Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Annie

Annie has been eating like a hog and is so happy to be home.

I took these pictures last night, about an hour after we got home.  They aren't very good.  She wouldn't sit still long enough.  She kept walking all over the house and then stopping for pets.
This is just her tummy crease. You can't see her incision here.
Everyone was getting along until Lucy, mistress of intimidation, walked by her very closely and slowly.  Annie got scared and hissed.  Lucy hissed multiple times and then there were growls for the next few minutes.
We have to keep Annie's activity level very low for the next two weeks.  There's nothing she enjoys more than running around the living room chasing the dragonfly toy for at least an hour.  I won't be able to play with Lucy either because Annie can sense a toy across the house.  I'm afraid we're going to have some bored kitties.

Annie gets pain medicine twice a day.  It's a liquid and I give her treats right after.  Lucy and Simba aren't complaining because they get treats too.  Miss Annie will only eat fishy canned food and it can't have been refrigerated, thank you very much.
Under the bed after her medicine


  1. Oh Annie sweet Annie. I am SO glad you are home and so glad you feel so good. You remind me of ME when I came home from the hospital yesterday. i walked around everywhere inspecting everything. Keep getting better and better little giel, You look tired there UTB. Kisses.

  2. Miss Annie is allowed to be a bit fussy after all this!

    We're glad she's home and eating well; she looks good! Continued purrs and universal healing Light!

  3. Sounds like it didn't take long for Annie to get spoiled! My kitties hiss at each other when one has been in the hospital. They smell different and that's really important to cats. We're glad everything went so well!! Some cats don't like their food cold, so if its been in the frig, it goes in the microwave for a few seconds. Annie will have unique pics for Tummy Tuesday.

  4. good to see Annie looking much more content!
    I'm sure Lucy & Simba will forgive her eventually knowing they are getting extra treats at the present!
    Lucky kitties to have such a caring home!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  5. OH Annie
    YOu look terrific!
    We are so glad you are home and recuperating.
    WE just know things are gonna get better and better!!!

  6. Lucy, Annie looks sooooooo happy and content to be home! So glad to hear she's doing well.

    What a sweetie pie she is.

    ((((( Annie )))))

    Love the last shot of her sleeping!


  7. HURRAH!! Miss Annie, are we boycats allowed to say we think your bare tumey is, well,...hubba hubba!

    We are so happy you're home and feeling great!

  8. I is BOLing so hard at the comment above. Boycats will be boycats...

    Annie must be so glad to have her foodables at home coz noms at the V-E-T = BLECH! She is looking pritty gorked after her meds there so shhhhhh, we let her sleep.... That means you too, Lucy, no hissssssss!

  9. I love the shot under the bed
    I have fallen in love with Annie and I'm so glad she's feeling well

    Lucy will have to have the last hiss for awhile I guess, they'll work it out

    hugs to all

  10. Oh Annie! We're glad you are doing so well after your surgery! But take it easy, okay?? We want you to heal so you'll be 100%!! We love that your mom is spoiling you deserve!!

  11. You look great! Mommy luffs that shaved bellah. It's just begging fur smooches. Take care and follow doctor's orders. xoxo

  12. Even on the pictures Annie seems to feel better! I'm so happy of it!I 'm sure that things will go better and better now.Of course, every kitty will need a little time , but with patience and love,it will work! Give a hug from me to each of your babies!

  13. Oh I love these photos and I'm so glad that Annie is doing well. Mr Darcy hissed at Sookie for two days after she was spayed, she must have smelt different. Hugs to all!! =^..^=

  14. Oh Annie we are so thrilled to hear you surgery is over....ummmm...your Vet did a very nice job on your incision...just think next year you will be able to wear your ittsy bittsy bikini with pride.

    Oh I don't like food cold out of the fridge either. Mom says it is because my ancestors (Land Lions) like to smell their food and cold food doesn't smell. Before she serves me fridge food she puts several teaspoons of warm water on it then mixes it up for me and I love it that way.
    We hope you and Lucy agree to disagree for the next few weeks so that you have time to heal,
    Hugs and Purrs
    Madi and Mom

  15. Lucy I see you are friends with Kareltje too.
    He is a most handsome mancat and so sweet to Betsie.

  16. I'm so glad things went well and Annie is home and happy and eating.

  17. Me and mom are so glad that it´s working out well with Annie after her surgery !
    Me neither eat refrigerated canfood :)
    Have a pawsome weekend !!!

  18. Oh, sweet Annie. Don't worry all the furs will grow back good as new. Sending purrs from our entire fur gang.

  19. Annie looks mighty pleased to be home! She probably smells funny which is why Lucy's all hissy. When Cosmo came home from the vet, Ling stayed away from him and there were quite a bit of hissing and growling too (from Ling). I gave them both a shower and they were fine after that.

  20. Glad the surgery went well and that she is finally back home with family.

  21. Ohoh...
    we missed a lot!!
    Vicki i am so happy to read that the surgery is done and miss Annie is doing well :-)
    We send lots of love
    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

  22. Oh how neat to see a picture of Annie. She looks terrific. She already looks like she feels better.I think that is a great picture of her. Look how happy she looks. Give her a gentle hug for us.

  23. Yehey! Am glad the hardest part is over. Recovery time is on the way...

    Take care sweet kitties!

  24. Hooray for Annie !!!! It looks like she heal so quick, That's great news !!!!
    Happy Hugs

  25. We are glad that Annie is doing so well! I am sorry that you haves to be so still and quiet! But it will helps with the healing!


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