Friday, October 8, 2010

Pillow Garden

Have you heard of a pillow garden? It's a place where you are surrounded by pillows in a gloriously unmade bed.

In between some rainy days, we've been having beautiful, sunny fall days.  I'm still able to enjoy my sun puddles most mornings. I like to sit on my patio and see the leaves blowing and all the colors of autumn.  Mama says my coat colors remind her of fall.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Mommy is right dear Lucy!
    I think Autumn is a beautiful season, I hope you can enjoy the sun in your patio and dream about friends!
    Happy weekend,
    Luna - WE love LUNA

  2. Oh, a pillow garden--looks fabulous!

    We'll be here on the 12th to celebrate your Gotcha Day, and if you can, we'd love to have you come over on Sunday for Nicki's 4th birthday bash! :-)

  3. Pillow garden is luxuriously comfortable.
    We will drop over to celebrate your Gotcha Day, Lucy. :)

  4. What a great place to sleep my friend. Fall is definitely here. Have a good weekend. :)

  5. Humm! a "pillow garden"..I like this idea.I never had seen a bed that way, but I find it quite pretty! To stay in the pillow garden, until late in the morning, while it's raining outside..Lucy, you always know to show us the great little pleasures of life!
    Have a nice week-end!

  6. Hi Lucy,
    A pillow garden sounds delightful. We finally have sun puddles today, it rained most of the week!
    Have a lovely weekend and lots of pillow garden naps :)
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  7. King LOVES pillow gardens!!! Making the bed is quite a task for mom sometimes! He's loved to join you and have you join him in his pillow garden sometime! He (along with the rest of us) are furry excited for your Gotcha Day!!!

  8. We love pillow gardens, too!!!!!!!!!!!

    We can't wait for your 14th Gotcha Day, sweet and beautiful Lucy.


  9. Great pillow garden Lucy and you look fab in the middle of it.

  10. A pillow garden sounds like something WE need!

    Cosmo & Ling

  11. A Pillow garden! What kind of seeds do you plant to get 'em to grow? We'd like a few of those all over the house. You sure look cozy comfy on yours, Lucy!

  12. You have a great pillow garden Lucy. we wish we could come and nap there with you.
    We see that you are going to have a Birthday next week. We hope you have cake and anything else that you dream of having. You wear your age well.
    Have a happy weekend, with sun puddles, pillow gardens and treats.

  13. I tries to make pillows by floofing up the cover on my dog bed and bunching it all up but mom keeps shaking it out and putting it flat on my bed again. We battle ofur this all day long. I cannot beleef you is about to has your 14th Gotcha Day alreddy!

  14. Greetings dear Lucy,

    Wow, you know how to live!

    IF dad is lazy in the morning, since he is a 'stay at home dad' and does not make the bed, I like having the covers all over and laying in between them. But most of the time he makes the bed in the morning and I end up on my oversized pillow.

    Wishing you a smashing weekend,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  15. Pillow Garden??
    Now we know where to head to this evening!
    Love to you Lucy!
    Gotcha day coming soon ... we can't wait to see what surprise awaits you!

  16. Oh Lucy you are a lucky cat indeed. I would love to have some soft pillows to cuddle against. I guess I have to be content with my fleece blanket that my mom put into my dog bed. I have had fun watching the birds come to the feeders outside "my" window..I can feel the sun on my face while I lay there. My mom got my jacket out of the closet just in case it gets cold soon. Hope you and your mama have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Wow Lucy, your pillow garden just looks like the very best ever. We want one like that. What a lucky kitty you are. Take care and we sure will be back on Tuesday.

  18. I don't usually use pillows...just toys as pillows!

    Your 14th Gotcha Day is Tuesday?! WOW! That's awesome! I'm gonna have my very 1st Gotcha Day next month. Have a fun day...we'll see you then!

  19. Ah Pretty Lucy, yes, your colours DO look like Fall!! We have hills around our house that look like they could be giant Lucys laying down!! Haha!! How cool is that to resemble a forest in Autumn!! You are so pretty!! Purrs, Lautrec, Tiny and 'The Terror'

  20. Lucy, soft and silky pillows are just wonderful! Warm and comfy too. A little birdie told me your mama and papa just celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. I wish them good wishes for a life of love and togetherness. Congratulations!

  21. Pillow garden sounds so wonderful! Our Mummy naps all the time so we lounge around on the unmade bed every day! It's so soft and warrrm!


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