Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lucy's 14th Gotcha Day Party!

In the fall of 1996, I decided I wanted a third kitty.  We had two male middle-aged cats at the time.  I figured I needed a female kitten to ensure the least amount of problems with introducing a new cat.  On my lunch hour, I went to the shelter and they only had one kitten if you can believe it.  Actually, she was at least a few months old.  She was sleeping in her litter box and looked up at me with her green eyes with the same expression she still uses every once in a while today.  Also, the rare times she’s boarded, she’ll sleep in the litter box.  I think it somehow gives her a feeling of security.  I’ll bring her bed to the boarding place but she’ll still choose the litter box.  Fortunately, they always keep them clean.

I went back to the shelter the next day, Saturday, to bring her home.  As soon as she alit from the carrier, she immediately took over our home and the two resident cats.  Strangely, at some point later, she became very fearful of strangers.  We can’t pinpoint when that happened, but in her early ears she was gregarious and sociable.

She loved playing with the plastic ring on milk jugs.  She’d go to any lengths to chase them and sometimes even brought them back to me.  We’d play on the stairs.  Up and down she’d go. She was tireless, and she kept a trim figure.  Those days have long gone.  Some things that haven’t changed are her pretty green eyes and her sweetness with a dash of sass.  I love her so much.

In celebration of Lucy’s 14th Gotcha Day, let’s party!  I have all of Lucy's favorites: ham and roast beef and  vanilla ice cream and marshmallows. 
 There’s music, catnip, crinkle balls, “pillow garden” stations and two unmade beds with clean sheets.

We also have party favors for when you leave.  The bones are for the doggies.

If you're a human, we have a t-shirt for you:

Thanks so much for coming! Stay as long as you like!


  1. Wonderful gotcha story! I like how she took over the house. How nice to have saved her papers, too. I didn't realize she was a senior kitty.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Lucy! We're so glad you have such a fantastic forever home. And such a great party; thanks for inviting us! Mom says if Nicki gets to rambunctious for you to let her know and she'll corral him and take him home. LOL.

  3. Happy 14th Gotcha Day! Quiet the wonderful event, so glad I got to leave with a t-shirt to remember it by! Thank you. I will be wearing it today!

  4. That do be one wild pawty you has going there, Lucy! Pawsome! So to go wif that pawty, my gurl band and I shall sing...

    ♫ Happy Gotcha Day to You ♫ Happy Gotcha Day to You ♫ Happy Gotcha Day Dear Lucy ♫ Happy Gotcha Day to YOU ♫ AWOOOOOO ♫

  5. Hi Lucy,
    My Mom and I wish you the Happiest Gotcha Day possible!
    I don't get an allowance so all I can give you is a big friendly doggie smooch!
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!) and ☼ Sunny :)

  6. Happy 14th Gotcha Day!
    Happy Happy Happy ....What a happy day!
    What a lovely story, thanks so much for this beautiful post!
    WE love YOU dear Lucy!
    purrs and love
    Luna and mommy Léia

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Lucy. Am glad you've got such a wonderful mom and home.

    Thanks Vicki for being concerned. I feel Tortie will not get any better. He is off food and I am assist feeding him using a syringe.

  8. HAPPY 14th GOTCHA DAY, LUCY~!!! King is so honored to be here on your special day!!! We think it's w great story on how you were gotted and how you just took over your home! YO GO GIRL~!!! Here's to MANY, MANY more!!!

    And yes...we DO LOVE LUCY!

  9. Happy, happy, happy 14th Gotcha Day, beautiful and sweet Lucy!!!!! We purr that you have many more. Grand party!!!!!!!! We love you, Lucy.

  10. Jim, Chestnut and me are very glad to share this happy celebration with you!We're sending you a lot of hugs and purrs from the other side of the world, and wanted to tell you how much we love you (and your beautyful green eyes! Jim says..Chestnut thinks that your roast beef has more charm Ü)
    Happy Gotchaday!

    We enjoyed hearing Lucy's story so much. It is evident that Lucy has brought much joy to you, and you to her.
    We hope you have a wonderful time today feasting on your ham and roast beef. You are truly a beautiful cat, and don't look a day over five.

