Friday, March 12, 2010

Some New Toys

Remember that I told you that Mama was going to New York last Saturday?  Well, she came home with all kinds of goodies, but they were all for her and Papa.  She brought home coffee and cheese and cookies and so on.  She said she couldn't find us anything.  She saw two pet stores, but they only sold food and dog toys.

Well, all that is just fine because look what came today! 
Mama saw a dragonfly toy over at Fuzzy Tales and thought it would be a great toy for us. Mama is trying to get Bucky to play with it in this picture.
We also got two catnip mousies.  They are from Guatemala and are free trade and organic.
Can you see it? I'm lovin' on it, but you can see a little of the blue.
 You can see the other mousie in the forefront of this picture. We also got fish oil that Mama puts in our food cuz we got the itchies from the dry winter.
 This is a great day and we're all really happy!


  1. So lovely! each cat having its own little gift! That's what I'm calling a very good Mama!!
    i hope every of you will enjoy its toy!
    Hugs to share!

  2. Wow! Those are some fun toys! We 'specially like those mousies!

  3. How nice of mama to think of you furballs! Nice toys.

  4. Great toys!! You are all set for the weekend!!

  5. I'm happy to see you all happy..
    I love it also new toys :-)
    Love your mouse .....

    Hugs Love for Lucy
    Hugs purrrs... for the boys
    Kareltje =^.^=

    Have all a wonderful weekend
    Anya :-)

  6. Oh, great toys! All three of us will play with our dragonfly, but Nicki tends to hog all the toys first. Our human doesn't bring it out every day, though.

    Have a great weekend playing!

  7. You certainly look like a bunch of happy cats. Your mama is very good to you. Perhaps you should try being good to her as well.

  8. You gotted some rilly kewl toys! I like the kitteh nip mousies too. I but the bitey on them so they gets brokened and the nip comes out all over. Then I get in trubbulls.

  9. WOO~HOO!!! New toys are so much fun! You all look like you're having fun!

  10. Hi Lucy,
    My kitty sisters love toys and sometimes I even play with them too! My toys are too big for them to play with.
    Have lots of fun, you are all so cute together.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  11. Enjoy your new toys! I hope Bucky and Simba like them too!

  12. We thinks it must be a party. Look at all the toys! We thinks you have a nice mama to gives you all those wunderful things. We go now and beg our mama to give us presents.

    I sends hugs and kisses to Lucy and hello's to Bucky and Simba. Mama sends hello's to Bucky and Lucy and Simba and your mama. I thinks she send hugs too.


  13. oh my sweet Lucy, what a wonderful day indeed!
    You and your brother got great treats, I think that mouse from Guatemala is really interesting,you are so lovely with them in your beautiful paws!
    Fabulous set of pictures, I'm also happy visiting your place!
    Have a great weekend, enjoy a gooooood nap and see you soon!

  14. Looks like quite the party there!

  15. Look at them enjoying the new toys! Just like my big happy family!

    Enjoy your weekend guys!

  16. You got great new toys! Mom got us fish oil too but we refuse to eat anything that has it in it. She says she won't give up that easily though and try a different one as it's supposed to be really good for us. Ah well, moms!

  17. Wow, you guys all got your own package in the mail? I only get dog breath fresheners and treats in the mail, nothing as exciting as what your gang got...You all look very pleased with what the mailman brought you. Hope you are having fun! P.S. Let me have at that mouse, I will have it shredded in less than a minute-I bet it would be a world's record!


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