Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hooray for the Weekend

Hi Friends,
Mama wasn't able to help me blog this week. She says she doesn't have time because of work. We may only be able to blog once a week, but we’ll see.  We still visit in between from time to time.

It was a rainy week (Mama took this picture of me last week when it was sunny). I’ve been sticking close to my bed and pink blankie and playing with my Morris catnip pillow and crinkle ball from King and the Kool Kittie Krew.

Mama baked twice this week.  She made pumpkin bread and sugar cookies.  My opinion of the pumpkin bread?  Ick.  Two paws down.  My judgment on the sugar cookies?  Scrumptious, but I only got a couple crumbs. 

The case of the missing hairball has been solved.  I heard Papa ask Mama if she cleaned up a big ole hairball that Simba had yakked up yesterday.  She said no, she didn’t know about it.  He said when he went to clean it up, it was gone.  They couldn’t figure out where it would go to.  Apparently, it was huge.  The next day, Papa found it.  It was stuck on the bottom of his slipper, MOL!
I hope you all enjoy your weekend.  Our town is having a Market Day.  It’s an annual tradition that’s been taking place for 34 years.  They have crafts, music, artists, food and demonstrations of Colonial-era cooking.  I’d like to see a demonstration of a Colonial-era mouse roasting on an open fire, but it probably won’t happen.


  1. ahhh Lucy, you look so lovely and content
    I hope your Mama gets some rest and fun time this weekend

  2. Hi Lucy,
    Colonial-era mouse roasting...BOL! It's always nice to see you whenever your Mama helps you blog. You look very cute laying in the sun with Ratsie.
    Hope you have a fun weekend.
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  3. Hi pretty Lucy, you are looking good. Please tell mama that I read up about Bucky. Bucky was such a good boy eating and taking the fluid therapy well unlike our obstinate Tortie. We thank you, mom and dad for purrs and prayers.

  4. Lucy, you are just too silly! Yep, us humans we have so many things that get in the way of our blogging - darn. Too bad we can't just chase sun puddles around all day! I hope you all enjoy your weekend whatever the activities of choice might be!

  5. We are so thrilled to know yu love your pressies from us! And you look lovely (as usual) today. King is yelling hi from downstairs as we've come to let mom know that there's a nasty little (well, he's rather big for a...) mouse in the livingroom. Mom trapped it under the little beans toybox (dad's hunting, it's opening day) and she has to wait for him to get home to get it outta here, so King's on guard duty. He hopes you think he's furry mancatly for doing this! Mom jstu thinks it's utterly GROSS!

  6. Well Lucy girl it's good to hear from you. I'm so with you on the pumpkin bread. Pffft!!! And so with ya on the sugar cookies. :) boy howdy I've been hearing of all that rain. Have you seen Noah by chance? LOL. funny about the hairball. Papa must be too busy looking for his subjects for his great photos he takes and not watching where he walks. But shhh keep that between you and I. The Market Day sounds great. Have a great rest of the weekend and dream plenty of roasting mice. :)

  7. It is wonderful to see you today, sweet Lucy....we miss you when you aren't here.

    MOL about the hairball!!!!!!!!!!


  8. LOL about the hairball on the bottom of your dad's slipper and the mouse-roasting! :-D

    We hope you have a great weekend, Lucy. Our mom says to send the pumpkin bread to her, she loves anything pumpkin.

  9. I will miss you if you post only once a week.. But I hope it's only for a little time; I'd like to taste your mam's cooking, it sounds good! but like you, I think I prefer the cookies..:)
    Here tomorrow, big market of old books in a small town called Mouans-Sartoux; i hope to find great old books to add to my collection.
    I Wish to all of you a great week-end!
    Hugs, Malyss

  10. Hi Lucy, we hope your mom gets less busy so she can spend more time with you. And we think the story of the missing hairball is hysterical!! What a surprise for your dad! HAHA!

  11. You've got a gorgeous face. Really lovely eyes too.

    Pity about that colonial mouse roasting. It sounds yummy to Au too!

  12. We will miss you but your mom needs a break for working too much!

  13. Ewwww about the hairball at the bottom of you Papa's slipper!
    Sounds like your Mama had a really busy week at work! I hope she had a good rest this weekend. :)

  14. Ha! Mom had to laugh about the hairball!

    Your picture is lovely today! We understands about mom's who don't blog for us cats. My mom is always saying she got this work or that work.... excuses, excuses!!

  15. Hi sweet Lucy,
    We have missed you. Our mama hasn't been blogging as much either. She said there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything she wants to do sometimes.
    Our mama loved the solved mystery of the missing hairball. We loved the idea, well not our mama, but we thought the mouse roasting over an open fire sounded pretty yummy.
    A note from mama...
    Peanut discovered a human food he likes to taste. It is peanut buttter. I thought it very fitting because of his name.
    Do you ever miss California? I have been in California all my life, and often think I would like to live somewhere else. I would love to have real changes of the seasons.

    We will look forward to your posts, whether they be weekly or more often.
    Peanut sends his love to Lucy of course.
    We hope the coming week is a happy one for all.

  16. You tell that Simba he has to werk on hims aim with yakking up the hairballs. He needs to shoot fur noggty peeples, not your dad!

  17. Rainy? definitely best to be close to your home comforts. Hope your Mama managed to have a relaxing weekend, craft market sounds very interesting! Big Hug Lucy. No hairballs from Simba this week I hope!

  18. Bonjour sweet Lucy!
    I miss you so much but I know what you are feeling there.My mommy here is studying during the mornings and the evenings as well.At afternoon she is tired, confused, and I would love to do more to help her, but I'm always by her side while she is doing homework even if she is cleaning the house.I think we are going to blog once a week as well, I'm not sure...
    Anyway it's wonderful that I'm here now and you are always in my mind!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  19. Haha Lucy, gotta love the missing hairball! Guess what? Yesterday my new nephew Bode came for his first visit. He is 9 weeks old and is a goldendoodle. My mom cried when she met him (sheesh...)and cuddled with him way too much I thought. But he did go home eventually with his parents. I guess he's ok but he better remember I am the boss in this house. Oh tell your mom that my mom is going to cut back on her blogging too, she hasn't been feeling well for awhile. However we will check in as much as possible. Oh, and guess what...tomorrow I will be 5 years old!! I can't believe your birthday is so close to mine.

  20. I did not find "A" book.. I bought 13! :))
    among them, a book about american litterature, and one about "the Kissinger years at the White House"(1968-1973). Interested?..


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