Monday, September 21, 2009

My Nemesis

I have a nemesis. He's a white monkey. This is just one of the scenarios in which he tries to get the best of me.

First, he appears... Then, the stare down (oh, he's so smug)...
Lastly, I attack...
Doesn't he look scared in my death grip? Don't let his pitiful look fool you. He is my sworn enemy, and he'll be back.


  1. He's quite the fierce opponent and we are studying your fearsome battle technique en detail. So much to learn from you!
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  2. Hi Lucy
    I wish I could play with that monkey,
    he looks very soft and cute :)
    My Mommy sad you are just playing like me !!!
    hugs love
    Kareltje =^.^=

  3. He does have some scary little eyes Lucy! Good for you for getting the best of him in this round!

  4. I found my favorite mouse yesterday. It does not squeak anymore. The little dog that used to live with us always stole my last mouse that Santa Paws brought me. They were laughing at me when I was playing with it last night, said I looked like I was trying to hatch it! Have a sunny nap filled day!

    Purrs & Meows,

  5. Hi Lucy,
    You have to watch out for those pesky monkeys, you never know when they may show up!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  6. Good job putting the bitey on that silly monkey, Lucy!

  7. I would say you is a good judge of character, Lucy. Those beady eyes and that shifty smirk...

    Hello Lucy,
    What a sneaky little monkey. Go get him now!-:)

    Best regards

  9. He is a little bit creepy. Glad you gave him a body slam and lots of bunny-kicks!!!

  10. I didn't know you had training as an attack cat, Lucy. Mama and Papa better put a warning sign in the window :)
    Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to watch your back, you never know whats lurking around the corner...

  11. You are an attack cat as well? I wouldn't dare sneak up on you. Woof!

  12. Hello sweet!
    Fabulous attack, you did well no chances for this nemesis! LOL
    He is cute!:)
    Many thanks for your friendship and for keep Luna happy with your kind words. Mammy and dad here were travelling but Luna is okay, she is a good girl!:)
    purr and love
    mommy Léia and Luna

  13. You got him!!! Good for you.

  14. Oh Lucy. How long can this fued go on? I think you have quite a size advantage. It looks like the monkey is trying to bite the air above your ear in the bottom picture.

  15. Funny how Lucy put the bitey on the monkey. My
    kitties would do the same thing, :) then they
    would smile a toothy grin and come back for more bitey.

  16. Kill, maim, destroy! The monkey must be stopped!


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