Saturday, March 20, 2010


I was out on our patio yesterday morning for the first time since early fall. The sun was shining and it got to 71F/21C degrees.  I went outside three times. Mama is turing into my personal doorwoman.


  1. Look at you soaking up all the sunbeams! You has your mom trained well. And thanks for hocking up the hairball on that litterbug - that woz a nice added touch!

  2. I know that is where I'd rather be. Too cold here though, only 20 degrees F. You look pretty happy!

  3. Lucy, you look very content out there! Our human knows all about being a door woman. She keeps saying if she a loonie (our dollar coin) for every time she opened the patio door to let us out and in, she could retire super-early! MOL. BTW, here it's only about 42F for the weekend, so your 70+ F sounds fantastic!

  4. you have a wonderful place to sun yourself
    and look at all those cool shadows!!

  5. Lucy, I know another cat like you. Our Mr. O wears us out wanting in and out during the day. If there's sun he lays on his back on the patio and rolls back and forth in it.

  6. Hello dear Lucy,
    ahhh it's really good, our time with a good sunbath, it's perfect and you are so sweet and easygoing in these pictures.I liked a lot the different view with the lines of the window!Very creative shots!

    By the way, I'm so sorry about my blog, my post. Mommy was trying to do something really special about Spring yesterday when a nice friend from French classe arrived for a visit and mommy forgot about the details in that post.The result was a completely disaster! LOL
    It's a pity that you didn't see the correct collage, but now mommy has already fixed it.
    Merci pour ta message, c'est très gentille!
    à bientôt!


  7. Cats are like batteries: they take the heat of sun during spring and summer, and give it us back with tenderness during fall and winter..

  8. I can feel the warmth, just looking at the picture.
    Peanut sends cuddles and kisses
    to sweet Lucy.
    All of the rest of us send our hello's and hope your weekend is great.


  9. Lookie all that sun!!! How warm and cuddly you look there.

  10. So glad you got to sunbathe. I did alot of it too. Yesterday I sprawled right out on the step just like I am the boss and I did the same today. Man the sun sure does feel good on my belly. Hope your parents got out and enjoyed the beautiful days as well. My mom dug around in her garden. Funny if I did that she would get mad at me! Hmmm.....

  11. Wow!!!
    I wish I could there be with you
    Just we two in the sun !!!!!
    Your photo's are BEAUTIFUL ....
    Enjoy your sunday
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  12. Hi Lucy,
    You look so pretty in the sunlight. We love sunbeams too!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  13. Finally, a warm weather for you! Nice to feel the warmth from outside.

    You are always as photogenic as usual.

    I hope your mama and papa had a wonderful time outdoors to welcome spring and the beautiful weather!

  14. Looks like you're really enjoying that nice warm sunbeam! Hopefully, it will stay nice and warm.

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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