Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guilty Mama and More News

Hi. I'm reporting in from the blue blanket (and the laundry basket to Mama's shame). Mama's got the guilts.  Why?  She's been saying that now that she has three kitties, she feels she doesn't give enough time to both me and Annie (Simba is Papa's job).  How much time do you kitty parents spend with your kitties? What does that time comprise of? Playing, petting, etc.?  Is it daily?  We'd love to hear how you spend time with your fur companions, whether you have one or a baker's dozen.

Did you see the ChipIn button on our side-bar?  We have some great news on the fund raising for Annie's surgery.  A non-profit rescue group, Companion Critters, has offered to help with the fund raising for Annie.  This means that any donation made to the ChipIn button on our side-bar will go directly to them for Annie's surgery, and they will give the money to the vet who performs the surgery.  Mama feels comfortable raising money in this way.  None of it will go to our pockets.  This also means that all donations are tax deductible.  For those of you that know Shawnee at The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd, she has been the Director of Foster Activities at Companion Critters.  Shawnee is one of the coolest doggies ever.  She and her mom go on amazing hikes every week and write about them on her blog.

The Cat Blogosphere may be able to help us with an auction too.  If you have any items you'd like to donate, please let us know.

Mama e-mailed the previous owners to let them know about Annie.  They suggested that either we put her to sleep or they take her back (we thought they said they had to find her a home when they moved).  Trust me, friends, Mama is keeping Annie here and even I am OK with it in this situation.
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  1. Aww, Annie's so sweet posing for Mama.
    Lucy, you are lucky to have both Mama and Papa to serve you. We only have our human here and at times had to break from dinner to attend to us because we screamed so loud for attention or to clean our toilets!

  2. There are now 14 of us at home and each of us demand different sort of attention from Mummy. I was once an only child but now need to share Mummy with my siblings. When I need more attention, I just go up to Mummy and ask her to carry me which she always does. Sometimes Mummy will take me for a drive around the neighborhood. :)

  3. Furstly, Lucy, there be 2 kittehs here and they get NO attenshuns from mom. You might be saying to youself, "Oh. My. Cat. How can that be?" Well, our two kittehs be feral/anti-social wot wanted to stay inside after they woz spayed and they could not be adopted coz peeples want lap cats and that they is not. They always gib mom the stink eye and rum away from her. So they like that mom is neglectful of them (udder than them DEMANDING mom feed them and clean their litter box) and so no guilties here!

    Secondly, we is furry happy to be of help with raising green papers fur Annie. Mom is suffering the big time rescue burn out so we duss not foster any more but we still has the rescue group so it be a good use of it to help the Miss Annie get her operashuns and feel all better. If'n you can be so grashus as to axept Annie into your home and share your mom with her, it be the least we can do.

  4. When Chestnut arrived, Jim had been only baby at home for ten years. So he did not like to share time and hugs.. Now, every has his own time, they eat at same time, then games with one, then with an other; then hugs to one, then hugs to an other..Hard for me!
    I made a button on my blog for Annie, using one of your pics.(I'm waiting for technical help to use the chipin.)

  5. Shelly can totally understand, Annie.....she is about a year and a half old and just became a sisfur to two seniors who are 11 and nearly 14 years old!!!!!!!

    We are purraying for you sweet girl, and have you and your "chip in" up on our blog. We plan to do a post about you tomorrow asking furiends to please donate to an auction for y'all.

    Love to you, Annie; to darlin' Lucy; and the handsome Simba.

  6. I have found that with each new cat it becomes more of a challenge meeting all their needs. (Plays, loves, snuggles, games, yard-time, etc.) I now either feel more guilt for not playing as much as I used to or I try to carve out more time for each of them. It's a challenge, but I keeping them all!

  7. We're not sure what the deal is with Annie's previous humans, but something doesn't seem right. They seemed pretty anxious to get rid of her. We imagine if you did give her back they *would* have her PTS. So we're glad you're keeping her!

    We'll make a small donation, glad you put the Chip-In up!

