Friday, September 24, 2010

Femme Friday

I've been hatted! My friends Andy and Sammy (and their mom, Judi) at Sammy and Andy's Place have a wonderful collection of hats.  Each Friday, they feature a different lady cat in a hat that's just right for that particular lady.  I just love my hat, and as most of you probably know, pink is my favorite color.

Now that I'm dolled up, if only I had somewhere to go.


  1. Hi Lucy,
    You look maar-vel-ous daaling! Pink is so you. I hope your weekend is devine!
    ♥ Lucy (Woof!)

  2. Bonjour chérie
    You are fantastic with this pink hat, adorable indeed!
    Your friends are so talented, this is a lovely portrait.
    Here today is raining a lot but I'm happy because on Fridays my sister Marina comes back from her school day earlier than the others days .So we will play together, I know that!;)

    I wish you there a blessed Friday,
    Luna - WE love LUNA

  3. The pink hat matches your little pink nose! :)

  4. Lucy, you look stunning in your lovely pink hat!

    Happy Friday; have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Lucy! You look like the most beautifullest LadyCat in the WORLD with your lovely pink hat! Oh, I have a place for you to go. Our house...I'd whip up a nice stinky goodness dinner paired with shrimp cocktail. Followed by a BIG bowl of ice cream with whipped cream! Even a wine glass of Tuna Juice! You are such a lovely sight!


  6. You are such a beauty, Lucy, and we're so happy you are enjoying your hat. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Lucy you are so pretty in your beautiful pink hat. I am sure Peanut would love to take you out for a date. What mancat wouldn't. I am sure you have stole many mancat hearts today.
    Happy weekend.

  8. Lucy you are pretty in pink my friend and that is a real cute hat. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  9. Lucy, I can't imagine a more beautiful lady cat than you in that hat. I really like it.

  10. Oh! I just loves you in your pink hat!! Lovely!

  11. I've been away from blogging for about two months. Missed you! I tend to use facebook instead. Are you and Lucy on FB?

  12. Oh my word Lucy! My mom and I think you are just stunning in your lovely pink hat. Have you considered modeling? My mom hasn't been feeling well lately so we are trying to get caught up. We will be around again!

  13. Wow, Lucy! You look beautiful in your hat!! The pink goes well with your furs!!

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