    Matshmellow, Ruby and Pearlene send there very best wishes for a happy day. Then there's Peanut who is head over heels in love with you. He sends you his special kisses and purrs.

    what a woonderful celebration in honor of a very special cat!!

  12. WOOT!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Lucy. And Happy Gotcha Day. What a great celebration :) Hau`oli La Hanau you lucky girl. What a splendid 14 years it must be :) I'm gonna have one of your favorites in celebration...the vanilla ice cream. WOOT!!! You one lucky one Lucy and I can tell how much Mama loves you. You go girl!!! And What a celebration. I'm gonna put your gift on my sidebar. :) Mahalo Nui Loa :) Me Ke Aloha :)

  13. ♫ Happy Gotcha Day ♥ Lucy,

    We are so very happy that Victoria brought you home from the Irvine Animal Shelter and that you took to your new surroundings and the other two felines in the house.

    We are sending you a lot of hugs and purrs from the other side of the country and hope your feasting on your ham and roast beef, finishing the meal with some catnip spiked crinkle balls.

    Wishing you many many, more years to come,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  14. Happy Gotcha day!!! Lucy, we brought 673 extra hams with us to make sure there will be enough for leftovers tomorrow! Now, where are those clean sheets? We have furz of every color to shed! WooHoo!

  15. Happy Birthday to Lucy!!! I have to admit that it seems like it's been longer than 14yrs. Here's to 14 more!

  16. Congratulations on fourteen wonderful years! May you have many more together!


  17. HAPPY 14TH GOTCHA DAY, LUCY!!! Mom and I are so very, very happy you found your forever and ever family. We wish you lots and lots of gotcha day anniversaries to come!

  18. Happy 14th Lucy!!
    You don't look a day over 10 ;)

    Siren and Isadora send lots of purrs and sniffs and head butts

    I send hugs

  19. I love Lucy's Gotcha story. How wonderful you found her and have given her such a wonderful life! The photos were great and what a day Lucy has in store. Sending lots of hugs and woofs to you Lucy!

  20. Lucy!! Happy Gotcha Day to one of our favorite girlcats!! We hope you are having a great day! And this is a great party!! Thanks for inviting us!!


  21. How lucky that Lucy ended up with you. I wonder what scared her so? Strange. Au and Target also love their ham and chicken!

  22. Happy Gotcha Day Lucy - what a great story. Hope we didn't come too late and miss all the festivities.

  23. Happy Gotcha! Day Lucy! The stars were definitely shining on you & your fur-ever home that day! I think I found some new cat treats or at least play things... come on over to check it out ;)
    Faythe @GMT WW- http://grammymousetails.blogspot.com/2010/10/roll-it-out-roll-it-out-roll-out-barrel.html
    (remove link if it is bothersome)

  24. HAPPY 14th GOTCHA DAY, LUCY!!!!! We enjoyed your party thoroughly! Thanks for inviting us! :)

  25. 14th Gotcha Day???
    Oh Lucy, tell us the secret to defy aging! You look so sexy, sleek and cool!!

    Happy 14th Gotcha Day!

    Thanks for sharing with us your story!
    (and there's a receipt to proof! hehehee!)

  26. Today, a small surprise for you on my blog..:) Hugs!

  27. Happy 14th Lucy! Lots of goodies for you! You simply look so ageless!

    Enjoy the goodies!

  28. Mom wanted to come by to say thank you for the lovely, thoughtful card. You totally made her day!

  29. Happy Belated Birthday Lucy ?
    I'm so sorry, I'm so late. I hope you are not mad at me : (
    I hope you have a great fun at your 14th,


  30. Happy belated Gotcha Day to you, Lucy!
    It's so cool to know how you were gotted. You were meant to be with your humans, that's for sure. We hope they are having a wonderful vacation in Paris. How utterly beautiful!
    Siena & Chilli

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  32. :(
    Meow meow..meow..
    I missed your gotcha day :(
    So so sorry my sweetheart ....
    But you now the reason :(
    My sweet sweet Daddy was very sick
    and on oct 14th he left us forever :(
    I send you 100000000000000 kisses
    and many many hugs !!!!

    Your sweety Kareltje =^.^=
    and Mommy Anya

  33. Happy Very Belated Gotcha Lucy!
    I bet everything is fine and Mamma and Pappa will find you alive and well when they return from their trip. The cat sitter is good.... not bad!


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