Saturday, October 23, 2010

À Bientôt

Hello Dear Friends,
I want to thank you for coming to my 14th gotcha party last week. You really made my day special!
I've missed you all. Mama has been busier than usual, and she's getting ready to go on a vacation for a couple of weeks in Europe.  Simba and I will stay home.  The cat sitter will be coming by daily to feed us.  The cat sitter will also be trying to murder me.  That’s why I’ll be under the bed.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

I’m sad that I’ll miss Halloween, but at least I’ll miss the humiliation of being squeezed into a costume like last year.  I heard Papa say it was like stuffing a sausage into a tutu.  

We will still visit until it's time for Mama to leave, but we may not get to post again until her return.



  1. Hi Lucy,
    I've missed you too! I hope you and Simba won't be too lonely while your beans are away. I could send you my two kitty sisters for company, if you'd like, BOL!
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  2. A sausage in a tutu?!NEVER!
    I hope you'll be wise while your beans are in Paris. I see that you're already in the mood for it! Things are supposed to be a little more quiet here, so they should enjoy their time. At least , I hope so!!
    Jim and Chestnut will miss you!

  3. We'll miss you. I hope the beans have a good trip while you're being murdered! Maybe Simba will protect you.

  4. Oh sweet don't worry
    I will be here thinking of you all time, and we can play together in our dreams.
    I'm sending love and good energies, purrs and prayers, everything will be okay and don't be so stressed about that "cat sitter"please! :)
    Try to be positive okay!
    Love you
    Luna and mommy Léia

  5. Hello Lucy! Life has also been busy for me also! Where does the time go to! Sorry you won't be a round for Halloween, but I'm sure you & Simba will have lots of treats to look forward to when holidays are over! You must dream of them while in hiding under the bed!!!
    Big Hug! Enjoy yourselves Vicki!

  6. Sweet Lucy, we miss you when you're not here!!!!!

    A sausage in a tutu????? How rude that was of your daddy!!!!!!!!!

    We hope your mom has a good trip.......our mama wants to go to Europe too.......then maybe we could come and join you under the bed and keep you company???


  7. Oh dear Lucy,we sure hope you won't be murdered. Hiding under the bed is a super idea. Maybe we could come an protect you. We will miss you but look forward to your return. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Lucy, I've missed you. Hope your mom returns soon. Remember the cat sitter will probably be as nice to you as you'll let him/her be. Buck up you can do this. Looking forward to your Mom's return.

  9. Hi Lucy! I miss you, Simba and your sweet Mama! i can't wait until she joins me.

  10. We all hide under the bed when our beans leave too - it gets pretty crowded under there. Hope they have fun and are back before you know it. we will be celebrating Halloween all week long so do come by before they go.

  11. Lucy, we wondered where you were! Was it only a week ago for your party? Seems longer!

    We hope your mom and dad have a fantastic vacation and you and Simba survive the ordeal of the cat sitter!

    Big smooches; we'll see you after your humans' holiday!

  12. It was a great party Lucy :) Hey...just keep a 12 gauge handy huh? Teach that sitter a lesson LOL :) LOL funny what Papa said. Made me laugh a good one :) Be a good girl :) I hope Mama and Papa have a great vacation :)

  13. Hi Lucy,
    We've missed you terribly!! We are so glad that we visited you on your birthday.
    We will hope the pet sitter won't find you under the bed, but in case she does you better work from now till then on sharpening your claws.
    We hope your mom and dad have a great time on their vacation, and then hurry home to you and Simba.
    Hugs, Purrs, and kisses to you and Simba.

  14. Shame about the muderous cat sitter. We find they often give you more treats...erm...poisonous morsels, than usual.

    "Sausage in a tutu"!?! That is just too mean; MOL!

    Bon Voyage!

  15. Hello Vicki, was going to send message but settings playing up lately.
    Definitely head for tourist info place on arrival, free map, etc! Head for 'The Market', main square. The Belfort church is in one corner, streets close to this leads to the canal, definitley a canal boat trip of benefit, also shops in this area with lace work & tapertries(spelling!ugh!). Sample true Belgium chocs, or pancakes in one of the cafes, or waffles, yum! Really hope you enjoy the charm of this place as much as I do! check out my other blog,
    Theres some recent posts of my visit.
    Have a great time!x

  16. P.S. might be worth your while to go to website: or websearch 'Bruge' just to get some initial info of the place.

  17. Lucy and Simba, I think this a good time to trash the house

    Bon Voyage for your mom and dad !!!!

  18. Hi ya, Lucy!! We're sorry you're gonna hafta put up with a cat sitter while your mom is gone. If you want, you can teleport over here for awhile!! Simba can come too, if he wants.

  19. Oh Lucy, you look so pretty! Please tell mama that Tortie will say hi if he sees Pickles and will Jabba-sit together. :)

  20. You look sweetly pretty there. Hope your cat sitter makes good friends with you.

  21. Hey Lucy!! Sorry we didn't getcha on your Gotcha day!! We hope you had a great day and got lots of fun and tasty things! Of course, we think we should all get fun and tasty things every day of the year...just for being who we are!!! haha! So sorry that your beans are off again...will they come see us here in Prague?? That would be cool! We hope that the sitter is kind to you and that she learns that you will come out from under the bed/couch if she gives you lots of tasty treats!!! haha!! Work it girl, work it!! Purrs and more purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  22. Lucy, I do cat sitting and trust me, I and the rest of us would never try to murder any of the cats we care for

    I have spent many an hour looking under the bed for just one friendly glance before I leave

    I hope you and Simba play together and have a good ole cats only vacation

  23. I wishes you all the bestest with your murdering petsitter. If'n I hear you screaming fur help, I come over and put the bitey on that petsitter, k? That is if'n mom will drive me there. It be too far to walk.

  24. Oh Sweet Lucy and Simba! We are totally going to miss you guys (King especially). We will ALL be here when you return and we are wishing your beans a great and safe trip! Tell them to be sure to take LOTS of pictures!

  25. Oh goodness Lucy, I do hope the cat sitter is not murderous...I would be under the bed so fast if I had a sitter like that....please tell your parents to have a wonderful, spectacular and fun trip. I hope they bring you and Simba home some awesome treats! My mom has put my banana split costume on me and I have been a good boy and worn it all day. I think once Halloween is over with she will pack it away til next year...I hope I hope!

  26. I hope the catsitter is doing a proper job taking care of you and Simba.

  27. How are you? We hope you are OK... and your mom too!

  28. Greetings dear Lucy,

    We are so very sorry for not having acknowledged your visit and comment. Dad has been real busy and is only just beginning to begin catching up.

    Dad also has to put a hold on posting since we are hosting Thanksgiving Day and he is doing all the cooking and baking. So it is not just the turkey but twelve dishes, two different breads. At least some one is bringing the pies.

    We will look forward to your pictures for the calendar bookmark contest.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  29. Hi Sweet Lucy...just stopping by to see how you are doing.


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