Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks and Meeting with Annie's Vet

I am hijacking Lucy’s blog once again. I want to say how incredibly moved we, my husband and I, are by the outpouring of donations, well-wishes, purrs and help we’ve received.  We just are so thankful to all of you.  Your kindness and your support mean so much to us.  I want to give a special thanks to Marg for all of her work and time on the fund-raising auction.  Also, my friend Dianne did a lovely tribute post to Annie.  The love from the blog world has just been amazing!

Thursday, I went to Annie’s doctor to go over the estimate.  I still haven’t been able to find a place that will do this for less.  This vet is very nice and obviously really cares about Annie.  On a side note, Annie’s previous owner called her to confirm everything that I had told her.  The vet said, “All I’m going to say is after speaking with her, I’m really glad you now have Annie.”  The vet was alarmed that she wants to put her to sleep (yes, she even told the vet that).  I had let go of all my pride and requested via e-mail that they consider donating the amount they were willing to pay to put her to sleep toward her surgery.

Anyway, back to the important stuff.  The vet explained that the estimate did not include two x-rays, one before the surgery and one after.  I understand the one after because they will flush out her bladder and need to make sure there are no stones embedded in there.  However, I just paid for one almost two weeks ago.  She said we could forgo the one before the surgery but it’s not ideal.  Apparently, in just a few weeks new stones can form and also change position.  I’m going to give this some thought.

For future care, Annie will need a urinalysis twice a year.  She will also need her urine gravity checked regularly but that’s free.  She’ll be going on anti-anxiety medication after the surgery and will have to be on a prescription diet for at least a few years.

Annie’s surgery will either be next week or the week after at the latest. 

I really enjoyed everyone’s input on how you give time and attention to your kitties.  Our kitties all have different personalities.  Little Annie still spends a good part of her time under the bed, but she also comes out for some pets and likes to play too.  I feel like if I had more time to spend with her, she'd more comfortable here and not so skittish.  I also just hate the hissing and growling that goes on between her and Lucy.  Annie also hisses at Simba, but Simba, who's just a sweet, old man cat, doesn't do a thing.

Clcik here to go to the auction to help Annie


  1. I am so relieved that Annie is getting her contributions. Thank you SO much for this update.

    I just wish the Vet would cut you a break. I can't believe they couldn't allow the 2 x-rays as a service to you. It's not like it costs them money to do it. The machine is takes no time at all..voila! I wish they would at least do that..cut loose of a few dollars! It's not like they aren't getting a whole lot more. Even my Vet gives my girl a small break. She hasn't paid for her pedicure in several years for example.
    Sorry, my furiend..I just am amazed that they won't give you a break. xxoo

  2. Well that all sounds good. It is truly amazing how everyone supports kitties in this blogging world. I love that picture of Annie. I thought it was so interesting that the vet was glad that you had Annie now.
    And GOOD for you to ask those people for the money that it would cost to put her down. That is the least they can do.
    Sending tons of purrs to that Miss Annie. Lucy you be nice to Annie. Have a great week end.

  3. I'm really sorry you're not able to find somewhere that would cost less. I also think it would be appropriate of the vet to ease up on the very expensive bill under such circumstances! Especially as you have gone out of your way to provide Annie with such a stable & loving home! I truly wish you well with support from others!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, hopefully, the hissing & growling will lessen with time, as they get more use to each other. Take care!

  4. Thanks fur the update on Annie. So glad she has a better home with you now. The auction is great. We're headed ofur there later. Purrs, purrayers, and pawsitive thoughts being sent your way. xoxo

  5. I still can't believe the previous owners.. I find it so sad that people are willing to take on pets in the good times but see them as dispensible in the bad.
    Anyway, so glad that you are able to go ahead with the surgery now and I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  6. I will keep my thoughts on Annie's previous owners to Admiral said, I'm a little surprised that your vet won't even give you a break. I explain to my vet when I bring in rescues (Annie would qualify as one) and they offer me a "rescue rate" which help tremendously.

  7. We are pleased as Punch that things are moving forward for Annie! One kitty at a time...

    About the prescription diet: Our vet said that ANY canned food was better than dry, so if the prescription food is kibble, you may want to discuss it with your vet. In Grayce's case it was important to keep fluids going thru, so we feed wet with LOTS of water for gravy, and of course she nibbles the dry, too.

