Friday, September 16, 2011

Lucy's Bad Ear Day

What? Is there a problem?  Do I have something in my teeth?

Why are you staring at me?

I give up.

Annie's surgery is next Wednesday, 9/21.  Thank you again for all your prayers and support!


  1. MOL Lucy! I was rather worried when I read the title and then I saw the pictures. You funny girl.
    Will keep dear sweet Annie in our prayers for the surgery to go smoothly and for her speedy recovery.

  2. Lucy is having wind in the hair from only one side..Ü
    I'll think of Annie next wednesday, and send you a lot of good energy!

  3. I laffed at Malyss comment. Annie my girl..we will all be there with you in spirit and we send purrs and love. xxx

  4. Lucy, dontcha HATE it when that happens? The only upside is we got to admire your fine ear hairs, which were MIGHTY fine, according to the guys around here!
    Paws crossed for Annie's surgery! She will feel so much better afterwards.

  5. Wishing and hoping for the best to the kitties!

  6. Your ear does look a tiny bit funny. It is kind of cute, your bad ear day.
    We are sending tons and tons of purrs to Annie to get through the surgery with flying colors and be all better really soon. We have our paws crossed for ya too. Take care.

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  8. How cute you look with that little ear folded back.
    We are saying prayers for Annie's surgery to go well and a quick recovery.

  9. I never know how you kitties don't notice if your ears are folded back... but it is funny when they suddenly pop back again!! All the best for Annie's surgery, we've got all our fingers, toes and paws crossed =^..^=

  10. Sorry, Lucy, but we laffed at you at first cause you are so cute! We were worried you were going to have to go to the V.E.T. Thank cod not! We hope everything goes well with Annie. Soon she will feel better, We'll be by before she goes.

  11. Lucy my love, I have bad hair days so don't worry
    you look marvelous

    will be sending out good thoughts for Annie

  12. Oh Lucy how cute you are! Annie we are keeping you in our purrs!

  13. (don't stare at her ear, don't stare at her ear) No there's nuthing wrong ear, i mean here, why?

  14. Haha! No...there's nothing wrong with you, Lucy...haha!!!

    We're revving up our purr motors for Annie and hope all goes well with her surgery.

  15. Dear Lucy, don't worry you are a doll and beautiful!
    I just think you are a perfect girlkitty!
    I'm also sending love and prayers to sweet Annie, please be positive dear friends!

  16. Purrs and prayers from us. We hope Annie will bounce back quickly after her surgery.

  17. Lucy, our Mom's enjoy gazing on us and purring about how cute we are.
    We'll be purring for Annie's surgery to be successful.
    xoxo Kassey

  18. Lucy, we all think your ears are adorable.

    We'll all be purring and purraying for Annie this coming week.

    Kim and the boys

  19. Oh sowwy, that's me the Admiral. Mommy forgot to log herself out.


  20. Hi sweet Lucy
    so nice to see you again
    and we missed alot about Annie !!!!
    We will purrrr for her
    she is adorable :))))

    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^= Betsie =^.^=

  21. *MOL*
    Lucy I think like malyss that it´s very windy :)
    Me ans mom will keep our paws and fingers crossed for Annie on wednesday !!

  22. We know how to cross legs but do not know how to do the other trick on you did on your head! :)

  23. Boomerang gave you an award, Lucy, and would like you to drop by to check it out! :)
    We're all keeping Annie in our prayers for a smooth surgery this Wed.

  24. Cats have this kind of day? Hmm..both Java and myself have bad ear days...our mom always smiles at us and flips our ears back into place. Maybe we like them that way...we all will be thinking of Annie when she has her surgery.

  25. Hope all goes well, we will be praying for her.

    Purrs & Cuddles


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