  8. Well. Champion Critters ROCK! Mommy will go make a donation right now. Three cheers for the power of the CB and social networking!!!

    We kitties have divided ourselves as Mommy or Daddy kitties, and we all have our little routines to get our luvvins and rubbins from them. Mommy says you need complicated math to figure out the roster--or be a Cat! Daddy generally plays with us in the morning, and Mommy has a play session at night. Scouty, of course refuses to be touched, but he hangs with all of us in the evening in the living room, being sociable.

  9. My two cats love to join me in the recliner when I watch TV. One cat loves to be groomed, but the other one won't sit still for it. Cats require varying degrees of attention. Many years ago I had a butterscotch tabby that simply "allowed" me to live with her. Remember that quality time is best!

    No, I would not give Annie back. The previous owners have already demonstrated Annie is disposable.

  10. Quality time to spend with cats is very difficult. If you want to cuddle or play they don't want and the other way around !
    Poor little Annie she is so cute ! The previous owners would put her asleep right away, of that you can be sure !

  11. Gattina is right, clearly Annie is disposable as far as her previous people are concerned
    she is lucky to have you

    I will absolutely donate!!
    I'm headed to the link right now

    hugs to all

  12. I am so glad that you told those people that you were going to keep Annie. They could have offered to pay a little bit on the vet bill.
    Glad you got that Chip-in up. We are going to put it on our blog too. Sent you and email.

  13. Annie would be done for if she went back...you know she would.!!!

  14. Oh and mommy follows me around trying to pet and kiss me..she gets on the floor with me and gives me brushies and combing and tries to kiss me. I get smooches when I lay down..that woman is a smooch machine. I am old enough now that I don't play a whole lot but she still tries to interest me in my toys.

  15. Mommy just made her contribution to that dearest girl Annie. Kisses to her.

  16. My dad think´s that mom spend to much time with me , he say´s that the only way to get some attention from mom is to say Miaow *MOL*

    GREAT news that you got an ChipIn button for Annies surgery :)

  17. So glad you are keeping Annie. Such a cutie. Hope you will be able to raise enough for her surgery. Purrs.

    The kitties demand attention differently. Emma likes to keep her sleeping time so when it's time, she would meow to let us know she's ready to sleep - in between Mama's legs. So mama needs to go under the covers and sleep as well.

    Buster on the other hand demands nap time in the morning usually 8 am. She would wake up mama or papa so he could cuddle with one or both of them while he takes his 15-30 min naps.

    Emma and Buster

  18. Lucy, tell your mom not to feel too guilty. With the 3 of us, and our mom works full time, she doesn't spend nearly enough time with us. She talks to us a lot, though...every time she sees us she says something.

    We're so happy that Champion Critters is going to help raise monies for Annie's surgery!! We already chipped in! And we'll put the Chip In on our blog too! We have some things we'd be willing to donate to an auction too. With all the CB pulling together, Annie will have her surgery!

  19. Lucy, I'm just only cat in da house, but it's still too hard for my pawrents to spend time with me. Because they works full time, I will see them in the evening. But they try to give more time for me on the weekend.

    And we so happy all works out for Annie's Surgery.
    Purrs for you to get lots of money enough for her surgery


  20. We work at home so the cats get a lot of attention but we're up to six now and it requires acrobatic coordination.

  21. Hola Lucy! I am lucky, I am the only cat at home, so I get my humans undivided attention! hehehe. Rio from Barcelona

  22. I'm so glad that you took Annie in, I can't believe what her previous owners suggested, how could they?!
    Both me and hubby work full time but I'm always running late for work because I have to have at least 5 mins cuddle time with each cat before work, then give them LOTS of attention after work. Both of them like to get up on the sofa and spend the evenings with us. It's a wonder that I ever get anything done (I'm very easilly distracted by a fuzzy cat belly!!)

  23. Hi Annie and Mom,
    We came over from SAS to say hi and let you know that we are keeping you in our purrs. Mom is donating 2 crocheted scarves for the auction.