    HURRAH for Annie!

  8. Glad to hear how things look up for Annie. We were very fortunate to have the support of the CB when our Chica had to be in the vet hospital for several days on IV fluids. It was unexpected but all the support we got via donations and comments helped us thru and Chica is doing very well now. CB is a great community of animal lovers.

  9. I have tried asking my vet if she would charge me what she charges shelters/fosters when they bring theirs in for treatment. They get very good discounts. It worked once for me when I brought in a feral I was feeding at work.

    Maybe the vet would like to make a donation in the form of a discount?

    (((HUGS))) to all of you, especially sweet Annie.

    Mom Peggy

  10. So are the humans who had her going to donate what they were willing to pay to have her pts?

    Peggy's idea is good, asking the vet for a rescue/shelter discount. The most he can say is no.

    We still think $2000+ is outrageous....Who the heck can afford to have non-human companions anymore????

  11. Oh, and yes, don't fall for that "prescription diet" cr*p. Urinary tract food simply has more salt in it--it was my vet who told me that!

    Find Annie a good quality canned food that she likes -- just my $0.02.


  12. I'm so glad Annie's previous "people", I use the term loosely, are out of her life
    and good for you to ask for the money from them
    I can't begin to tell you what I'd like to say about them

    please try contacting all the vet associations
    I'll look up links later today and e-mail you
    I'll also ask my vet for the name of the foundation that helped me with Isadora

    push your vet for a reduced rate
    it has nothing to do with pride
    you are doing so much to help a rescued animal, they can too
    it is their chosen calling

    also - don't stress the hissing
    Isadora and Siren still do it yet if Siren is upset she looks for him, if she cries he gets worried
    and then 2 seconds later they're off to the races and growling and hissing
    no one has gotten hurt yet except my nerves :)


  13. We just added a little bit to your chip in total. We wish we could do more.
    We can't believe how the charge for doing this surgery...nor can we believe the cruel former owner. WE are all so glad that Annie is now with you and we are purring for you both.

  14. Hi there !
    Me and mom are glad that Annie is having a new home with you.
    Her former owner seems to be a jurk !!!

  15. We have tried giving Chica fluids at home and she is very against it - hisses, growls, spits and flails trying to get away - I can't hold her and do it even with help. At the vet they can and only charge me $20.! Once every two weeks is fine at this rate. I have done it for other cats who were more accepting. Thanks for your input.

  16. I came from Dianne's blog and chipped in.. we collect recycled stuff for a cat rescue organization here...I have to rescues myself and one had some expensive medical stuff...Michelle

  17. Maybe Annie is hissing and growling because she does not feel so good and is afraid if she does not get the first hiss in, the others may start something she just does not feel like dealing with. Just a thought. We are purring for Annie. We wish we could do more.

  18. We hope all goes well for Annie when she has her surgery. We wish the vet would give you a little bit of a break considering the situation. And we agree with the others about the prescription diet food...canned food is best when you are dealing with urinary issues.

    But most of all, we are so happy that Annie is with someone who cares so much about her.

  19. We are praying and sending love and lights to sweet Annie!

  20. Well it sounds to me like Annie's previous owner was somewhat rotten!! :( I hope after Annie's surgery she will feel less hissy and growly.

    I'm sorry that the Vet won't give any breaks on the cost.

    Hugs for Sweet little Annie.

  21. I'm mailing a small donation to Companion Critters for Annie...

  22. We do hope that it goes well for Annie! It is hard when kitties and doggies can't speak for themselves. We will be praying.

  23. I'll pray the vet will come down in price, too. I cannot believe that previous owner.

  24. BuddyTheElf and Java Bean have made a small donation to the surgery fund. Sure wished it could be more. We guys hope the new kitty gets better soon. We have finally learned to accept each other and even play together once in a while...our mom says to say hi!

  25. hello Annie! sorry about your health problems. hope you get better soon. Rio from Barcelona

  26. Thanks for the update on Annie. We are all purring for her.
    No, Cinders has never been given sub-Q fluids like her late roommates, Tortie and Tommy, as she responded so well to her prescribed medication.


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