Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Window

Sittin' in my window watchin' all the birds fly by
Sittin' in my window watchin' all the birds fly by
Kitties you don't know a nicer occupation
Matter of fact, neither do I
Then sittin' in my window watchin' all the birds
Watchin' all the birds, watchin' all the birds fly by

I'm the cat that got the cream
Haven't got a bird but I can dream
Haven't got a bird but I can wish
So I'll go to mama's kitchen
And that's where I select some yummy fishy dish

Sung to Dean Martin's Somewhere There's a Someone


  1. Cute! Kovu loves to sit in my window!

  2. Hi Lucy,
    You have a lovely singing voice. Lilly and Molly love to sit in the window, they have a cat perch so they can lounge in the sun. Talk about spoiled!
    Have a great day.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  3. Adorable post!
    Thanks for becoming a follower of Angels With Fur. I have also become a follower of your blog.
    Yes, I rescue cats (and 1 dog so far) that come by and need help. Since May, I've rescued three. It is very tough when I cannot keep them. Two of them we kept, because they look like a kitty we lost in May at the age of 12. We were at our limit and could not keep "Blackie." There is a post about him on my blog. He is at the SPCA. He spent a long time in the vet wing and is now up for adoption. The staff has since named him Sir Lancelot, but we still think of him as Blackie. I hope he will soon get a LOVING home in which he can live a very happy life. I will continue to post updates as I receive them from the SPCA's director.
    To answer your question, I've been blogging since January. I had one blog and, since, split it into three blogs, due to a variety of interests.
    One more thing...I'm from PA as well.

  4. Well hi Lucy,

    That's a very nice song. I too am a music fan. So far I've only dabbled in classical piano music.

    My townhouse has lots and lots of great windows. Even though I'm a city cat, I've got birds, squirrels AND rabbits. Alas, Glogirly won't let me outside to play with the birds, squirrels and rabbits... but like you, at least I can dream.

    (Glogirly's Cat)

  5. Hi Lucy, you certainly look pretty looking out that window. We are a very large family of cats here. There are over 20 of us and Mom keeps trying to find homes for some of us but she is very fussy. Little kittens keep coming here because they are starving and the food is excellent here. Nice to meet you Lucy. I will be back.

  6. Lucy, I did not realize what a talented singer/composer you are!

  7. Nice to visit your blog !
    Lucy is adorable and patient

    Have a wonderful day

  8. All of my fur babies are watching the birds
    too! It's that time of year when birds gather
    and cats chatter! :>) Have a great Saturday!

  9. Lucy, we fink yoo, Monty Q and Angus Mhor shud start an all kitty band! We is finkin yoo all wud be purrfect singin together.

  10. Lucy I really enjoyed your song. My Peanut and Marshmellow have been watching the crows at my house all mornning. They get so excited they make shaky little meows. I bet you do too.


  11. oh my sweet friend Lucy!
    I also love this spot, this beautiful contemplation of what is "out"of our window!
    Wonderful words, I didn't know this lyrics it's really lovely!Mommy will search about this song at youtube.
    Have a great weekend, enjoy your view!
    purrs and love

  12. You are a hoot! I like to sun myself, however I watch out for those pesky chipmunks and squirrels that are draining my mom's bird feeders! And then I lay in the sun on my back, hoping that someone will rub my fat belly. Woof.

  13. Hi my sweetie ;)
    Yes I love it also watching birds !!!!
    I do it many times on a day.
    Lovely words today on your post.
    I now when you are sitting for the window
    you also think on me (I hope ... LOL)
    Have a wonderful relaxing weekend,
    I go now take a longgg nap
    its here very late in the evening ;)
    Talk to you very soon
    hugs love purss
    Kareltje =^.^=

  14. You had me bouncing in my chair, Lucy... I just love fun tunes, I always sing along... tra laa :D

  15. wonderful song
    your window looks a lot like the window my Siren has, it's his favorite place to watch a live show

  16. Lucy, I could hear you singing all the way up here. You are so clever!

  17. That song remeinds me of the I love Lucy episode when they don't have enough tickets to see the musical "The Most Happy Fella" on broadway. The guy was singinig "Standing on the Corner Watching All the Girls Go By"

    "Watching all the girls, Watching all the girls go by"

  18. well sung! I've enjoyed browsing your blog, you're a very photgenic and intelligent cat! Thanks for visiting my blog too!

  19. I'm often wondering what is my cat thinking about when he is looking through the window..Now, I know, thanks to you!

  20. That's a great song, Lucy! We'll be singing that one today!

  21. Great song Lucy - we enjoyed it. We like to sit in the window too. Thanks for all your info to help Chica - she is doing much better with fluids and is even eating herself. She did have an acute CRF attack and we are keeping a closer eye on her fluid intake!

  22. Nice song, Lucy! I was wonnering wot toon went wif that then I sawed it at the bottom.

    I added to my last hiking blog splaining why my sisses not go hiking since I is asked that often. Thanks for asking to remind me to write bout that!

  23. Hi my sweetie
    No new post :(
    I call you tomorrow :))))))
    purrrs hugsss
    Kareltje =^.^=

  24. Hi Lucy, you got a beautiful window view! Nice tune, too!


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