    As for time she spends with me is totally governed by me. She calls me an 'independent little cuss' well as compared to her last kitty.
    He was a total lap cat which I'm not. If I want attention I will come to whereever she is, meow loudly and then give her a stare. If I want to be brushed I sit right in front of the drawer where my brush is kept. We play with Da Bird toy about 2 times a week. I have a toy basket and will often go to it to pick out a toy. I have a new Busy Body mat (which I blogged about yesterday) which I love too.
    Hugs Madi

  24. What a beautiful little girl Annie is! We are chipping in too right now.

  25. Mommy finds that when we need attenshun we just take it! We just let her or dad know. Of course, we ALWAYS need attenshuns! We are purring fur Annie and your family. xoxo

  26. I am glad that you are getting help with the costs for Annie.
    I constantly feel that the dogs get more attention than the cats. I can't put them together because of Marshmellow injuring Pearlene so seriously not once but twice. So they have run of the house in shifts.

    I Hope that Annie is going to be well and happy after her surgery. She's a lucky girl to have a home with you.


  27. Lucy, we have our mommy and daddy wrapped around our paws! Our mommy works from home so we demand attention all day long! It's pretty great! I'm a Daddy's Girl so I get even more attention when he's home too!

    Annie, we hope you get better very soon! We're very glad you're with such a loving family now and know you will receive the best care possible. We're purring for you!

  28. Hi Annie! Hi Lucy! We so proud of you! Hi Simba! We'd sure like to whap on Annie's old owners! They gots horrible ideas even now! And they don't make good sense. We sooooo glad Annie is here with you guys.

    We dis hang out wif Mumsy all days, and Cat Daddy and Cat Daddy Junior too when they home and in evenings. We get pets, we help Mumsy in the kitchen, we play, we nap, we window sit...more pets, treats... Just what works at the time. We know we are very lucky kitties. But our Mumsy always saying she the lucky one! Go figure :-)


  29. We are purring for Annie, each and every one of us.
    We had a ChipIn on our blog, but it was not working. Mom Bobbie is going to do some thinking and try to make it work, until then, we will keep a reminder about sweet Annie, and a link to your blog!
    ~ The Bunch

  30. I have seven cats, and I let them determine how much time I spend with them. usually play sessions are minimal because they have such different styles of play that they soon become disgusted with one another and walk off.

    As for poor Annie, I so feel for you. I had two cats block with struvite crystals. They build up when the urine is concentrated and alkaline. It can be managed with an acidic diet (high animal based protein limited plant based ingredients, high moisture content - aka canned or raw). You can also help a cat with struvite crystals by giving them d-mannose to help the urine become more acidic, but long term you will need to monitor the PH of the urine. Cornsilk or Marshmallow root will help with inflammation.

    Oxalate stones form when the urine is too acidic. It is rare but it does happen. from my reading I believe it more often then not happens when cats are on long term acidifiers but I'm sure there are other reasons.

    Since you didn't post more then FIC, I am not sure what is going on (FIC is such a broad term) and I'm probably giving you information you can't use, but since I have had experience, I thought I would share.

    I hope Annie is feeling better soon!

  31. I'm so happy to learn that you are keeping Annie! She has such a sweet face, and from what I've heard -- a similar disposition.

    We're pulling for you, Annie! I'm so glad we could help even a little bit.

  32. Just stopped by via Dianne @ Fork Off The Moment.

    So nice to meet a fellow cat lover!

    Wonderful blog you have here! And bless you for caring for our feline friends.

    Annie is ADORABLE. What a love!

  33. Hope all goes well with the surgery for Annie! Please you're getting some help!
    Annie certainly has gone to a good home!
    Big Hug for Lucy!

  34. We has our paws crossed Annie's surgery goes well and we are so glad she has your family to love her and make sure she gets the care she needs. We are sending our very best healing purrs for her.

    Tell your Mom not to feel guilty we enjoy whatever time we has with our beans. Sometimes we shares our time with our Mommy. Arty even shares Mommy with the dog, but Arty is weird. Most of the time we has schedules worked out for when we each get Mommy time. We just don't give Mommy the memo so she never knows who she will be spending time with.


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