas with my Twylah. I should get one for her, but she is camera shy. I look forward to see you in your costume. See you tomorrow.

  16. Hi Lucy,
    I hope I don't get a Halloween costume. Mom put antlers on me once and that was bad enough!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  17. Oh, itchies are no good. Good luck on ruling out what's causing it! Grainfree kibble is a good thing, but a lot of cats are allergic to maize too we heard.


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